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Obama's Second Press Conference: The High Price of Arrogance and Intellectual Laziness

Here’s my advice to our new President. When the Chinese communists think your economic policies are moving us in the wrong direction, I think is time to set aside those vodka martinis and started listening to conservatives, especially those conservatives who understand that most of our current economic problems can be traced to two years of complete Democratic Party control of Congress.

This evening, my wife and I watched the presidential press conference. We were shouting and cheering for the media representatives willing to ask Barack Obama the toughest possible questions. All in all, 64 days into Barack Obama's presidency, I'm starting to feel more comfortable that he will not be able to implement the dangerous Marxist socialist ideas he holds close to his heart.

The collapse of his own party’s attractiveness in the polls is a welcome indication to me that we will not see “cap-and-trade” or even socialized medicine on his watch. What's responsible for this pleasant tu…

Pew Research Relief: Obama Popularity Dropping As Expected

Declining Presidential approval ratings are as predictable as the falling tides. Historically speaking, no President is immune from buyer's remorse.

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center - released March 16, 2009 - put Obama's approval at 59% compared to 64% last month. The Pew poll found that a growing number of Americans see him as listening more to the liberals than to the moderates in the Democratic Party. Elsewhere, I saw Gallup has determined that the major factor in these lower poll numbers has been a decline in support among Republicans, from 41% to 26%.

To a certain extent, this is simply a normal occurance. It is impossible for newly elected Presidents to maintain their initial popularity. As they make decisions they will disappoint people. As they endure in office, the allure of their earlier promises turns into the grim realization that they have not been able to produce the changes they promised. This is why the first 100 days are so critical to understan…

Obama Fail: Making It Easy for Swing Voters

I think people are starting to catch on that President Obama is crashing and burning because of his limited experience as an executive and his minimal understanding of economic and military matters. How else can we explain his inability to push through his agenda despite his a big Democrat majority in Congress and his personal charisma?

Given these circumstances, I think Republicans would be wise to think through how they can help swing voters who supported Obama in 2008 feel comfortable voting against him in 2012.

The problem, in my view, is some voters will be afraid to vote against him because they feel like it sends a message that an African American cannot be a successful President. In addition, they may be embarrassed to admit that they were wrong about Obama's character, ideology, and the danger of his inexperience. Here are my initial ideas.

First, I think the most gentle approachs would be to erase the stigma of being a one-term President. For example, we can suggest …