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Scary Look Inside the Mind of a Leftist: See Why Their Ideas Lead to Deaths

Wow! It is interesting to peek into the clearly delusional world of the typical liberal. Thomas Sowell’s Conflict of Visions is a terrific book for explaining why the “situations matter” philosophy argued by Sommers has led to enormous levels of violence and oppression as leaders seek to alter “situations” so that they produce the supposed benefits for the people. In reality, of course, this “situations matter” philosophy was responsible for the worst mass murderers of the previous century – Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. If you’ve ever owned a business or managed employees, then you will quickly understand why successful people pay great attention to both personality and character when they make their hiring decisions.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Censored Again: Dr. Drew Banned by 1kthomas and Liberal Fascists at Ephblog

Here is a great exchange that was apparently censored by one of the folks over at  I imagine that the Dr. Drew fans paying attention to that site will be curious to see what information is currently being censored.  It starts with one of the editors, 1kenthomas, adding his "Potential Hate Speech" warning to the speech I gave this week at the Capistrano Republican Women Federated on April 20, 2011.  I thought my former students at Williams College and others would be interested to see it.  This is where the fun begins. 

71. John C. Drew, Ph.D. says:


Here’s the YouTube video showing my recent speech on young Obama’s extremist revolutionary perspective at the San Juan Capistrano Republican Women Federated meeting on April 20, 2011. See, If I was still teaching political science at Williams College,…

Video: Why Obama's Past is More Important Than His Future

I want to thank O.C. congressional candidate, Mike Munzing, for taking out time to record my recent speech at the San Juan Capistrano Republican Women Federated meeting on April 20, 2011. 

I think this is a pretty good start at explaining the path that lead Obama and I to become Marxist socialists in 1980, the minor role I played in persuading him that there was not going to be any Communist revolution in the U.S., the straight line of ideological consistency passing from Frank Marshall Davis, me, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright and Alice Palmer, and the dangers posed to our nation by an Obama second term, a second term that would give him the opportunity to stack the Supreme Court with people who would bend the Constitution to facilitate his Marxist socialist perspective. 

One of the sweet ironies surrounding my speech is that, on this same day, President Barack Obama spoke at a "town hall" at Facebook headquarters, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Palo Alto, California. Palo…

Listening to My Old Hart High Graduation Speech: Little Did I Know I Would Be Hammered By Affirmative Action

I've got a little bit of audio showing what I was like as a public speaker back in 1975.  I think it is sad that the vibrant, awkward, sensitive young man revealed in the speech would go on to face a huge number of racial and ethnic barriers to success simply because he was a young Armenian-American and not the member of a more politically powerful minority group.

This should bring back some warm memories from over 35 years ago.  Especially for members of the graduating class of Hart High and their relatives in attendance.
John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Wow! Loveline's Dr. Drew Pinsky is Now on HLN: Thoughts from the Real Dr. Drew

As I switch channels between FOX News and MSNBC I'm finding my eyes fixing on my own name on television: Dr. Drew.  The reason is not because my story about young Obama's Marxist ideology has hit the mainstream media, it is because Dr. Drew Pinsky has a new show on HLN. 

Accordingly, I have an odd story to tell about how Dr. Drew Pinsky started referring to himself as Dr. Drew and not Dr. Pinsky back when he was a co-host of the seedy Loveline radio talk show here in Southern California.  As you may know, Loveline went national in 1995.  The television version was launched on MTV in 1996 where it was hosted by Dr. Pinsky and Adam Carolla. 

Above all, I think it is time to claim my status not only as the "real" Dr. Drew, but as the "first" Dr. Drew.

The whole "Dr. Drew" concept started when I was running for office in my home town of Santa Clarita between 1990 and 1992.  I bought billboard space to promote the Dr. Drew name.  I knew it was consid…

Dr. Drew Reacts to New Barack Obama Ad: Hey Marxist! Where Are the Jobs?

It was kind of creepy to watch the young white guy praising President Obama. I don't think this young guy understands what it is like to apply for a number of teaching jobs and to keep coming in second to the minority candidate because of affirmative action. It's painful to get ready for those interviews, know you are the strongest candidate, and then end up living in poverty, without health insurance simply because you are a poor white guy and not a member of a wealthy, privileged, politically protected minority group.

I knew the young Obama. I can verify that he was an ideological extremist in 1980.  My story has appeared in Michael Savage's Trickle Up Poverty, Paul Kengor's Dupes, Stanley Kurtz's Radical-In-Chief and Jack Cashill's Deconstructing Obama.

I don't think any older white guy should "trust and respect" Obama until Obama comes clean about his long-standing commitment to extremist revolutionary philosophy. Obama should, at the very l…

Barack Obama and the Legacy of Frank Marshall Davis: A Note From Dr. Drew to Davis's Son, Mark Davis

I think it might be valuable to place on the public record my most recent comments to Mark Davis, the son of Obama's famous mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Pictured here, me and one of my favorite people, David Horowitz.

Dear Mark:

I think you are missing the forest for the trees right now. Your argument seems to be missing the big picture. Stalin died in 1953. You father was interested in the Communist party beginning in 1931 and was officially a member of the Communist party long before Stalin's death.

If your father's famous friend, Paul Robeson, knew about - and helped cover up - Stalin's atrocities, then I don't think it is unreasonable to assume Frank Marshall Davis was also totally aware of Stalin's murderous ways - at least by 1953.

As I understand it. Never once did your father complain about Stalin's behavior as a mass murderer. In fact, your father praised Stalin's views on Christianity and praised the Red Army.

I've never heard that y…