Saturday, October 29, 2016

Great News! Donald Trump Has a Copy of Trevor Loudon's New Movie, The Enemies Within

I am pleased to report that Trevor Loudon's new movie, The Enemies Within, has become an important contribution to uncovering the real Hillary Clinton and her ties to Communist sympathizers, Jihadist extremists, and anti-American front groups. I got a note from Loudon earlier today indicating he is selling copies of this movie every couple of minutes.

I'm expecting, eventually, to see it at one of my local theaters too. I am particularly excited to learn today that the director of the movie, Judd Saul, presented Donald Trump, Jr. with a DVD of the film. Trump, Jr. promised Judd that The Enemies Within would be watched and shared with his father Donald Trump before the election. Who knows? Maybe The Enemies Within will be the final bombshell revelation that puts Trump over the top and into the White House?

One of the most shocking things about the film is the revelation of the ties of Huma Abedin - Hillary's closest and now most disgraced aide - to the Muslim Brotherhood through her father. You can see this portion of the movie in the clip below:

As you may know, The Enemies Within, contains a brief interview Loudon did with me containing my description of the young Obama's commitment to a Communist-style revolution in the U.S. Below, I have included links to articles I have written in regards to The Enemies Within and some of the publicity generated by those articles. Enjoy!

American Thinker

"An Alexis de Tocqueville for Our Time," by John Drew

Anonymous Political Scientist

"Film Crew at Our House: Trevor Loudon and The Enemies Within," by John Drew

"Living History: My First Thoughts on Trevor Loudon's New Movie, The Enemies Within," by John Drew

'The Enemies Within': New Film Tells of My Old Friend BHO - Marxist Revolutionary," by John Drew

"Election 2016: Hillary's Marxist 'Mentor" Featured in 2 Election-Eve Films"


"Trevor Loudon: John Drew Willing to Die to Get Out Truth About Young Obama," by John Drew

"Obama's College Years: Former Student Speaks (1/2)"

I have no idea of whether or not this movie will make a difference in the coming election. I don't see how anyone could watch it and still vote for Hillary Clinton. At the very least, I feel good that I've left everything on the floor this electoral cycle. If you haven't ordered a copy of The Enemies Within, then please do so now by clicking on this link:

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge: Too Violent for Christians?

I saw Mel Gibson's newest movie, Hacksaw Ridge, at a special showing at Biola University on October 26, 2016. The screening was part of an effort lead by Debora Galloway, Head of Grassroots Marketing, to introduce the film to evangelicals and to test their reaction to the movie's level of violence.

As you may already know, Hacksaw Ridge is the true story of WWII conscientious objector, Desmond Doss, a devout adherent of the Seventh Day Adventist Church who refuses meat, alcohol, work on Saturdays and carrying firearms. (He is played by Andrew Garfield.) Despite the hostile treatment Doss received from his fellow soldiers and superiors, he became a medic and saved 75 men over a matter of hours in Okinawa during the messiest battle of WWII.

Galloway seemed concerned that gory violence might turn off potential movie-goers who see violence in film as inconsistent with Christ's message. For me, I was more concerned with being exposed to the sort of torture scenes I have come to expect due to Mel Gibson's earlier work including Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ. My reaction to the torture scenes in these earlier films was so uncomfortable, that I would not care to see either film again. I remember that after watching two hours of The Passion of the Christ, I felt like I had been crucified.

Maybe I am getting jaded, but I was unaffected by the violence in the movie. To squeamish movie-goers, I can report that I was completely unaffected by all the gore. I know that all these scenes of mutilated legs and arms are as phony as a Halloween haunted house. Consequently, I watch these scenes with a large does of psychological detachment, as if I was simply observing Hollywood stage craft.

I watched Ben Affleck shoot a series of bad guys in the head in The Accountant and I felt nothing for the actors who crumpled themselves down after supposedly getting shot. Sometimes, I found the depictions of violence in Hacksaw Ridge as positively comic. I laughed out loud as Doss dragged the wounded, Sergeant Howell, played by Vince Vaughn, to safety on a blanket while Sergeant Howell fires back at the Japanese attackers chasing them. To me, Vaughn looked like Santa Claus on the back of a sleigh shooting at a cabal of dangerous, misfit toys.

On a more serious note, I was pleased to see Hacksaw Ridge illustrate the manner in which religious people often show uncommon courage. As a political scientist, I am sensitive to the fact that such courage was necessary to beat the Japanese in WWII. Accordingly, I was proud to see Mel Gibson did not back off from creating a frank and realistic portrait of Imperial Japanese soldiers (and their commanders) in all their cruelty and stubborn, self-destructive resistance.

All in all, I think this film is worth supporting because it will be one of the few films out there that celebrates the heroic power of Christian faith. I do not think Christians should be put off by Hacksaw Ridge. It is rated R only because of its graphic depictions of war and casualties. The violence in this movie should not rattle anyone with the slightest exposure to Moses, King David or the Book of Revelation. Hacksaw Ridge will be in theaters nationwide starting November 4, 2016.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Living History: My First Thoughts on Trevor Loudon's New Movie, The Enemies Within

Trish and I were honored to attend the southern California premier of Trevor Loudon's new movie, The Enemies Within at a special event hosted by the American Freedom Alliance on October 16, 2016 in Van Nuys, CA.  This movie is the result of Loudon's long-career of carefully collecting available information regarding the ties that public officials in the U.S. have to the Communist party, Communist front groups, jihadist hate groups, and nefarious institutions who oppose the Constitution and our way of life.

I think it always comes as a shock to people with little interest in politics and government (which, I suppose, is most of us) to realize that there are those among us who really do not care for the United States of America, wish it ill, and are eager to see it replaced by some larger, international world order run by efficient, hopefully benevolent bureaucrats.  Even worse, many of the people who see the United States as an evil, exploitative, and dangerous country are happily serving at the highest levels of the federal government including my old friend and acquaintance, President Barack Obama.

I was quite honored to be among those who were selected by Loudon to share their testimony.  As he informed me, I am the only one in the nation willing to verify that the young Barack Obama was looking forward to a Communist-style, potentially violent revolution. Although my recollections represent only a very tiny part of the puzzle, they have been featured in a number of prominent books including Glenn Beck's Liars (2016), Jack Cashill's Deconstructing Obama (2011), Stanley Kurtz' Radical-In-Chief (2010), Paul Kengor's Dupes (2010) and The Communist (2012), and Michael Savages' Trickle Up Poverty (2010).

For my part, I shared my story regarding but it was like to be a young man, committed to Marxist philosophy, who was not so secretly rooting for the victory of the U.S.S.R. and China at the height of the Cold War. My story, I suppose, would not be in the slightest bit spectacular or interesting except for the fact that the young Barack Obama was among my circle of friends between 1980 and 1981. While he was attending Occidental College in Los Angeles, I got to know him closely enough to identify him as a fervent supporter of a Communist-style revolution in the United States. I share this story in the movie. You can read it yourself in the first article I published on this topic in American Thinker, by clicking here.

What is most chilling to me, however, is that Loudon caught me in an off-hand moment talking about my attitude toward mass murder back when I was both an atheist and practicing Marxist intellectual. At a time when down-to-earth people are quick to criticize religious fanatics, I think too many of us underestimate the danger posed by Marxist atheists who can become a physical threat to others because of their potentially lethal mix of secular humanism, Utopian ideology and loose moral strictures. As I admitted during the filming of my interview, I can barely stand the thought of harming a fly - I would rather do a catch and release than kill it - and yet nothing in my consciousness would have prevented me from participating in mass murder as long as it was for the sake of the children or the common good.

The first time I saw myself on a movie screen sharing my earlier Marxist atheist views, I scared myself. I recognized my potential for great evil, cloaked in a matter-of-fact utilitarianism.

As an ex-Communist, I recognize I was enveloped in an exceedingly dangerous and dysfunctional ideology, a tempting perspective which has - in real life - lead to nothing but misery for those who implement it. The all encompassing, consuming nature of my Marxist idealism was so great that I remember the exact time and place when I realized I was no longer a Marxist or a Communist; I was walking down the hallway beneath McGraw Hall at Cornell University in September of 1983, after a bizarre argument with my out-of-touch, Marxist-friendly thesis adviser.

My conversion story was the result of my own exposure to Christian mysticism (largely the Quakers) and my own research into the causes of poverty and the origins of the American welfare state.

For my part, I can vouch for Trevor Loudon's extraordinarily detailed scholarship and commitment to the truth. He got my story right. I can also report that the movie has dramatically improved since I first saw the rough cuts. It is a high-quality, professional, hour and a half production which has benefited from tight editing, striking graphics, stirring music and convincing sound effects.

I think The Enemies Within is a movie that is well-worth seeing on your own or with friends and family. I urge you to purchase it now, prior to election day, at Trevor Loudon's movie website by clicking on this link.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist. He appears in Loudon's new movie, The Enemies Within.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Dr. Drew's California Voter Guide - 2016

If this year's ballot propositions do not scare the hell out of you, then maybe you deserve to be murdered by the next inmate who evades the death penalty. This season's California ballot propositions display a frightening number of bizarre nanny state regulations guaranteed to wrap all of us in enough red tape to spoil the fun of shopping for groceries.

As I sorted through this mess, I found I'm okay with the suggestions made by the Orange County Lincoln Club, except for Proposition 65, which changes how the state deals with carryout bags. Accordingly, here is my take on the California Statewide Ballot Measures:

Vote No On Proposition 51: School Bonds. Funding For K-12 School And Community College Facilities

Vote Yes On Proposition 52: Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program. Initiative Constitutional Amendment And Statute

Vote Yes On Proposition 53: Revenue Bonds. Statewide Voter Approval. Initiative Constitutional Amendment

Vote Yes On Proposition 54: Legislature. Legislation And Proceedings. Initiative Constitutional Amendment And Statute

Vote No On Proposition 55: Tax Extension To Fund Education And Healthcare. Initiative Constitutional Amendment

Vote No On Proposition 56: Cigarette Tax To Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research, And Law Enforcement. Initiative Constitutional Amendment And Statute

Vote No On Proposition 57: Criminal Sentences. Parole. Juvenile Criminal Proceedings And Sentencing. Initiative Constitutional Amendment And Statute

Vote No On Proposition 58: English Proficiency. Multilingual Education. Initiative Statute

Vote No On Proposition 59: Corporations. Political Spending. Federal Constitutional Protections. Legislative Advisory Question

Vote No On Proposition 60: Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements. Initiative Statute

Vote No On Proposition 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards. Initiative Statute

Vote No On Proposition 62: Death Penalty. Initiative Statute

Vote No On Proposition 63: Firearms. Ammunition Sales. Initiative Statute

Vote No On Proposition 64: Marijuana Legalization. Initiative Statute

Vote No On Proposition 65: Carryout Bags. Charges. Initiative Statute

Vote Yes On Proposition 66: Death Penalty. Procedures. Initiative Statute

Vote No On Proposition 67: Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags. Referendum

Here are my local Orange County ballot measure recommendations:

Vote No On Measure M: Capistrano Unified School District, School Facility Improvement District (Sfid) General Obligation Bond

Vote Yes On Measure U: City Of Anaheim, Require 2/3 Vote Of The City Council To Propose Taxes

Vote No On Measure HH: City Of Fountain Valley One-Cent Sales Tax

Vote No On Measure JJ: City Of La Palma One-Cent Sales Tax

Vote Yes On Measure MM: City Of Newport Beach, Require 5 Of 7 Votes Of The City Council To Propose Taxes

Vote Yes On Measure QQ: City Of Stanton One-Cent Sales Tax Repeal

Vote Yes On Measure RR: City Of Stanton Term Limits

Vote No On Measure SS: City Of Westminster One-Cent Sales Tax

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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