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Sailing Good Bye: In Memory of Marilyn Drew Bennett

I lost my aunt Marilyn this month. Her full name was Marilyn Drew Bennett and she died of cancer on November 15, 2018. I don't know how, if at all, the world will remember her. But I know how I will remember her.

Even as a child, I appreciated her conscientiousness. I must have been five when we celebrated my birthday at her house. I don’t remember the meal…only the decorated cake. She lit it up with five little candles. I remember her outstanding qualities as perfectionism, kindness, warmth and encouragement. I never heard an unkind word from her. My earliest memories of her are surrounded by my awareness that she saw me as a child of wonder. I knew I was precious and loved by her.

As I grew older, she displayed the wisdom we get from aunts and uncles, the advice that is too risky for our parents to release. With less responsibility - and perhaps greater objectivity - I have found that my aunts and uncles have been the people in my life who have been most supportive of my big pla…

Dr. Drew's MAGA Voter Guide for California 2018

California Statewide Ballot Propositions  Proposition 1:
BOND for specified housing assistance programs.
Dr. Drew says NO. 
Proposition 2:  BOND for housing of homeless with mental illness. Dr. Drew says YES.

Proposition 3:
BOND for water supply, wildlife and groundwater sustainability.
Dr. Drew says NO.

Proposition 4:
BOND for children’s health care hospital improvements.
Dr. Drew says NO.
Proposition 5:
Transfers of property tax base to replacement property.
Dr. Drew says YES.
Proposition 6:
Gas Tax Repeal - Repeals 2017 road repair and transportation tax increase.
Dr. Drew says YES.
Proposition 7:  Allows legislature to adopt yearlong daylight saving time.
Dr. Drew says YES.

Proposition 8:
Regulates outpatient kidney dialysis clinic charges.
Dr. Drew says NO.

Proposition 10:
Expands local governments’ authority to enact rent control.
Dr. Drew says NO.
Proposition 11:
Requires private-sector EMT/paramedics to be on call during work breaks.
Dr. Drew says YES.

Proposition 12:
New st…

Not Too Sad to Laugh: Funniest Jokes About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

We don't need farmers, we have grocery stores.

Nothing is built in America anymore. My new TV says "Built in Antenna." Where the hell is that?

If owning a gun was a right, it would be in the Constitution.

I don't like the Electoral College and I would never send my kids there.

BREAKING: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she will consider debating Ben Shapiro if he doubles his offer from $10,000 to $15,000. "If free speech was a right, it would be in the Constitution."  “I’m against studying civics in school unless we also study other cars.” "I promise I'll fight for ALL illegal immigrants. Especially those who came here legally." “If you are a teacher you should keep your security clearance.”  Note: If you have any that really make you laugh, please add them in the comment section below. John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Did Trump Really Save America from Socialism?

There is a lot of material out there right now encouraging folks to check out Dinesh D’Souza claims in Death of a Nation. I have already seen the film and I probably need to go back and watch it again to make sure I got all the details.

Among the pieces promoting the movie is a terrific article by Steve Baldwin, a former California assemblyman (1994-2000) and minority whip, which appeared in The American Spectator called, "Did Trump Really Save America From Socialism? This article makes a comprehensive and convincing case that ties together a number of stories to leave us with the stone cold truth: Barack Obama was attempting to turn the U.S. into a socialist utopia. Frighteningly, his major goal was to turn the U.S. into a one party state where a Republican would never again win the office of president.

Baldwin asserts that the key element of this strategy was bringing in illegal immigrants to vote for Hillary Clinton. It is scary to reflect the extent to which Obama almost achi…

Big on Quora: Do You Know Any Pro-Trump Comedian?

Clearly, the best of the best is Evan Sayet. He is a former writer for Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect. Evan was born in New York and went to school in Rochester, New York. He moved to Hollywood to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian, television writer, and eventually video producer. However, post 9-11, he rethought his political and social beliefs and became a conservative. In this video, you see him at his funniest.

He’s a genius. Sayet is at his best when he tears into liberals who get into to liberal professions, all of which require they "do nothing". Sayet asks: “Why does the liberal flock to academia? Because "the academic doesn't do anything." "The job of the academic," Sayet says, "Is for someone who doesn't do anything to lecture to children, who don't do anything, about the people who do things and did things, and the things that they did and they do." The situation, according to Sayet is evident in Hollywood too…

Big on Quora: Why Would a Middle-Class, Blue Collar Union Member Vote Republican?

A lot of this is due to the failure of Communism and the collapse of the USSR. However, I think that there is more we need to understand. In my view, I think we are now voting for our tribes and not our ideology. The Democrat party has built itself up on an approach that vilifies whites and especially white men. If you are a white guy, then you have received clear signals that there is no place for you in the modern Democrat party even though you are a middle-class, blue collar union member type of voter. The Democrats cemented their anti-white positions into place with their new focus on white privilege. One of the benefits of white privilege ideology is that it can be used to justify racial discrimination against whites through various affirmative action programs, minority set-asides, and reduced emphasis on the skills and tests on which whites outperform non-whites, particularly Latinos and blacks. If you are a a middle-class, blue collar union member type of voter, then you know …

Big on Quora: What Sites Do Conservatives Use for Fact Checking?

Whenever there is a hot issue, I naturally go to the main websites where I find knowledgeable conservatives offering objective information. First, I go to Power Line. This is a website that is largely run by conservative, commonsense attorneys. It is particularly helpful in understanding constitutional issues like whether or not Trump has absolute power regarding whether or not illegal immigrants should even be allowed to stay in t he country. Next, I recommend This site includes a number of Harvard trained, Ivy league analysts, former CIA agents, and business school types who offer profoundly insightful, politically incorrect articles focused on the most important issues of the day including Jack Cashill and Thomas Lipson, the editor. I also usually turn to Breitbart News Network. I have friends who write for them and they are serious journalists who I can count on to provide accurate information. I’m also very interested in the free speech movement on …

Dr. Drew's Conservative Voting Guide for California

This year's ballot was so disappointing. It is sad we did not have a strong Republican running for the U.S. Senate seat. Nevertheless, I thought I should get this out to those going to the polls tomorrow, or those, like me, who will hand in their mail-in ballot at the polls to save time.

Governor - John H. Cox
Lieutenant Governor - Cole Harris
Secretary of State - Mark Meuser
Controller - Konstantinos Roditis
Treasurer - Jack M. Guerrero
Attorney General - Steven C. Bailey
Insurance Commissioner - Steve Poizner
State Board of Equalization - Joel Anderson
Senator - Don J. Grundmann
U.S. Representative 48th District - Dana Rohrabacher
State Senate - Patricia Bates
State Assembly - Ed Sachs
Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 13 - Theodore R. Howard
Superintendent of Public Instruction - Marshall Tuck
County Superintendent of Schools - Al Mijares
County Board of Education Trustee Area 5 - Lisa Sparks
County Supervisor 5th District - Lisa Bartlett
Assessor - Claude Parrish

Four Star Plumbing Orange County: Lights On, No One Home

Four Star Plumbing Orange County just ripped me off for $165 dollars. They charged me for a service call that produced nothing of real value. Later, they sent me a bid e-mail that got the facts of our situation completely wrong even though they had sent out their own plumber, Angel, to assess our situation. I'm going to ask the property management lady who recommended Four Star Plumbing Orange County to us to see if she can help us get our money back. 

After we sent Kelli Frank, co-owner of Four Star Plumbing Orange County, photos of our issues and described our problems in a detailed e-mail she charged us $165.00 for the privilege of waiting around for two hours and then watching her plumber, Angel, inspect our kitchen and write out his notes for a bid.

What did I get for the $165.00? Angel looked under our sink and behind our refrigerator. He advised us to save money by buying our own disposer and faucet. He advised us to use another company to fix the angle stops. My wife and I w…

Hot On Quora: How Much Effect Does Affirmative Action Have on College Admissions?

Affirmative action has a huge impact on a young person, especially if they are Asian. For example, a 2009 study found - at Harvard - that the average Asian American applicant needed a 1460 SAT score to be admitted, a white student with similar GPA and other qualifications only needed a 1320 SAT score, while blacks needed scores of only 1010 and Hispanics 1190. No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal The situation has gotten so bad at Harvard that some of the rejected Asian students are suing them. They are arguing that Harvard is violating the latest U.S. Supreme Court standard which states that schools have to implement race-neutral techniques to achieve diversity before turning to racial classifications and preferences. John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Hot on Quora: Why do Marxists Get Upset When You Mention the Horrific Failure of 20th Century Communism?

As an ex-Marxist, I think it is fair to say that being a Marxist is more of a religion than a scientific pursuit. Although you can, with great effort, change a scientific consensus, it is almost impossible to change someone’s religious beliefs. This is particularly true when traditional contemporary religions are in decline.

As a Marxist, you can enjoy all the freedom of being an atheist (sex, drugs, libertine attitudes) while at the same time enjoying the fellowship and group activities organized by your peers including the nearly constant planning sessions, anti-war protests, and pre-revolutionary activities of the day. The mix gives you a meaning to what is probably an already depressing, exceedingly shallow and unaccomplished life. For insight into the life of a young Marxist, please check out my article below. Meeting Young Obama The best part is that even though history has demonstrated the utter failure of Marxism as a philosophy, witness the hundreds of millions mass murdered by …

Hot on Quora: What Was Barack Obama's GPA in College?

I met Barack Obama and got to know him while he was a student at Occidental College. My memories of young Obama have appeared in a number of historical books including David Garrow’sRising Star: The Making of Barack Obama. This is a 1,460 page pre-presidential biography published by HarperCollins in May 2017.
At the time I met the young Obama, I was a graduate student at Cornell University, doing my first work as a teaching assistant in political science. My sense of him at the time is that he was of average intelligence. I don’t remember him making any particularly insightful comments when we spoke. I think it is safe to say that he was most likely a solid B student.

To be fair, the Barack Obama I met in 1980–1981 was more interested in parties, cocaine and radical politics than his academic record. I think it is only common sense to assert that the only reason his Occidental College GPA has not been released is that it would have been bad news for him. I’m writing this to counter-act s…

Is Your College Professor Autistic? This May Explain a Lot

One of my friends, who is a dean of instruction, recently brought to my attention the prevalence of
faculty members on the Autism Spectrum. She thinks this explains a lot of the interpersonal and communication problems she see among them.

It might be fun for the conservative students everywhere to do a quick survey of where their liberal professors stand on the Autism Spectrum. They can code for problems in social communication and social interaction, and restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests or activities. Off the top of my head, I would think at least 20% of the professors I know are probably on the Autism Spectrum.

It may be that a peaceful, quiet, low stress college campus is the ideal environment for a high functioning individual. Check out this article from CBS News for more details.

Is Your College Professor Autistic?

There is also some evidence that some of our top geniuses would have been on the Autism Spectrum too including Albert Einstein, Amadeus Mozart,…

Hot On Quora: Is Trump Sorry the Issues He Ran On Are Not More Firmly Based on Facts or Science?

Trump appears to want to be "popular". Do you think Trump now wishes he had campaigned on policy positions that were more soundly grounded on science and fact? Or, could he have been elected otherwise?

Trump won by leading a political realignment. In short, he argued for policy positions which pealed off white working class voters who had previously been voting for Barack Obama. Among the issues which attracted these voters to the new Republican party were 1) a crack down on illegal immigration, 2) a promise to end the federal government’s hostility to coal mining, and 3) a focus on using U.S. tariffs to protect U.S. workers and bargain for better treatment in international markets.

The Democrats made things worse for themselves by leaning so hard on their standard identity politics agenda that they ended up suggesting with great seriousness that all white people, including the white working class, was benefiting unfairly from “white privilege.”

In the mouths of some Democrat…

Hot or Not: Williams College Names Average Rated Teacher as the New Assistant Dean of the Faculty

I just got this little bit of news from the famous Ephblog. It turns out that Williams College has given the job of assistant dean of the faculty to a 43 year-old single woman, from the department of Romance Language and Literatures, Katarzyna Pieprzak. What is shocking about her is that she receives a very low rating from the popular Rate My Professor website. She is a 3.9 in a school where the average rating is 4.02.

Kashia Pieprzak Professor in the Languages department at Williams College, Williamstown, MA

According to the four students who reviewed her teaching, her courses have a level of difficulty of 2.8. She is not, as I take it, hot. I suppose I take these ratings more seriously than most because I know that people are less likely to lie when they are making anonymous written comments and that more popular professors also tend to have a larger number of raters. Moreover, even a flawed rating system is useful as a comparative standard.

To see the contrast between her ranking …

Hands Too Big: Bad Art for a Bad President

I think my interest in oil painting is starting to pay-off.

I know enough, for example, to see that Obama’s hands are out of proportion to his body (too large). There is also a severe anatomical problem with this left hand. Notice the weird fold of skin and muscle next to his pinky finger. No normal human hand looks like that.

This is the work of a seriously inadequate artist named Kehinde Wiley. It looks to me like the artist was trying to draw a thumb tucked under there.

Also notice the color of the light. It is different on Obama’s head versus his hands. This is just inexcusable, low-quality work.

I don’t see how you can justify annoying mistakes like this…even if they are supposed to be part of some over arching message like it is cool and significant to have deviant, dopey looking portraits of America’s first (half) black president.

The portrait of Mrs. Obama has also been condemned, rightfully, for failing to provide an accurate portrayal of her…except, perhaps, for her arms. T…

Hot Potato: Should I Try to Transfer from Williams College to Stanford?

I was a little surprised I created a stir on Quora by answering a question posed by an anonymous student at Williams College who asked whether or not it would be a good idea to bail out on Williams and hope for a transfer to Stanford University. I ended up getting a startling 19,100 views. The specific question was: "Should I try to transfer from Williams College to Stanford?" The same author posted the following additional comment:

Maybe it isn’t really that I want to go to Stanford specifically, but that I feel like I don’t fit in at Williams (I would try to transfer to some other schools too). It’s only my first year, so I know it’s still early, but I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of opportunity. I applied ED to Williams, not thinking that I would get in. I wasn’t confident in my resume/applications, even though I did relatively well at a rigorous high school in Silicon Valley. Williams has so many opportunities for me as a student interested in medical school - I’m a…