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Republican Challenger John Webb Scores Big Victory Over Congressman John Campbell

I just witnessed a remarkable political event.  This evening, the Orange County Republican Central Committee (OCGOP) denied its endorsement of a Republican incumbent, Rep. John Campbell.  To win the local GOP endorsement Campbell needed a 2/3 majority of the elected central committee members.  His effort fell short by just one vote. 

The evening began with roll call, recognition for elected officials and extraordinary volunteers.  Out of all the endorsements given out this evening, Campbell was the only incumbent facing a challenger - Republican candidate John Webb. 

As you may know, John Webb is new to politics.  He served in the United States Marine Corps and has been a California highway patrolman, and a police officer. In the private sector, John was a corporate executive with State Farm Insurance Company and currently owns and operates a successful insurance brokerage.  Locally, John has become a favorite among Tea Party activists.  I was honored, for example, when he asked me …

Dr. Drew on Ebenezer Scrooge, HP Products and the Considerable Value of Frugal Dad Coupons

One of the ironies in my life is that I started out as a Marxist socialist and now, day after day, I'm starting to become more and more like the stingy Ebenezer Scrooge.  I mean the Scrooge of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol.  Since Scrooge is portrayed as an obviously bad guy, I have to admit I've been a little startled to see how many of Scrooge's thoughts seem to mirror my own as I find myself responsible for the health and safety of my own small business. 

When I worked as an academic, for example, I used to toss out used paper clips and other office supplies that fell on the floor or became slightly twisted.  Now, however, each paper clip is a lovely tool to be saved and carefully reused on new projects.  I've even found myself digging used paper clips out of the trash in an effort to save the small amount of money I spend on them.

Although I'm getting used to paying other people for goods and services, I'm still hesitant about buying equipment fo…


Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Thank goodness that we got clear wireless internet deals and a faster internet speed because now I can actually watch YouTube videos. Before, I had to spend forever trying to let the videos load, buffer, and play. For the majority of the video, the computer would be buffering and wouldn’t actually be getting anything done. Recently there have been some really funny viral videos on YouTube. People have been putting up videos that are called “ SH** _____ Say”. There is pretty much every type of spoof out there to fill in the black. Some of my favorite ones are about groups that I belong to or did belong too. They have a sorority girl one that is hilarious and actually reminded me of being in college. They have a teacher one, that actually reminds me of me my real life. Non of them are meant to be offensive, just funny. I have showed my husband some of them ( he never watches anything on the computer) and he has found them funny too. When a get a little break…

Andrew Breitbart Announces He Has College Video of Young Obama's Radical Perspective

I just got some amazing news this evening.  Apparently, Andrew Breitbart has video of young Obama in action which will document Obama's commitment to class conflict and racial division.  I'm expecting that these videos will provide further confirmation of what I've been saying since 2008 - that young Obama was a committed Marxist socialist looking forward to a socialist future

Up until now, I have enjoyed the fact that my take on young Obama's ideological extremism was supported by the newest developments in the Obama literature - especially by Stanley Kurtz's book, Radical-In-Chief.  I've always known that if I had pictures of me with young Obama, video, or audio tape of him discussing Marxist ideology that there would have been greater interest in my story in 2008. 

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Dr. Drew to Speak at Fundraiser for Republican Candidate John Webb (R-45CD)

Laguna Hills, CA – John Webb’s campaign for Congress will host a special event at the Laguna Hills Community Center on February 23rd for a speaking engagement featuring Dr. John Drew and Republican candidate for Congress, John Webb.

Along with officially endorsing John Webb, Dr. Drew will speak on the topic of, “Why Barack Obama’s Past is More Important than His Future.” Dr. Drew is a political scientist who has shared his face-to-face observations of young Barack Obama’s ideology in articles published in American Thinker and David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine. In attendance will be supporters of John Webb’s campaign for the 45th Congressional District and individuals who are seeking a true Conservative, not a politician tied to the interests in Washington.

“As a resident of Orange County for over 40 years, Marine Corps Veteran, and a job creator as a corporate execute and small business owner I understand the issues that impact my community,” said Congressional candidate John We…