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Thoughts on Ideological Perfection: Standing with Speaker Newt Gingrich in Newport Beach

Lincoln once said: "Stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong." In that spirit, Tricia and I did a crazy thing today and drove up to attend Speaker Newt Gingrich's book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA.

It seemed like a crazy thing to do and so we did it. We drove along the coast and didn't have a clue where the bookstore was located. In the parking lot Tricia surprised me by asking some other folks for directions. We drove to the other side of the mall and were right in time to see Speaker Gingrich signing books with a thick felt tip pen.

I was first aware of Rep. Gingrich in 1988. I was a hopeless GOPAC candidate back back then and I was recruited by the local Republican party to play a small role in keeping some of Gov. Michael Dukakis' top lieutenants pinned down in MA instead of working for Gov. Dukakis in Iowa or where ever. The whole thing was a disaster, …

Repeating the New Deal: Evidence the Stimulus Made Things Worse

The folks at the Innocent Bystanders blog have been providing a wonderful service by tracking the current unemployment rate and comparing it to what Obama and his advisors predicted would happen - with and without the impact of their stimulus bill.

To those of us who study political economy, however, these results are not surprising since government spending programs take money from useful, high-return private investments and transfer it into low yield, wasteful government expenditures. To see how, FDR's New Deal programs actually lengthened and worsened the Great Depression, see Burton Folson, Jr.'s book, New Deal or Raw Deal: How FDR's Economic Legacy Has Damaged America (2008).

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Hitler Working For Obama? Time to Appreciate the Controversy

I'm noticing that Democrats are howling mad that folks are starting to see President Obama as a second Hitler. Above, I've posted a video that illustrates the issues. These videos are pretty common on YouTube. Most of the one's I've seen feature Hitler complaining about a video game or a pop star. Here's a link to a NYT The Caucus Blog that discusses the controversy:

To the Democrats, the Obama as Hitler meme is an outrageous charge. What they are missing is the way that Hitler was loved by the German people, the way Hitler was eager to control private sector businesses, and the fact that the NAZI abbreviation actually stood for the National Socialist German Worker's Party. Hitler wanted his own Olympic Games to celebrate his regime too.

Reviewing Democrat outrage, it seems to me that they think independents and conservatives do not understand that Hitler's government killed six million Jews during the Holocaust. Liberals seem to attac…

Bad Obama, No Olympic Capstone - The Marxist In Chief

I'm grateful I was able to get our new website up and running. You can check it out at

In other news, it looks like our inexperienced new President has made another bad mistake. He was looking to make the Olympic games into some sort of heroic celebration of his tenure as President and the IOC sort of choked on the idea.

I watched some tape of Obama's pitch to the IOC and it was a lame attack on the U.S. and a pathetic request for them to sign-off on Obama's partisan ideology. As far as I can tell, the Obama administration invested a lot more time and energy into this mission than they are letting on. It was a terrible mistake. It is all the worst because it follows in the wake of Obama's failure to sell his health care proposals to the American people.

Update - May 2013: Although Obama has been re-elected, I still think it is important to remind people that he has been among some of our worst Presidents in terms of the damage…