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Great News! Donald Trump Has a Copy of Trevor Loudon's New Movie, The Enemies Within

I am pleased to report that Trevor Loudon's new movie, The Enemies Within, has become an important contribution to uncovering the real Hillary Clinton and her ties to Communist sympathizers, Jihadist extremists, and anti-American front groups. I got a note from Loudon earlier today indicating he is selling copies of this movie every couple of minutes.

I'm expecting, eventually, to see it at one of my local theaters too. I am particularly excited to learn today that the director of the movie, Judd Saul, presented Donald Trump, Jr. with a DVD of the film. Trump, Jr. promised Judd that The Enemies Within would be watched and shared with his father Donald Trump before the election. Who knows? Maybe The Enemies Within will be the final bombshell revelation that puts Trump over the top and into the White House?

One of the most shocking things about the film is the revelation of the ties of Huma Abedin - Hillary's closest and now most disgraced aide - to the Muslim Brotherhood th…

Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge: Too Violent for Christians?

I saw Mel Gibson's newest movie, Hacksaw Ridge, at a special showing at Biola University on October 26, 2016. The screening was part of an effort lead by Debora Galloway, Head of Grassroots Marketing, to introduce the film to evangelicals and to test their reaction to the movie's level of violence.

As you may already know, Hacksaw Ridge is the true story of WWII conscientious objector, Desmond Doss, a devout adherent of the Seventh Day Adventist Church who refuses meat, alcohol, work on Saturdays and carrying firearms. (He is played by Andrew Garfield.) Despite the hostile treatment Doss received from his fellow soldiers and superiors, he became a medic and saved 75 men over a matter of hours in Okinawa during the messiest battle of WWII.
Galloway seemed concerned that gory violence might turn off potential movie-goers who see violence in film as inconsistent with Christ's message. For me, I was more concerned with being exposed to the sort of torture scenes I have come to …

Living History: My First Thoughts on Trevor Loudon's New Movie, The Enemies Within

Trish and I were honored to attend the southern California premier of Trevor Loudon's new movie, The Enemies Within at a special event hosted by the American Freedom Alliance on October 16, 2016 in Van Nuys, CA.  This movie is the result of Loudon's long-career of carefully collecting available information regarding the ties that public officials in the U.S. have to the Communist party, Communist front groups, jihadist hate groups, and nefarious institutions who oppose the Constitution and our way of life.

I think it always comes as a shock to people with little interest in politics and government (which, I suppose, is most of us) to realize that there are those among us who really do not care for the United States of America, wish it ill, and are eager to see it replaced by some larger, international world order run by efficient, hopefully benevolent bureaucrats.  Even worse, many of the people who see the United States as an evil, exploitative, and dangerous country are hap…

Dr. Drew's California Voter Guide - 2016

If this year's ballot propositions do not scare the hell out of you, then maybe you deserve to be murdered by the next inmate who evades the death penalty. This season's California ballot propositions display a frightening number of bizarre nanny state regulations guaranteed to wrap all of us in enough red tape to spoil the fun of shopping for groceries.

As I sorted through this mess, I found I'm okay with the suggestions made by the Orange County Lincoln Club, except for Proposition 65, which changes how the state deals with carryout bags. Accordingly, here is my take on the California Statewide Ballot Measures:
Vote No On Proposition 51: School Bonds. Funding For K-12 School And Community College Facilities
Vote Yes On Proposition 52: Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program. Initiative Constitutional Amendment And Statute
Vote Yes On Proposition 53: Revenue Bonds. Statewide Voter Approval. Initiative Constitutional Amendment
Vote Yes On Proposition 54: Legislature. Legislation An…