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Americans Too Slow to Grasp the Source of Islamic Terrorism: Random Thoughts on the Koran and the Boston Marathon Bombing

I find it deeply disturbing to see how slow our nation has been to recognize the threat of Islamic terrorism. My mother's family fled Armenia. For this and other reasons, I am highly sensitive to the way Muslim adherents murdered my Christian ancestors in one of the most horrible examples of genocide in history. In my mind, it is as if those murders occurred minutes ago.

As an Armenian-American, I understand, better than most, the severe costs of overestimating how safe it is for Christians to have Islamic neighbors. Frankly, it would take generations of new, non-violent behavior by Islamic adherents before I would ever suggest it was safe to have Islamic adherents as neighbors.

I am also an independent sort of person. I have a reputation for speaking my mind so, in a sense, I am not surprised I should be among the first to sound the alarm and to argue that Muslims have not yet proven to the world that they are safe neighbors. As such, I am livid at the coverage provided by the m…

Dr. Drew Takes a Look at MiCORE Solutions as an Example of a Successful Consulting Practice

As a consultant to non-profit organizations, I am intrigued by the success stories of other consultants - particularly those who provide services to the corporate or government spheres. One of the most surprising things I learned - just this year - is that business consultants will be the fastest growing job category where I live, here, in Orange County, CA.

I just stumbled over an incredible success story regarding MiCORE Solutions. They are a leading Oracle database support and services, specializing in architecting, optimizing, and managing complex Oracle environments. Part of their success appears to be their location in Reston, Virginia, just outside Washington D.C.  This location, I imagine, helps them provide Oracle government solutions.

According to the information in their website, they help enterprises solve complex business problems, and strive to enable clients to maximize the value received from their IT investments. One of the most exciting things about MiCORE&#…