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Greedy for Globalism: Williams College Trustee Joey Shaista Horn '87 Sentenced to Prison for Au Pair Abuse Crime

The evil, globalist influences at Williams College in MA are now slightly more visible. It turns out that Ephblog is reporting that Joey Shaista Horn '87 -- one of trustees of this previously prestigious institution -- is now sentenced to five months in prison.

A Library Re-imagined from Williams College on Vimeo.

She and her husband Ragnor Horn '85 will be jailed five months as punishment for their mistreatment of two Filipino au pairs. For more complete details on this case, please check out the English language article in News In English: Norway. According to an article in Ephblog, Joey and Ragnor were exploiting both young women: 
The Oslo City Court has sentenced a wealthy Norwegian investor and his wife to five months in prison each, in a case that has highlighted abuse of Norway’s au pair program. It’s supposed to serve as a cultural exchange for young people from abroad but the couple, aided by two neighbours, was found guilty of fraudulently and illegally using two young women from the Philippines as au pairs at the same time, and putting them to work as their low-paid household help.
In a related development, two of the Horn's neighbors, who had helped the Horns illegally bring the two young women to Norway, were convicted under Norway's human trafficking laws. During the trial in January 2017, the two au pairs reported that they felt like “slaves” and “in prison” in the Horns’ home. In a bizarre twist, Ragnor threw Joey under the bus, and then drove it back and forth over her, when he told the court that economic gain was “never a factor” in regarding the au pairs and that Joey Shaista Horn '87 had been responsible for administering them. According to one of the au pairs, Joey was “a perfectionist” who humiliated her.

What is especially nauseating to me is that Joey Shaista Horn '87 was involved in the political science department when I taught at Williams College in the late 1980's. As a student, she majored in biology with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies. In a time when the school is bending over backwards to bring more foreign students to Williams College, she had impeccable credentials since she had been the president of the International Students Club and performed Indian classical dance.

I do not remember her at all. After she graduated from Williams College, she went on to take her MBA at Yale in 1991 and has worked in a variety of roles in investment banking according to Bloomberg. She sits on a number of corporate boards.

She is of Indian decent and has apparently taken to heart the cultural traits which are the most dysfunctional aspects of Indian culture, a culture which seems to turn a blind eye to both prostitution and human-trafficking. See, As a biographical statement from the office of the president indicates, the folks at Williams College have been celebrating her globalist credentials for a while now:
Having grown up in Paris and New York and lived as an adult in Singapore and now Oslo, Norway, Joey is one of the college’s more globally minded trustees. She is of Indian heritage and came to Williams as an international student, and she met and eventually married another international Eph—her husband is Ragnar Horn ’85.
Joey Shaista Horn '87 has been highly involved with the school according to its own publicity. for example, she joined the Board of Trustees as an alumni trustee in 2009 and was appointed as a term trustee in 2014. She served as an associate class agent, co-head agent and co-chair of her 25th reunion. She was involved in the Teach It Forward campaign as co-chair of the Women’s Leadership Giving Committee. Amazingly, she served as volunteer for the Windows on Williams program which is designed to encourage students to make an early decision in favor of the school. The school gave her the Frederick C. Copeland Award in 2012, in part, because of her efforts to "lead the charge" to increase the number of foreign students at Williams. You cannot make this stuff up.

The embarrassment for Adam Falk, the school's president, must be intense right now. The school's newest residential building, Horn Hall, is named after them. Here is a fawning article in a 2008 Williams College report that included information about this couple's globalist credentials including their residence in Singapore:

Horn Hall, as you might expect, is named after them because they funded this new residential hall with a $10 million gift to the school.

Joey Shaista Horn '87 has been a Williams trustee since 2009 where, it seems, she has been able to promote her lack of empathy and vision for anti-American globalism to a generation of Williams College students. The details of the Williams College trustees objectionable behavior are also reported in Ephblog today: 
The au pairs’ testimony was almost entirely at odds with the Horns’, according to media reports. The Horns claimed they considered the women members of their family and had tried to help them. They admitted to having surveillance cameras in their home but claimed they were not focused on the women while they worked. Mrs Horn, who was represented in court by one of Norway’s most famous defense attorneys, John Christian Elden, also confirmed the required use of face masks, but claimed that “was common in Asia” and was only required in the kitchen by one of the women who “coughed so much.” 
Evidence prosecutors referred to in court, however, included a chatting exchange Mrs Horn had with a friend that revealed her referring to her household help in derogatory terms and accusing her of coughing on the food or while in the bathroom. Mrs Horn told her friend the au pair would have to use both a face mask and disposable gloves while in the home or with Horn’s children. 
The conversation used as evidence in court also recorded Mrs Horn telling her friend that she had threatened to send the au pair back to her “straw mats in Manila.” Mrs Horn defended herself by saying it had been a “private conversation” with an old friend and that she actually “loved straw mats” and had one in her own home that she used for yoga.
From my perspective, the more pertinent issue is whether or not the U.S. and Williams College are ready for the globalist values of Joey Shaista Horn '87. As a matter of integrity, Williams College should return their gift and allow someone else, someone with better and more humane values, have the honor of their name on that building. Simple as that. If Williams fails to take action, the students on campus should begin protesting this outrage.

I am pleased to report that the day before an earlier version of this article was published -- and later promoted through my Twitter account -- Joey Shaista Horn '87 resigned from the Board of Trustees of Williams College. Now, all Adam Falk needs to do is return her $10 million gift and scrape her family's name off the new residential hall. Someone should also be asking why it took about two weeks for Joey Shaista Horn '87 resign?

As a capital campaign adviser myself, I suspect the school procrastinated in severing its relationship with her until Ephblog raised the visibility of her conviction and sentence. This case, by the way, has been on-going since 2014 so the administration at Williams College must have known about the seedy side of this errant trustee long before they opened the doors of the new Horn Hall to a new generation of erstwhile social justice warriors.

As I observed in one of my own Ephblog posts, "The larger issue is that Joey Shaista Horn '87 is a proven liar, a criminal, and an abusive employer, all qualities that make her unsuited to serve as a Williams College trustee. I don’t think that the Williams College that hired me in the 1980’s would tolerate someone with her criminal record, much less name a building after her." Hopefully, the revelations regarding this disgusting human being will cause others to ask serious questions about Williams College and its dysfunctional values. No one should lie about or mistreat au pairs.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.


  1. hey buddy, don't imply that her race had anything to do with this.

    yet another example of how you are just plain offensive. racism isn't political, and I'm glad you didn't get tenure.

    1. Oh please. Your biggest achievement so far is working as a camp counselor at Camp Nebagamon. Athletically, you are a Williams College senior who is stuck on the pathetic, losing JV crew team. If you bothered to actually read my comments, then you will notice that they refer to Indian culture, not race. Don't worry, however, I was a social justice warrior when I was your age too. As you mature, you will look back at this time in your life and wonder why you wasted so much time believing in nonsense.

    2. Losing JV crew team doesn't even begin to describe how bad they are. Those kids like the rainbow sherbet they serve at Driscoll! Sad!

    3. Williams College silencing the American people in the comments section again! I have the documents!

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  4. I read your more recent article, and in light of my original misreading of your comments above, I admit you make a better point than I initially thought.

    When I went to fact check your claims about India, I was surprised to find that they have more slaves than any other country by far. Estimates of at least 18 million, like you said, more than 4 million of which are in domestic service.

    To a point, I agree with your disdain for the board of trustees. They seem to have a problem with their priorities, perhaps forgetting that Williams is first and foremost a community.

    What I dislike about this rhetoric, besides the success it afforded Mr. Trump on the campaign trail, is that by making such general statements about a culture, you throw a bunch of innocent folks under the bus.

    "Indian culture is accepting of slavery, and it is a significant factor in Mrs. Horn's mistakes" sends the message that an Indian person is less likely to be capable of sympathy or compassion than someone from another country.

    "Islam and the Quran encourage violence, and are the root cause of radical extremism" gives the impression that muslims are ideologically bent towards violence on the average.

    Both statements are directed at large groups of people, and use broad ugly strokes to define them. They open doors for stereotypes and discrimination towards billions of individuals who have done nothing to deserve them.

    On a side note, I can't wait to start my fifth summer as a counselor at Nebagamon. Thank you for reminding me!


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