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Rush Limbaugh Reports: John Drew Dated "Regina" One of Obama's Composite Women

I was pleased to run across the bit of tape where Rush Limbaugh called public attention to my story about dating the real Marxist Regina for two years and my additional comments regarding young Obama's ideological extremism.

As far as I can tell, Rush was genuinely pleased by this bit of news even though he was not surprised to learn young Obama held to Marxist socialist beliefs. I was startled at the calls and e-mails I got after Rush mentioned my story on the air. This went out to about 20 million listeners.

Apparently, Rush had read through, or scanned, my recent article in American Thinker on how my white college era girlfriend, Caroline Boss, became the black Regina in Obama's Dreams from My Father. Here's the actual transcript right off of Rush's website.
RUSH: There's also a guy out now, John Drew, I forget where this is. I've got somewhere in the stack. Apparently this guy dated one of the composite women in Obama's book. The woman named Regina, t…

Here At Last: PJMedia Welcomes Dr. Drew as Blogger

As you may know, I am very honored to have my first article appear in PJMedia this afternoon. This is a top-notch publication which supports the work done by the on-line television programs of PJTV. This article was called, "Barack Obama's Marxist Ghosts of Christmas Past."

This imaginative title inspired a series of cartoons from Chris Muir over at Day By Day Cartoon.

All in all, I'm grateful that we are going into the 2012 presidential campaign with a lot more visibility regarding Obama's past than was the case in 2008. Back then, no one knew I existed for that my story could be verified. Now, it is up and running at American Thinker, and PJMedia. It looks like my testimony of young Obama's ideological extremism is now available despite the mainstream media.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

The Tale of Two Road Trips: Sanitizing Obama’s Radical Past

A striking clash between those who feel a profound duty to report that the young Obama was nurtured by Marxists, socialists and Communists, and those who think it is a better idea to erase this information from the public record is on display in two current books. One book provided key, politically significant details of a heated debate I had with the young, Marxist-Leninist Obama over Christmas break 1980. The other book only confirmed that young Obama was in my vicinity at the time. The gap between how Paul Kengor covered Obama’s Christmas break in The Communist, and how David Marannis covered this same moment in Barack Obama: The Story is chilling.

As an eye witness to young Obama’s Marxist-Leninist ideology, I count myself among those who think it is our duty to report the truth about young Obama, especially if it helps us understand the persistent, contemporary influence of Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist who became young Barack Obama’s mentor. I do not think it is any exagg…

ABC Quick to Associate Tea Party Member with Aurora, CO Shooting

I am starting to think I have seen this movie before. Today, I woke up to learn that the folks at ABC were seeking to make it look like a Tea Party activist was associated with the Aurora, CO shooting. For a look at the shocking footage, watch this video from

In this brief tape, Brian Ross and George Stephanolpoulos seek to associate this violent crime with the peaceful Tea Party movement.

I was incensed in 2011 when the leftist media, including the soon-to-be-fired Keith Olbermann, started making similar statements in reaction to the mass shooting in Tuscon, AZ.

In the end, as I was among the first to report the truth - that Jared Loughner was a mentally ill leftwing extremist. It is difficult to think about politics today given the shock of this mass murder. In the long-run, however, I am expecting that even independent voters are waking up to the reality that ABC news is a biased organization that does not deserve their viewership or support.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. i…

Rush Limbaugh Rejoices: We Finally Found a Friend of Obama's Who Knew Him from College

I was startled today by a large number of phone calls and e-mails alerting me to the fact that my story about the real, white Regina was mentioned on the Rush Limbaugh radio program this morning.

Apparently, Rush had read through, or scanned, my recent article on how my white college era girlfriend, Caroline Boss, became the black Regina in Obama's Dreams from My Father. Here's the actual transcript right off of Rush's website.
RUSH: There's also a guy out now, John Drew, I forget where this is. I've got somewhere in the stack. Apparently this guy dated one of the composite women in Obama's book. The woman named Regina, this guy dated her for two years. And according to this guy, Regina was not black. She wasn't from the south side of Chicago. She was white. They were all left-wing radicals. They spent their summers in San Francisco. Obama, at Occidental College, was a Marxist. This is this guy's writing. We finally found a friend of Obama's fro…

Ghosts of Marxist Christmas Past: Why Didn’t David Maraniss Call Me Regarding Young Obama’s 1980 Road Trip to San Francisco?


 I met the young Obama over 32 years ago while I was visiting Caroline Boss, an undergraduate at Occidental College, at her home in northern California, over the Christmas break in 1980. I had met Boss in the spring of 1979 and maintained a relationship with her up until her graduation from Occidental College in 1981. She had met the young Obama in early 1980. She knew him well because she had been in two classes with him by the time she introduced him to me along with his friend, Hasan Chandoo. As evidence of my relationship with Boss I have a number of her old cards and letters still laying around along with a photo of us together in 1981, a photo which was taken in the yard of my parents’ house in Newhall, CA.

In a story first released in February 2010, I shared my face to face account of how I later confronted young Obama’s naïve faith in an inevitable Communist revolution during a heated debate at the Boss’s home in Portola Valley, CA. This small but significant memory remai…

Yes She Did: My White Girlfriend Inspired Obama’s Big, Dark Regina in Dreams from My Father

As far as I know, I am the only person in the nation willing to verify that young Barack Obama was an ardent Marxist-Leninist. Bloggers who have sought to discredit my story have asserted that I never met young Obama, that I was not part of young Obama’s inner circle and that I was in no position to verify his most private ideological views. I am expecting that these defenses of young Obama’s credentials as a pragmatic centrist will fall apart now that David Maraniss has revealed in Barack Obama: The Story that the Occidental College coed who introduced me to young Obama was one of the inspirations for the composite character “Regina” in Obama’s Dreams from My Father. True, Regina appears in Dreams as “a big, dark woman,” but why deny Obama a little poetic license.

According to Maraniss, a Washington Post editor and Pulizer Prize winning journalist, Obama created the composite character Regina out of the European adventures of a black female student at Occidental named Sarah Etta-Har…

Washington Post’s David Maraniss Verifies Obama in SF Area In Time for Famous Pro-Marxist Debate with Me Back in 1980.


 In Barack Obama: The Story, David Maraniss writes young Barack Obama was in the San Francisco area during his Christmas break from Occidental College in 1980. As the only person in the world willing to verify young Obama was an ardent Marxist socialist extremist, I am pleased Maraniss - a Washington Post associate editor, a Pulitzer Prize winning author and the co-author of Tell Newt to Shut Up! - provides a clear, compelling and independent verification of a key element of my story – that I first confronted young Obama’s radicalism at the home of Caroline Boss in Portola Valley - a small city outside of Palo Alto and just beneath San Francisco.

This verification is especially since it comes from a liberal author who has otherwise minimized young Obama’s ties to radical ideologues like Obama’s Communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, Chicago socialist politician Alice Palmer or our nation’s number one unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.

Ronald Kessler began the work…