Thursday, November 7, 2019

For Good? Moody's Investor Services Down Grades Occidental College Debt in Middle of Capital Campaign

Thanks to an article in the Wall Street Journal, I recently learned that I'm not the only white guy who gave up on giving money to Occidental College. According to the WSJ, the school - which is in the middle of a capital campaign - is choking so hard that Moody's Investor Services just down grade its debt from stable to negative. The timing of this announcement couldn't be worse. No rational donor wants to throw good money after bad. There are details on the cringe worthy "Oxy Campaign For Good" on the school's website.

According the the Occidental College spin, the school's financial failures are its punishment for not being nicer to wealthy white families who - perhaps illegally - were willing to pay for their otherwise ineligible children to attend the school. This, of course, is a joke. The school admits tons of black and Latino kids who wouldn't have been eligible to attend the school back when I was a student with extremely high test scores and a number of high school track records too.

In reality, Occidental College has ticked off potential white donors and white alums like me by embracing anti-white bigotry, socialist professors, and identity politics. Moreover, it ruined the prestige of the school by lowering its standards in order to make the school less white.

I remember how its first black president, John Slaughter, told a group of alumni with white faces that he looked forward - essentially - to a future where there were fewer white faces around. I was offended. I still think Slaughter  was a sick jerk. He was completely unqualified to serve as a college president. He had no experience as a fundraiser or as a liberal arts college administrator. Under his feckless leadership, support for students shot up so high and so quick that the Board of Directors had to draw down the endowment to keep the school going.

I complained to him in writing once and he ended up calling me. He denied having said he wanted to see fewer white faces around even though his comments had been printed in the Los Angeles Times. I complained, as I remember, about affirmative action and he said it was clear I had a personal beef with the college. Duh. He was especially incensed when I complained about how admission standards at Occidental College had been dropped to allow for more non-whites on campus. His response, as I recall, was quite odd. "Are you suggesting these students aren't qualified to be here?" This was freaky, in part, because my concern is not whether or not the students were qualified, but whether they were the best of the best. To be sure, I have to give Slaughter credit for calling me back. Subsequent presidents of this declining school haven't done even that...

Since then, Occidental College has been a leader in rolling over to please leftist students and professors with everything from denying guys due process to fight sexual assault and giving in to the demands of black students who took over the administrative building. The article in the Wall Street Journal is reprinted below, after the break. There are a number of really twisted people on the faculty including Lisa Wade, a leader in the fight against toxic masculinity. Or, to be more correct, just masculinity itself. As has been reported by The College Fix, Lisa Wade rejects the notion of "toxic masculinity," saying it is time to recognize that "it is masculinity itself that has become the problem."

Heroes of the school include ethical lightweights like leftist journalist Steve Coll '80 who - as far as I can tell - left his wife Susan for an intern working at his non-profit organization. (I used to be friends with Steve and Susan.) The husband of one of my Occidental College friends, Joe

The capital campaign, of course, is being led by president Jonathan Veitch who distinguished himself as among the nation's most groveling academic leaders who allowed students to occupy his office, terrify his staff, and get away with a number of absurd identity based policy changes. 

I have a couple of hot takes on this....

Occidental College has been a victim of politically correct nonsense for a number of years. It reduced standards to allow more black and Latinos to attend. The negative consequence of this reduction in standards is that subsequent alumni are both less bright and less wealthy than earlier alumni.

Occidental College leaders like John Slaughter, the first black Oxy president, went out of their way to discourage whites from teaching at the school or sending their children there as students. The problem in Slaughter's view was basically that the school was too white.

The school has gone off the deep end in hiring socialist/Communist faculty members who despise whites in principle and who certainly have no respect for those who have acquired any large amount of wealth. Such people, to these socialist/Communist faculty members, are their enemies...not their donors.

I attended at talk at Oxy in 2012 where I overheard Eric Newhall, quoted in the WSJ article, bragging about how much better Oxy was now that it had fewer white people on the faculty. He didn't realize I was a young white guy who was pissed off at the discrimination the school practiced against young white conservative scholars. He looked shocked that a white guy would be upset at a system where he and his relatives got screwed just because of their race.

I wouldn't give a dime to these people. If affirmative action isn't evil, nothing is evil.

I got a request from the school asking me, as an alum, to give to their capital campaign. I've considered the school my enemy for years. I wish I had read this article before I filled out the questionnaire. If they are a bad bet for Moody's Investor Services, then they are a bad bet for me too.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Phony Moderate Poser, Rep. Katie Hill (D), Resigns After Media Exposes Her Weird Dysfunctional Darkside

I was pleased to learn that Rep. Katie Hill (D CA-25) has resigned today. A copy of her resignation letter is saved below. You can also access this document through this link.

In the end, even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, could do nothing to protect her. Pelosi issued a statement saying, “Congresswoman Katie Hill came to Congress with a powerful commitment to her community and a bright vision for the future, and has made a great contribution as a leader of the Freshman class.”

“She has acknowledged errors in judgment that made her continued service as a member untenable,” Pelosi wrote. “We must ensure a climate of integrity and dignity in Congress, and in all workplaces.”
Katie Hills resignation today was a striking contrast with her statement earlier this week which indicated she was going to stick around and fight the charges against her. In a letter sent to constituents on Wednesday, Hill acknowledged that in the final years of what she called an “abusive marriage,” she began a relationship with the unnamed campaign staffer.

“I am going through a divorce from an abusive husband who seems determined to try to humiliate me,” Hill said in her statement last week. “I am disgusted that my opponents would seek to exploit such a private matter for political gain. This coordinated effort to try to destroy me and the people close to me is despicable and will not succeed. I, like many women who have faced attacks like this before, am stronger than those who want me to be afraid.”

She denied having an affair with a congressional staffer. This is the charge that started a House Ethics Committee investigation. Apparently, Hill's determination to stick around got weaker as more damning evidence appears which demonstrated her "errors in judgment." For example, media reported a series of purported late-night texts in which her estranged husband, Kenny Heslep, called into question Hill’s drinking. Other texts showed the female staffer involved in the “throuple” expressing concerns about Hill's drinking. On top of all of this, the texts revealed Hill was drinking on top of her existing psych meds. (I'm guessing she has been diagnosed with a bad case of bipolar disorder.) The situation was so bad that Hill had been missing her flights back to Washington.

I think Hill's bizarre behavior and what looks to me like a co-occuring mental health challenge inadvertently illustrated the statistical evidence which shows bisexuals to have a higher incidence of mental health problems compared to the rest of us.

According to research reported by the Human Rights Campaign HRC, "Although the LGBTQ community reports high rates of anxiety and mood disorders, recent statistics show that bisexual people are far more likely to experience mental health issues than either lesbians or gay men within the community." Among adults, like Hill, who report they are bisexual, approximately 40 percent have considered or attempted suicide, compared to just over a quarter of gay men and lesbians. HRC’s Health Disparities Among Bisexual People found that “when compared to heterosexual adults, bisexual adults reported double the rate of depression and higher rates of binge drinking.”

In her resignation letter, Katie Hill mentioned her role as a role model for girls. She wrote:
I know that as long as I am in Congress, we’ll live fearful of what might come next and how much it might hurt,” Hill wrote in Sunday’s statement. “That’s a feeling I know all too well. It’s the feeling I decided to leave when I left my marriage, and one I will not tolerate being forced upon others. I can no longer allow my community, family, friends, staff, supporters, and especially the children who look up to me as a role model, to suffer this unprecedented brand of cruelty.

Hill did not seem to understand that her status as a role model had been permanently erased much earlier in the week thanks to photos which showed her, naked, smoking a bong, with what appeared to be a Nazi-era tattoo in her bikini area.

“For the mistakes made along the way and the people who have been hurt, I am so sorry, and I am learning – I am not a perfect person and never pretended to be. It’s one of the things that made my race so special,” Hill wrote. “I hope it showed others that they do belong, that their voice does matter, and that they do have a place in this country.”

So, Rep. Katie Hill is leaving us with the suggestion that those with profound cases of mental illness, those who are most likely to show profound "errors in judgment" should nevertheless be allowed to make the rules that control and manipulate the rest of us. I don't think so...

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Experiments in Photoshop: 2001 a Space Odyssey and Drew Painting Mash Up

I've always been a fan of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. I thought I'd see what it would look like to insert one of my oil paintings into one of his most iconic scenes. Here's the result followed by the original.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Not Too Sad to Laugh: Funniest Jokes About Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA 25th District)

Why does Katie Hill need two lovers? One for the sex, the other to bring her the pills and the booze.

Why did Katie Hill become bisexual? Because mistreating men wasn't enough.

What do dental dams and Congressional ethics have in common? Both are ignored by Katie Hill.

Why did Katie Hill get naked and comb her staff member's hair? To keep from wigging out.

Why did Katie Hill run for office? To meet even more people to screw.

Katie Hill has two addictions. Luckily, she's licked them both.

What did Katie Hill say when she reunited with her campaign staff girlfriend. "Long tongue no see."

What does Katie Hill call oral sex from her girlfriend? Campaign consulting.

AOC has invited Rep. Katie Hill to join the Squad...for an orgy.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA 25th District) Nude Again: Congresswoman from Santa Clarita, CA Shown Naked Smoking a Bong

SANTA CLARITA, CA - The Rep. Katie Hill story just keeps getting worse. The woman who looked like a decent alternative to an existing Congressman has now been revealed as a hopelessly out-of-control sex addict with a severe case of what appears to be bipolar depression. Even worse, she is drinking and smoking pot on top of her bipolar meds. This is an insane combination which helps explain her weird, reckless, unethical behavior.

Going where domestic papers fear to tread, the has released politically questionable photographs of Democrat Katie Hill posing naked with a tattoo of what appears to be a Nazi-era Iron Cross on her bikini line while smoking a bong. The 32 year-old libertine has also been pictured naked brushing brushing a young woman's hair, who they have identified as Morgan Desjardins, 24, from Santa Clarita, California.

Hill's wild lifestyle has been revealed through a cache of texts and intimate photographs obtained by, as sources revealed Hill and Kenny Heslep also posted her naked photos online under a thread called 'WouldYouF**kMyWife'.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA 25th District) Nudes: My Hometown - Santa Clarita, CA - Now the New Pottersville

SANTA CLARITA, CA - For a long-time, I have thought of my hometown of Santa Clarita as a modern day Pottersville. Pottersville, as you may recall, is the fictional counterpart of Bedford Falls, the town where George Bailey grew up in the Frank Capra classic, "It's  a Wonderful Life." Pottersville is a decadent sinful place, the place that Bedford Falls becomes when George's guardian angel, Clarence, grants his wish to "have never been born."

I led the slow growth movement out there in the early 1990s. I was disappointed when our efforts to protect the community failed. (I didn't understand enough about fundraising and organizing at the time.)

The big news today is that the Congresswoman in the area - Dem. Rep. Katie Hill - has been compromised by a nude photo showing her combing the hair of a 22 year old female staff member Morgan Desjardins.

As far as I can tell a number of hot looking photographs and text messages show that Dem. Rep. Katie Hill was involved in a long-term sexual relationship with this young female campaign staffer. The woman, Morgan Desjardins, was hired by Hill in late 2017 and quickly became involved in a “throuple” relationship with Hill and her estranged husband, Kenny Heslep.

Katie Hill got into office thanks to a weak Republican incumbent - the lame son of one of my political opponents a lifetime ago - and a massive $5 million plus contribution from billionaire Michael Bloomberg to buy television ads which ran in the district.

Thanks to our enterprising friends at Redstate, we are now free to flip through several photographs showing Hill and the staffer kissing along with a photograph of a nude Rep. Hill brushing the staffer’s hair. Additional intimate photographs of the women were also provided to Redstate.

True Pundit reports that Rep. Hill also reportedly had a year-long affair with her now Legislative Director, Graham Kelly. Reportedly, once Hill’s husband found out about this affair he filed for divorce. While this and Hill’s “throuple” relationship all involve consenting adults, there are some legal and ethical issues. Members of Congress, for example, aren't allowed to have sex with their employees. A review of FEC records for Hill’s 2018 and 2020 campaigns reveals that the staffer was first paid in November 2017, with her payment classified as “salary,” making her an employee.

Ultimately, the real message here is that Katie Hill is too stupid and too careless to represent her district. How hard is it to avoid posing for nude photos of yourself combing your staff member's hair?

The Republicans in Santa Clarita now have an opportunity to flip this seat red, but only if they demonstrate the responsibility needed to recruit a strong, impressive candidate to oppose Katie Hill next year. Such a task should be as urgent as finding where Uncle Billy lost the day's deposits from the Bailey Thrift & Loan.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Universal Relents: "The Hunt" Showed Liberal Elites Hunting Down Deplorables

Even Hollywood is promoting the sort of anti-white hate we saw directed against white representatives at the Williams College Council meeting of April 9, 2019. Right now, Universal Pictures is promoting a new film in which liberal elites stalk and kill Trump supporters.

“The Hunt” shows people hunting down “deplorables.”

“Did anyone see what our [expletive]-in-chief just did?” one character asks, reported the Hollywood Reporter. “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”

According to the Reporter, the movie’s script features blue-state characters hunting down red-state characters, characters with pro-life positions or who are labeled racists.

Unfortunately, Williams College has been a national leader in teaching anti-white propaganda. It has contributed to the efforts to turn innocent white kids in to villains who deserve to be mistreated and humiliated. Hopefully, in this next semester there will be more people on campus seeking to defend whites against abuse.

I just found out this morning, August 10, that Universal Pictures has cancelled the release of this film. It was originally called "Red State, Blue State".

'The Hunt' canceled by Universal following significant backlash
According to president Donald Trump, "What they’re doing, with the kind of movie they’re putting out, it’s actually very dangerous for our country. What Hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country.” Thankfully, it looks like someone in Hollywood has come to their senses.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

To Readers of Ephblog

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA - If you would like to stay in touch, I have established a new blog called Williams Liberty.

Williams Liberty has a different mission compared to EphblogWilliams Liberty will be focused primarily on breaking news. It will be promoted through my existing Twitter accounts, accounts that have more followers than the college's Twitter accounts. Covering breaking news at our nation's top liberal arts college is a service which cannot be provided by the Williams Record and would not be allowed on the college's websites.

It will, of course, be conservative friendly and politically incorrect.

In particular, it will provide the conservative viewpoint which has been largely absent on campus since 1989. Its contributors will be immune from ideologically motivated abuse or boycotts.

Consistent with conservative sensibilities, it will be well-written, tightly edited and moderated. Its language will be professional and PG at worst. Williams Liberty will be open to guest contributors (anonymous or not).

Guest contributors will be restricted to existing or prior William's College faculty and students.

Comments will be welcome from all. It may reserve a few spots for student contributors who will be picked on a competitive basis at the beginning of the school year or who have done a good job as guest contributors.

If you would like to submit an article for publication at Williams Liberty, please contact me through the form available on the blogsite, or me at 949.338.5921.

By the way, you can follow Williams Liberty on Twitter at @williamslibert5.

John C. Drew, Ph.D., is a former Williams College professor in American politics and political economy. He contributes to American Thinker, Breitbart, Campus Reform, The College Fix, and WorldNetDaily.

Bernie Sanders: One Comment Away from a Stroke

Bernie Sanders looked so angry tonight I feared for his arteries. He really is the most divisive candidate pitting everyone against the 1% as if that were a wholesome thing to do...or something well worth the apparently unrelenting anger.

It makes me wonder if Bernie is just, temperamentally, an extremely angry person and that politics is just he way of adapting to the needs of his own, violent neural system.

He looked so angry tonight that I feared, as president, he would nuke us. Meanwhile, the other candidates played their cards the best they could. Buttigieg played up his youth. Warren wore red to stress that she is a fighter.

It was fun for me to watch John Delaney get under her skin. At one point it looked like he was making her cry. Hickenlooper, again, impressed me. He stressed his practical experience, but forgot to mention how he'd work to get us all on marijuana. I liked another governor too, Steve Bullock. Unfortunately, he had his chin up to high during his sounded like he was choking or something. All three of them appeared to be gunning for Warren suggesting her ideas were silly, too expensive, impractical, or dead wrong. It was hard for me to find any fault with their critiques.

The best performance of the night, of course, came from Marianne Williamson, who was also gunning for Warren. Trish and I both contributed a dollar to her campaign in the expectation that we would do whatever we could to keep her on the debate stage. She looked great. She made the others look like they weren't really Democrats, that they were too wonky, that they were hypocrites for taking PAC donations.

As she said: "...if you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark physic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country then I’m afraid the Democrats are going to see some very dark days." All in all, she struck me as emotionally authentic and definitely not as scary as Warren or Bernie.

Meanwhile, I thought Amy Klobuchar's eye make-up made her look worse and perhaps even shorter. She looks like your angry, fat boss at the school district...not like a presidential candidate.

Among the congressman, I thought Beto O'Rourke continued his slide into immature ignominy. Tim Ryan said the right things, but then harmed his own message by looking oddly frightened. He seemed as if his mom had sent him to the corner for the debate.

All in all, it looks like most of the fire was trained on damaging Warren. It seems everyone has decided that Bernie is done. For me, I'm still supporting Marianne Williamson. Who needs an angry,  wonky commander-in-chief?

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Fatal Flaw

CHICAGO - The distinguished free speech absolutist, Jerry Coyne of the University of Chicago, has reviewed the Sawicki Report and found it disappointing. To be more precise, he calls it "lame" and labels it "long and turgid."

The only thing Coyne likes about the report is it dropped the suggestion floated earlier by Jana Sawicki at Inside Higher Education that each student group should have a faculty adviser who would " with the club members about whether they'd thought through how the speaker's views would affect their peers."

Ultimately, Coyne asserts it is impossible to combine freedom of speech with inclusion and diversity.
Setting an example of simplicity and grace, Coyne introduces his article with a short and easy to understand summary of the Sawicki Report and its most significant and fatal flaw. "The committee’s statement does not constitute a policy," he writes. "’s a farrago of good intentions and desires to balance free speech with diversity and inclusion. But it offers no guidelines about what speech is to be seen as “hate speech” that threatens “dignitary safety” and therefore subject to institutional action."

Fans of Ephblog will note that Jerry Coyne quotes liberally from my recent Ephblog article accessing the Sawicki Report. As you may know, Jerry Coyne is a prominent "New Atheist" along with Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. Reportedly, Coyne's Why Evolution is True blogsite has over 50,000 e-mail subscribers.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Weepy Futch Potato

Over on Twitter, Franny Choi announced that she had accepted a two-year fellowship in English at Williams College. "I’m so so so excited to work with the fierce students at Williams," she wrote. Here's how she describes herself on her website:
Franny Choi is a queer, Korean-American poet, playwright, teacher, organizer, pottymouth, GryffinClaw, and general overachiever.  She is the author of two poetry collections, Soft Science (Alice James Books, 2019) and Floating, Brilliant, Gone (Write Bloody Publishing, 2014), as well as a chapbook, Death by Sex Machine (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2017).
I imagine the prolific Choi will feel right at home given her hatred for Trump, her advocacy for illegal immigrants, and her hostility to the second amendment. Inexplicably, her tweet indicates her surprise at her new appointment. "Can you believe," she tweets, "they wanted to hire this weepy futch potato?"

Out of curiosity, I looked up "futch." It means she sees herself as midway between being a feminine lesbian (femme) and a masculine lesbian (butch). There is even an attractive, multicolored chart for this.
I'll leave it to others to figure out why she refers to herself as a "weepy potato."
I think the readers of Ephblog are not as surprised as Franny about why the English department wanted to hire her.

I suspect we would be a good deal more shocked if the English department hired a high femme. Personally, I would consider it progress if the English department hired a poet - maybe even a stone butch - who composed poems that the way poetry used to be, back when it was popular and everyone liked it.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

The College Fix

 Report this morning and highlighted the reactions of those of us who were hoping Williams College would adopt the free speech absolutism of the Chicago Principles including Jerry Coyne, Luana Majora and me.

Ethan Berman, a student at the University of Texas-Austin, criticizes the Sawicki Report saying "...this ad hoc committee on 'Inquiry and Inclusion' instead gave the administration plenty of loopholes to regulate both student and faculty speech, including a 'feedback' protocol that resembles a community-wide heckler’s veto."

The article favorably quotes the pessimistic views of Jerry Coyne, a top leader of the New Atheist movement, who asserts it is impossible to reconcile freedom of speech and inclusiveness, and silly to think the Sawicki Report will fix things. “If Mandel and the committee thinks that this policy will quell the discontent of Williams’s woke students when they return this fall," Coyne writes, "they are sorely mistaken."

On a positive note, the article report  Coyne was pleased that the committee report dropped an idea floated earlier that would have required each student group to have a faculty advisor who would discuss “the appropriateness of a speaker and its effect on the College community."

The College Fix interviewed Williams biology professor Luana Majora who indicated she was “relieved” the report was “not as terrible” as she feared it might have been. Maroja told The Fix that she agrees with Coyne’s take “for the most part." “I thought [the report] would require an ‘advisor’ approval all invited speakers,” as Coyne feared, Maroja wrote in an email. “We will see what the fall brings to us.”

Global Warning

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Cheating Freedom

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - Williams College has been named as one of the top five worst schools for free speech by civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate, a co-founder of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). The school won a not so coveted Campus Muzzle Award largely due to highly visible student protests against the adoption of the Chicago Principles and a generally "spineless" faculty response. According to Silverglate, a key moment was when
...a group of about 20 Williams students showed up to the faculty meeting to protest, some waving signs that stated “free speech is hate speech.” Disruption notwithstanding, the faculty was extremely accommodating, inviting the students into the meeting and permitting them to read their response aloud. But the students continued to be disruptive, at one point demanding that white male professors sit down and admit their “privilege,” and at another screaming that faculty members were trying to “kill them.”
Most of Silverglate's ire, however, is focused on the weak response from faculty members who seemed, over time, to give in to the free speech is hate speech mob.
We might expect at least the grownups on campus to safeguard free inquiry, even if those in their charge do not yet recognize how precious it is. Sadly, this is not the case at Williams College. Dozens of professors who originally supported the Chicago Principles caved to the unruly students and withdrew their signatures, rendering the petition all but defunct. These professors do their students a great disservice by denying them the opportunity to critically engage with a diversity of viewpoints, including ones they may disagree with. Such instances of intellectual cowardice by the professoriate are the antithesis of the goals of liberal education.
As you may know, Williams College is a previous award winner. It won a Campus Muzzle Award in 2016 in recognition of Adam Falk's paternalistic effort to protect the fragile students of Williams College from the potential death and destruction which would have ensued if he had not rescinded a speaking invitation to John Derbyshire.

For the record, the other Campus Muzzle Awards for 2019 went to Middlebury College, Roger Williams University, UMass Boston and UMass Amherst. In 2018, the awardees included UMass Boston, Tufts University, Northeastern University, Harvard and Brandeis University. More details on this story are available over at The College Fix.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Internet Discourse Bad

WILLIAMSTOWN - I had a chance to read through the final 75 page report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Inquiry and Inclusion. Here's my take on what we will now refer to as The Sawicki Report.

The most positive thing about the report is it illustrates the vast majority of students and alumni don't like it when the school bans speakers. Most significantly, the report indicates hosting a speaker does not imply the school endorses the speaker's positions. These findings support the interpretation that the vast majority of us do not buy the most important arguments for banning speakers.

In general, the report confirms what many of us active in off-campus social media - including Zachary Wood '18 - have been saying and complaining about regarding Adam Falk's decision to ban John Derbyshire.

On the downside, the report does nothing to reverse viewpoint discrimination.

The report mentions, then thoroughly ignores, complaints that conservative views are absent on campus and that conservative students and faculty are fearful of speaking up. There is no sense of historical or political context either. It doesn't seem to grasp the way dis-invitations have been solely focused on harming conservative speakers whose ideas interfere with the college's institutional commitment to identity politics, feminism and critical race theory.

To interpret the report's conclusions, it is important to understand the perspective of Sigal Ben-Porath, specifically her reasons for rejecting the Chicago Principles. In her view, freedom of speech is too often a tool used by conservatives. She disdains an absolutist view of free speech. She believes free speech has a tendency to silence minority students. Her philosophy helps explain why so much of the Sawicki Report stresses systems that give minority students the opportunity to process what they hear from outside speakers. Empirically, of course, Ben-Porath is off-the-charts wrong.

As Michael Poliakoff has observed, Ben-Porath's own principles have not worked out very well on her own University of Pennsylvania campus. As you may remember, the University of Pennsylvania Law School went after professor Amy Wax for the crime of promoting bourgeois values and questioning the usefulness of affirmative action. Ultimately, Ben-Porath's argument leaves you with a situation in which the administration still ends up choosing which speech will be privileged and which will be shut down.

Consequently, I don't see The Sawicki Report recommending a reversal of Falk's regrettable Derbyshire decision. If anything, it affirms Falk's views by making clear the administration still has the right to ban speakers. In this sense, their recommendations fall far short of the clear, decisive, and easy-to-understand Chicago principles.

On the topic of clarity, the report reminds me of Maud Mandel's earlier response to the CARE Now students. This is because it includes a long, encyclopedic recitation of existing policies which is designed to assure the reader everything is okay if only we are up-to-speed on the relevant on-campus literature.

In other words, pay attention to what we say and not what we do.

Instead of a pithy Chicago-style statement, we are left with a wordy, difficult to digest, mash up of unclear and unspecified recommendations designed to make it look like everyone has won.

Almost everyone.

The greatest ire developed by the Ad Hoc Committee on Inquiry and Inclusion is focused those over which it has the least control, the off-campus folks following and commenting on Williams College through social media. On the penultimate page of their report, the committee bares its fangs:
We must also recognize that speaker invitations (and disinvitations) are not the primary threat to inquiry and inclusion. Today’s intellectual discourse has been tainted by the rise of intolerant forms of expression and its proliferation on social media. While this can occur deliberately, it can also arise from (and further encourage) bad habits characterized by impatience, intimidation, and other deleterious forms of speech and thought.  Here too, we can look to the Mission Statement, which cautions "...against the growing culture of simplification, where intricate issues are boiled down into fiercely held 'positions,' where counter-arguments are seen as irritating distractions from clarity, where 'points' have more power and visibility than the thinking that produced them.
We recommend that working against this culture be a focus of continued conversation and study, in particular to explore how the College can support students, faculty, and staff in the presence of internet discourse that can be used to harass, threaten, or demean individuals or otherwise disrupt the functioning of the College and its educational goals.
Essentially, The Sawicki Report closes with the observation it was given the wrong mission. Its real focus should have been on discovering ways to shut up contributors at Ephblog, Breitbart, Canary Mission, FIRE, First Things, The College Fix, College Reform, Mind the Campus, The Volokh Conspiracy, The Tablet, and Legal Insurrection and others who have been most active in protecting the rights, freedom and safety of politically non-compliant and ideologically persecuted students and faculty.

As I read the report, it is telling stakeholders there are no real problems with free speech at Williams, the administration should still be free to limit conservative speakers to appease campus activists, and the school's worst venom should be targeted at its off-site enemies, the social media activists and reporters who are holding the college accountable.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award winning political scientist. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Young Billionaire: Career Advice for Young Women from Elizabeth Holmes

I noticed all the folks giving out career advice to young people. I thought it might be interesting to see what advice might come from Elizabeth Holmes. As you may know, Holmes was at at 31, the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world. Here's the advice she gave to Cindi Leive of Glamour.

Holmes, right, with Leive at Theranos headquarters,
in Palo Alto, California
Holmes' actual life goal is not simply to make more money; it's to change our entire view of health care.

I was very blessed to grow up in an environment in which I was encouraged to believe that there was nothing I couldn't do. For example, when I was about seven years old, I began designing a time machine, and I had very detailed "engineering drawings." And I'd show them to my parents, and they [would say], "Of course. How's the development going?"

If they say no to me a thousand times, I'm gonna keep on trying for the next thousand.

When you find what you love, you do it. That's it.

My parents were wonderfully supportive. They let me take the money they'd saved their whole lives for me to go to college and put it into this business. But the doubters make you stronger.... You have to think about—if you didn't have to worry about making money or taking care of people, what is it that you love so much that, even if you got fired from that job over and over again, you would keep doing it? Then go follow that, because that's your path.

On who to hire... You're looking for the ones who say, "This is what I've wanted to do my whole life.

What she would tell young women... I would say three things: Find what you love, and don't let it go no matter what. I would say Winston Churchill really knew what he was talking about when he said, "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never...." And I would say that I am living proof that it's true that if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Vogue Fem Fail: Niggas Not Ready

I thought you'd get a laugh out of a tweet from Williams College student Quess Green '20, posting as @hotboyqueso, who is on leave this semester reportedly making up for failed classes. Green attempted to educate the students in his community college in his Afro Latino history class by sharing his Vogue Fem dance moves. You can see the video by clicking the link below if he still has it up.

For my Afro Latino history class, we had to share a project that displayed a creative outlet & I decided to vogue..the niggas in the room were not ready.

While the women in Quess's class seem appreciative, the men in the class are rightly laughing out loud at his antics.

I suppose Quess Green '20 is best known at Williams College for his role as a performer at the Williams College Museum of Art during the opening of the exhibition "possible selves: queer foto vernaculars" in December 13, 2018.

As a junior at Williams, Quess Green is majoring in American Studies with a concentration in Africana & Latinx Studies. He is the head choreographer of NBC, the campus hiphop group and a member of Sankofa Step Team.

When I resigned from Williams College in the late 1980s, I remember that Madonna was extremely popular, perhaps at the peak of her fame. Her iconic song, "Vogue," came out the year after I left.

As far as I can tell, voguing is a product of the gay scene in New York, mainly confined to black and Latino men. (It is considered rude to be a white guy who vogues.) A quick look at Wikipedia tells me there is Old Vogue, characterized by Egyptian looking poses, and New Vogue which has elements of mime. The latest trend is supposed to be Vogue Fem which comes in two styles - soft and dramatic. The dramatic style includes more gymnastic moves, while the soft style features movements are feminine and delicate looking.The famous Madonna video falls in the category of New Vogue.

Part of the joke is that Quess doesn't seem to be any better at his dance moves than he is at completing his Williams College courses. Ideally, Fem Vogue features feminine movements influenced by ballet, jazz and modern dance. There are five elements of Vogue Fem, all of which are attempted by him:
  • Duckwalk: This is when the dancer squats on their heels and kicks their feet out as they advance forward on the beat.
  • Catwalk: Catwalking is supposed to look like a model walking on a runway. In Fem Vogue, however, the movements are grossly exaggerated.
  • Hands: I don't really understand the elaborate hand movements, but that is part of the dance too.
  • Floorwork: This is the element of Fem Vogue that looks the most like what you would see in a strip club when the performer is lying on the stage. 
  • Spins and Dips: This is the most amazing part of the dance. The trick is to spin and then hit the deck exactly in time with the beat. 
I think what makes the video uploaded by him so funny is that Quess isn't particularly good at the finer points of Vogue Fem. He doesn't look like he has the leg strength, for example, to pull off the duckwalk. He doesn't have the core strength needed to pull off the moves he is attempting in his cring-worthy floorwork. In the video below, he is outperformed in his own routine by a much stronger, clearly better trained white male dancer.

I should point out that I work with dancers and ballet companies and I'm familiar with dance instruction. I don't think I'm some sort of easily shocked prude, either.

The larger issue, of course, is that Quess Green '20 appears to be an example of the unfortunate mismatch which occurs when affirmative action programs place less talented and less well-prepared black students into schools which leave them struggling to keep up. Students like Green would probably do better at a less competitive school where they would fit in and where the pace and intensity of instruction would be a better match with their talent and skill levels.

"In January of 2019, I was asked to take a leave of absence from Williams College because I failed 2 classes in the divisional 3 department, and incurred academic deficiencies," Quess said. "Divisional 3 classes fall under the discipline of math and science, and they are super rigorous for students like me who don't actually major in math or science, or have a past of performing poorly in those kinds of classes. (I was a solid C+ student in science for all of high school)." All in all, it is painful to read what it is like to fall behind in school from his tweets.

Nevertheless, I can imagine the glee of the Williams College admissions officers who thought @hotboiqueso was such a hot catch for the school. His matriculation allowed them to add a flamboyant black, queer student. They undoubtedly thought Quess Green '20 would add enough diversity to the school that it was worth the risk of seeing him fall behind in his studies and potentially quit on them.

Although this is an isolated example, this story illustrates the problematic aspects of accepting students who are not prepared to succeed at Williams College simply because they score high on diversity or adversity scales. It makes me wish for the days when admission to Williams College was based largely on test scores and perhaps athletic skill. The school was once a useful place for training future members of the clergy, professions and the military. Now, however, it looks like it is becoming a joke. A hilariously funny joke, but still a joke.

Nevertheless, I certainly wish Quess Green '20 well. As a Sunday painter, I know - better than most - that sometimes, you only get good at something by not caring about how awful you are at first. 

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Toxic Self-Absorption: Isaiah Blake '21 Shows No Remorse for Anti-White Tirade

Isaiah Blake '21 ended his video taped interview by tying on a
do-rag and texting while his interviewer shared his own ideas.

Shane Beard ’21 posted a short video on YouTube where he interviews one of the CARE Now leaders who unleashed a widely publicized, verbally abusive rant against white male students at Williams College. Later, Shane uploaded the full hour and a half conversation too.

The interviewee, Isaiah Blake '21, comes across as hopelessly self-absorbed. He seems eerily unaffected the destruction he has caused including the humiliation he inflicted on his victims, the shame he brought to the college, and the grave damage he did to his CARE Now brand. As he says at 28:58 in the full version, “I don’t even think for a moment that I did anything wrong.”

One of the sad, comic moments in the video occurs right at the very end. While things are wrapping up, Beard makes attempts to add his own views to the conversation. Instead of listening to him, the narcissistic Blake checks his phone messages, ties on his do-rag and even taps out his own messages. The CARE Now leader is virtually oblivious to Shane's feelings, ideas or needs.

Ultimately, the most disturbing thing about Blake's vulgar, hateful tirade is no one at the College Council meeting called him out, told him to stop, or ejected him from the room. The viral video of this event is useful to the nation. It illustrates the extent to which the anti-white ideology taught and tolerated at Williams College has created a toxic culture that is unhealthy for white male students.

As I have said elsewhere, no one should be forced or shamed into listening to verbal abuse. No one.
John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Who's Fragile Now? Black Student's Tirade Backfires

In a letter to the Williams Record, Isaiah Blake '19 reveals his highly visible effort to create a culture of open antagonism against white students has come back to bite him. Showing no interest in apologies, Blake reports he is feeling "anxious and scared."

Isaiah Blake '21, center, leads a protest in February 2019 at Williams
College where students chant, I love you! I love me! I love us! 
I love we!

This is quite an about face from the domineering verbal abuse he unloaded on white students by calling them "niggers" at an April 9, 2019 Williams College Council meeting. Blake told the white students, "You only go to the number one liberal arts school because I’m here, nigger. Period." Check out the details of Isaiah Blake's anti-white bigotry here.

Blake's religiously tinged letter puts his over-the-top butt-hurt on full display. The text of his letter is below:

May 8, 2019

To the editor:

My prayer this year was for the perspective and wisdom to know beauty and love. I have asked for the ability to see community grow like healing plants in a new garden. In order to plant a garden, you need a couple of things. You need garden tools and plants. You need space to place and to grow the plants. You need water, air, sunlight and compost.

But in order to keep a garden you need other things. You need permission from ancestors. You need the power of a community to sustain it. You need a fearful love.

Earlier in the year, we asked people to love. We chanted, “I love you! I love me! I love us! I love we!” Love is no easy task or fleeting word. After all of the difficulty of organizing, challenging CC, creating Black Previews, doing homework, being a good friend and maintaining good dental care, love has been no easy task for me. The response from the work I have done to be Black and proud on this campus has scared me and made me feel alienated or alone. Alt-right videos and articles with my name and face have made me anxious and scared. I asked: Who will keep me safe?

I fear no man. I fear no weapon (Isaiah 54:17). I only fear love. I fear the love of God. I fear the love of ancestors. I fear the love of my family, both biological and logical, family of blood and water. I fear the love of the water, air, sunlight and compost. I fear the love of gardens and the communities that grow them. I only fear the things I couldn’t live without. My prayer has been answered. I am thankful to everyone who loves me and cares for me. Who do you fear? Who loves you?

Amen & Ashe.

Isaiah Blake ’21

Blake's bigoted, anti-white rant was filmed by the College Council. It later became a viral sensation. Comments on the video came largely from those offended by his verbal abuse of white male students. As the letter above indicates, Isaiah Blake shows no empathy for his victims. He does not take responsibility for his mistake. He just seeks to make himself the victim by complaining about the national level coverage of his anti-white bigotry.

Isaiah Blake '21 holds a protest sign in March 2018 asserting
that white leaders in the legislature are terrorists. 

As far as I can tell even his allies have turned on him. Some students planned a take-over of Hollander Hall and scheduled it for today, May 10, 2019. The entire protest only attracted about 20 people. It was as if they called for an occupation and no one came. Even more interesting, the notice promoting the demonstration didn't even mention Isaiah Blake's group, CARE Now. He reports he feels alienated and alone. He blames social media, but - in truth - all his critics did was present him speaking in his own words.
We want some money to fucking cook some fried fucking chicken and be niggers for once. Isaiah Blake '21
I imagine the immediate problem for Isaiah Blake '21 is he has become an embarrassment to his fellow CARE Now leaders.

Whoever is advising Blake, including his parents, might suggest he calm down and offer a sincere apology. He should also think through what else, beside politically motivated rage, contributed to his verbally abusive behavior and his willingness to mercilessly bully both black and white students.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Anti-White Ranter Feared Angry Black Women Label

Before Seyi Olaose '22 became the symbol of anti-white bigotry at Williams College she had a remarkable level of success in high school speech and debate. "I look forward to using my voice to educate the uneducated," she said, "at the National Speech and Debate Association national championship in Florida this month and at Williams College in the fall."

Oluseyi Olaose, teammate Esmeralda Reyes, and Coach DiCo
at the Long Island District tournament, where Oluseyi qualified
for the national championship and was named District
Student of the Year. (Achievement First Brooklyn High School)

This desire to educate the benighted denizens of Williams College may have been part of her motivation when the enraged Olaose exploded at white male student representatives at the April 9, 2019 College Council meeting, saying


I ran across a video of Seyi Olaose '22 where she repeats an award-winning speech which won her honors during her high school years. Significantly, she articulates many of the themes which appeared in her now famous, bigoted rant.

For example, she indicates she won a national level tournament with this speech at the University of Pennsylvania. She is good. Unlike her hate-filled tirade at Williams College, she uses humor to win over the audience even as she makes passive-aggressive comments.

Seyi Olaose '22 confronts white student representatives on
the Williams College Council on April 9, 2019.

In this video she explains her belief that conflict is good and that it creates solutions. She wants us to get used to the idea that confrontation is a good thing. A research study, she asserts, indicated that people who thought they were being assertive really weren't very assertive at all. I take this to mean that going over-the-top with your anger is a proper measure since it will make your comments more appropriately assertive.

Similar to her comments in the viral rant, Seyi says she feels less confident unless there is "critical mass" of blacks in the room. This video helps us understand why she seemed so preoccupied by the fact there were no black women at the College Council meeting.

Dear white people. I'm not calling you racist. I'm really not. What I'm saying is even though you may be my allie, when I walk into a room where I'm the only one who looks like me, it is my human instinct to get scared.

One of the funniest moments in the video is when she says her biggest fear is stereotype confirmation. she does not want to create the impression that she is just another angry black woman. Ouch! That didn't age well. As she told the white students who were the object of her ire:

Olaose: I have not f***ing eaten today! BECAUSE YA DUMB ASS N***ERS WANTA F***ING TALK! Inclusion. Inclusion. FUCK YOUR INCLUSION! (HITS TABLE) BECAUSE I’M F***ING EXCLUDED. How many people look like you in this f***ing room right now?! How many people?!

White student: One!

Olaose: What the…? ARE YOU BLIND, MY N***ER? WHAT DO YOU MEAN ONE?! YOU’RE A WHITE MAN! I can count f***ing how many? Literally this f***ing row. They look like you! Who is the black woman who look like me?

The one conclusion I feel absolutely sure about is the content of the bigoted rage Seyi Olaose '22 directed at white men at Williams College was the manifestation of a long-standing, well-nursed grudge. When she unloaded on those unsuspecting guys, it was a well-rehearsed and well-thought out performance.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Isaiah Blake '21 Featured in Total Meltdown

James Allsup has uploaded a funny and informative take on the April 9, 2019 livestream deleted by the College Council. Allsup's YouTube video has received 4,766 comments and 130,670 views as of May 4, 2019.

As you may know, this video features one of the CARE Now leaders, Isaiah Blake '21 saying “to be here [at Williams] is like sucking white d*** every f***ing day.” “We want some money to f***ing cook some fried f***ing chicken and be n***ers.”

Allsup's most humorous line was maybe everyone would be better off if the College Council just provided applicants with free knee pads.

On a more serious note, Allsup picked up on a theme I've been stressing. The bigoted rant performed by Isaiah Blake '21 and Seyi Olaose '22 wasn't about was about verbal abuse. These black students were using the cover of identity politics to inflict psychic pain on the white students.

The video isn't long...about 15:34. My comments are featured at 6:53 and again at 13:36.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Activist Says: 'I Want Anger' - Seyi Olaose '22 and Isaiah Blake '21 Rant at White Students at June 9, 2019 Williams College Student Council Meeting

To provide prospective students and their parents with insight into the dysfunctional culture of Williams College, I thought it would helpful to review a transcript of the verbal abuse recently leveled against white student representatives at the April 9, 2019 College Council meeting. To make it easier to compare the transcript with the video, I have uploaded a version of the video that aligns with the transcript presented below.

To keep it interesting, I'll add in my commentary as appropriate. I'll start by saying that Seyi Olaose '21 creeps me out with her controlling behavior. When I taught at Williams College in the late 1980's my area of focus was child abuse and neglect. I'm hypersensitive to verbal abuse. In the following exchange, she is basically taunting the white student representatives, basically daring even shaming them to talk back to her. She is supported in this effort by the actor/student Isaiah Blake, '21. As you may know Isaiah has appeared in a number of films including Newton's Law and The Rainbow Experiment.

Start - 50:27

SO: And that’s valid too. Like, if you want to talk, you can talk. But seems like you’all…you…you had a lot to say. So where is it now?

WH: Thank you, guys. You should have gotten your money. You got money. Then I’m very happy if you got your money.

IB: Wow. Wow. That’s crazy.

SO: Say it to me.

Student Representative: I’m sorry this is so hard for you guys. I was just at the end. You know. (PAUSE) I don’t know what to say.

At this point, I can only assume that some of the white students in the room were tearing up as a consequence of the abusive language coming from IB and SO. The speakers apparently notice the tears and use the white student's display of emotion to further their humiliation.

SO: This is white liberal s***.

IB: This is the s***, the tears…

SO: Because nobody wants to talk. Because you had a lot of questions. You had a lot of questions. And I’ve had classes with you. I know what kind of d***heads you are. I’ve had political science with you. It’s s*** that opens up all a yo white moderate f***ing liberal bullshit. I know the type of person you are. So what do you want to say?

WH: I haven’t taken a poly sci class here.

SO: I wasn’t talking to you.

WH: I’m sorry.

This last bit is kind of inspiring since the young white student pushes back on SO for making an inaccurate generalization. What creeps me out is that she asks for feedback, but then shuts down anyone with the nerve to confront her. This strikes me as classic controlling behavior. It is consistent with the suggestion that the student speakers are attempting rule Williams College through fear and intimidation. It will be interesting to me to see how, if at all, the administration seeks to improve what Maud has identified as a culture of open antagonism.

All in all, I'm most impressed with the bearing and peacemaking of TW. After reviewing the tape, he looks like the strongest and most gracious person in the room. When too many of his fellow student representatives absorbed the speaker's verbal abuse without comment, Tristan stood up to these bigots, as follows:

Start - 51:20

TW: When you were sitting here and you were in discussion, I observed the regular order and I gave you a certain parliamentary respect that we do, and I would just ask in your conversation with me that you preserve that same respect. Now, the first thing…the first thing, when you referred to what I was writing. What I was writing down was in reference to what you were saying…it was a note of sort. And, you mentioned that why isn’t black previews called minority previews? And that was something that was said in here. That was something that I found problematic. It was, it was, it was never suggested in here that black previews be called minority previews. I think that’s where, kind of…

SO: This is on?! You’all wanna to run it back? Actually how many people remember me?

WH: I’ll respond to that. I, I was the person who said that.

SO: Oh. You have the minutes?

WH: I can respond. I was the person who said that. That was just a comment about the inclusive nature. I think that what you said and what other people in this room said resolved my, all of my concerns about the inclusive nature of your event.

SO: How long did that take? How long did that take? Very f***ing long. For you. For you, your problems to get resolved. I had to f***ing sit here. I had practice at 8:00 o’clock. I did not have time for ya n***ers.

IB: Have you eaten today?

SO: I have not f***ing eaten today! BECAUSE YA DUMB ASS N***ERS WANTA F***ING TALK! Inclusion. Inclusion. FUCK YOUR INCLUSION! (HITS TABLE) BECAUSE I’M F***ING EXCLUDED. How many people look like you in this f***ing room right now?! How many people?!

WH: One!

This was actually some of the best comic relief during this whole regrettable incident. I don't know the student's name, but good for him too. You cannot deny the sheer logic of his response. After all, he doesn't have a twin brother in the room. I think the intellectual environment at Williams College would improve if there were more courageous students like this.

At first, I did not understand why Seyi Olaose indicates she is frustrated that there aren't any black women in the room. The key to her views is a speech she gave in high school. It reveals that she believes it is a normal human reaction for her to react in fear if she doesn't see a certain number of blacks in a room with her.

I should add that one of the things that strikes me as extremely odd about the speaker's bigoted tirade is the way they repeatedly address the white students as niggers. I have never seen that before. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that this is another way that the black activist students lord their power over their white peers. Since white students are socially prohibited from using the word niggers, the black students are taunting them with language which cannot be answered under these bizarre social conditions. The discourse on campus might be improved if there was a new social compact where a white person can call a black person a nigger but only if the black person called the white person a nigger first?

SO: What the…? ARE YOU BLIND, MY N***ER? WHAT DO YOU MEAN ONE?! YOU’RE A WHITE MAN! I can count f***ing how many? Literally this f***ing row. They look like you! Who is the black woman who look like me?

IB: You look like her?

WH: No.

IB: Oh, okay. What the hell!

SO: Great. At least you know something. Now I know why you got to Williams.

The comment "Now I know why you got to Williams" got my attention. I think it should be obvious that a blond white guy got into Williams College because of his extraordinary test scores and probably some impressive athletic or artistic talents too. It was clearly inappropriate for SO to demean him by suggesting that there was a puzzle about what qualified him to matriculate at Williams College. Again, it is difficult to imagine a situation where a white student might say that the black students confronting them were there only due to the need to provide more non-white faces in the diversity catalog.

All in all, this episode is a telling reminder of a dysfunctional culture of open antagonism where black students can repeatedly verbally abuse white students and get away without suffering similar abuse.

As Maud Mandel has noted in her letter to the college community, many schools are dealing with the conflict inherent in the practice of establishing segregated spaces in an attempt to improve diversity and inclusion.  In the next portion of the transcript, we see the speaker IB deal with the issue of segregation by first noticing it in the room and then asking for it outside of the room.

Start - 53:10

IB: I’m just so confused. Because I did the same comment. I did the same and I don’t care or understand how the logic. I just don’t get it. The critical thing of the room is on the ground. I just don’t get it. Could you dare? How? Are we witnessing this? Am I here today? Because I can’t believe this. The room is literally segregated. Do you notice that?! Did you notice that? Because I noticed that from being here three seconds.

SO: Me too.

IB: What the hell! I just don’t understand it. Like how could you be so blind? I don’t know. Silence. Everyone goes back to talk to their fathers and their f***ing friends and all these God damn s*** and nothing gets to resolve. We just lose our breath. Right?

SO: Right? This is not a f***ing show.

IB: I’m not f***ing performing for you. This is not a monologue we created. We didn’t practice the lines before we came here. This is the lines of life. We do this s*** every day. I was talking to my father. I was living my life. I had essays and labs. Leave things behind. But here I am. You didn’t have to do that today. You get to catch up on your homework. Don’t tell me you’all have hard work. Don’t tell me you tired. I’m sick and tired of white people telling me they’ve got f***ing s*** to do. Because this wasn’t in their schedule today and damn, it wasn’t in mine.

SO: Not in my schedule.

IB: But, yet. Here I am wasting time, energy and life. And what do I got to do? You know what I have to do after this? You know what we have to do after this? We gotta find a space and time and community to heal and resist. It looks something like…black previews. And then when we ask for point four of a budget, we get asked to f***ing include you. What the f***?! After we done dealt with this s***.

And we say I just want a little bit of a break. I just want a little bit of an affinity house. I just want a little bit of a not having to speak to Charles Derbyshire time. I just want to have to deal with all these things. And then to come back and get asked: ‘Can it, can it be everyone else?’ What the f***? Everyone else isn’t here right now. It’s just us. We had to leave the meeting just to be here…with you. With ya’all. It’s your job. It is your job right there. And your job right there. And your job right there to be doing the work. We tired!

At this point, it looks like the room has been slowly filling up with other black students. As far as I can tell, SO addressed the room on her own earlier. She then contacted IB and requested that he come and defend her to the College Council. She or IB may have also sent messages to other black students to join them at the College Council meetings. Ironically, this example of piling on illustrates one of the dangers of the black community that John Derbyshire suggests white parents should warn their children. In particular, he cautions that it is best to leave an area if a large number of black people suddenly dominate a public space. IB recognizes the arrival of other black students and explains this show of force as a hallmark of genuine black community.

IB: Another one. You see when you call community they come. That’s what community looks like. Not some minority black guy. What are you talking about? Community looks like…if I call YOU SHOW UP because we’re getting eviscerated, embarrassed in this space. We having to suck d*** and then tell you we don’t like the way it tastes.

That’s what’s happening today. Sure we got the money. But we sick and tired of having to beg, steal, barter, go into every f***ing office, suck some more d*** just to ask for some shit. That’s crazy! Just so that we can get more community. We didn’t ask to interrupt this space. But you have some way of intruding in ours. We didn’t ask for none of that and yet here…we…are. What’s wrong with you?
From IB's comments, it is clear that he sees himself and his fellow black students as invaders who have taken over the space set aside for white male students. Sadly, the social climate has gotten so bad at Williams College that the school is already least in the mind of IB.

At this point in the video, I assume more of the white representatives are tearing up. Normally, these tears should humanize them in the eyes of their verbal abusers. In this case, however, they only enrage SO further. I believe it is fairly common for abusers to believe they have the right, the authority, and even the responsibility to tell others how they should react. In this portion of the transcript, you can see how SO and IB interacted with each other for dramatic effect.

Start - 56:17

IB: What’s wrong with you?

SO: And do not look at…don’t look at us with tears.

IB: I don’t want your tears.

SO: I don’t want that. I want anger. You should all be f***ing angry. I…I sat there and I had to f***ing listen to every single person. While I was siting there like my voice is not f***ing…I could not f***ing speak! I WANTED SO BAD TO TELL HIM TO F*** YOURSELF. F*** YOURSELF. F***. ALL OF YA SHOULD ALL F*** YOURSELF.

IB: You had to be real nice.

SO: But I had to be real nice to get some f***ing money. So all you had to say was f***ing motion, I approve. What the f***. You should be f***ing angry.

IB: You just told me ‘You got the money so you should be quiet.’ That’s f***ing crazy, son. (HITS DESK) I can’t believe this man said that to me in my face. You got your money so you should be quiet. What the f***?! That’s what they say. Right. You got your financial aid, shut the f*** up. Right?! You got your little house. Right. You got your little food. Right. Shut the f*** up. You don’t need nothing else. You got your job at the best institution in the f***ing school So you shouldn’t ask for nothing else. Right? We made it number one. You couldn’t be number one without me. Period. So what’s the word?! Every time we ask for something, you’all grant it, your rating stays up. So what the hell is the part of the equation. I don’t get it, son. You only go to the number one liberal arts school because I’m here, n***er. Period

If we weren’t here could you possibly be? Or would you be some white exclusionary school who can’t do diversity. What?! So when we…try. What do you think we do when we do black previews? We retain pre-frosh. Fool! What’s wrong with you people?! I just don’t get it. You just said ‘You got your money. Stop talking. Why did you come back?’ Because you thought we had no honor. You said you got to come. You sucked it up. (SPAGHETTI SUCKING SOUND) What are we here for? To vomit it back out. We tired, son. I’m sorry. We couldn’t do it this time. You love it when we swallow. We couldn’t do it. Can’t believe that we just got told that to our face. That’s the level of respect that you have for me. Just in case you was confused with what you said to me.

When I heard IB make that spaghetti sucking sound on the video it reminded me of that moment in Silence of the Lambs where Hannibal Lecter tells Agent Starling that he once got a questionnaire from a census taker and reacted by killing him, cooking up his liver, and eating it with fava beans and a nice Chianti. (SPAGHETTI SUCKING SOUND)

It is clear that IB believes he is contributing to the U.S. News & World Report ratings of the school. I am guessing that these thoughts are not original to him. They are most likely repeated among those who believe that their primary contribution to the school is that they provide evidence of diversity. In truth, these ratings are more accurately seen as a consequence of the Williams College endowment.

This endowment, and the schools rural location, allow it to provide a high quality education at a lower than normal price. The U.S. News & World Report rating gives Williams College an advantage, in part, because it is a comparative bargain.

IB: When you said you got your money and so you should be quiet. I don’t even remember what you said. Because you know you all look like you. That’s that’s that’s what happened. Because when I get angry and enraged and stuff like that I don’t have the time to give you the dignity…no, in fact, I have the time to give you the dignity you gave to me. Because that’s what it looks like. That’s what it looks like. It’s crazy, son.

He just said, ‘Yo. Yo. I got somewhere to go. Can you please stop?’ What?! I had somewhere to go two hours ago. I missed work…to plan this shit. I missed…I missed everything…to plan it. What could I possibly be doing that I have to go and do all these other things? What could possibly be taking up my time? Why I can’t do my homework? He came for my job. He said, ‘Why aren’t you at work right now?’ What? It almost drives me crazy. Why am I not at work? Why am I not sleeping at night? Why do I have? What?

So I can take out time during my middle of my day to not do homework next Wednesday, so we can create space for black frosh’s. You ain’t creating it. You were going to create it? You were going to create minority previews? You was going to do it? Or the black woman who always got to do the God damn thing going to come in this space and create it. You was going to create minority previews, right? Right. God damn.

I think that the conventional wisdom is that the abusive behavior illustrated in this controversial video is that the black activist speakers were behaving this way as a reaction to their political environment and the way they have been treated as students on campus. I know enough about verbal and physical abusers, however, to call into question the conventional wisdom. Rage and controlling behavior, for example, can also be a side effect of drug and alcohol abuse. If either of these abusive students are in counseling, I'm confident that the therapist will ask them what, if anything, else contributed to their feelings of extreme frustration.

We see one of the greatest ironies in the objectionable video right at the very end. It turns out that both IB and SO believe that further visibility of their encounter with the College Council will work in their favor.

This assumption is consistent with the immediate after action spin off the event offered by the CC co-presidents. I think this is why they posted the video on the College Council's Facebook page. They sincerely thought the video made the white male students look bad. Unfortunately, the College Council made an even more foolish mistake when it deleted the video from their Facebook page after it was being linked to by numerous on-line sites including The College Fix.

IB and SO sought to invoke fear and further build their power and control over the College Council by threatening to expose them in some sort of movie or documentary film. As you may know, Isaiah Blake '21 does have experience in film. In 2018, for example, he was one of the stars of a film about the ramifications of a high school science project that left a New York student badly burned. The film was called The Rainbow Experiment and you can read about it here. By the way, creating films was part of the political activist style taught and practiced by Prof. Green, a self-described black transgender male.

Start - 59:53

IB: Oh, you want to make it all illusion. Why do you have to tell them what it’s like? What?! (PAUSE) This is what it’s like. We’ll make sure to tell them that this is how it was.

SO: Definitely!

IB: We’ll make sure.

SO: I’m going be text messaging…one or two.

IB: We’ll make some videos out of that shit. Because its wow.

SO: Best f***ing movie.

IB: I just can’t…believe it.

Finally, this tag team of anti-white bigots rounds off their evening with the most embarrassing moment of all, a not so subtle humiliation of the black/minority students in the room. The aim, as far as I can tell, is to embarrass the minority students for not being as aggressive and as black nationalistic woke as the speakers. The controlling nature of this final exchange is cringe-worthy. Even IB, an obviously sensitive actor, seems to realize that he has gone too far.

IB: You have anything to say Cleveland? Or, or Shane? Cause you know ni***ers never get to say anything?

SB: I’ve said everything I felt I needed to say (Unintelligible) sometimes…the nature of council is just kind of (Unintelligible) questionable.

IB: Shane, why aren’t you president? Why didn’t you run president again? Why didn’t you run for that other shit?

Shane: I wasn’t… (Unintelligible)

IB: Cleveland, you got something to say? (PAUSE) No. No. Okay, because of you… anyone?… you’all got something to say? Does the minority coalition in the minority cove? Because that’s what you’all look like over here. (LONG PAUSE) That’s all right. We want to make sure we open this space. We never get to be heard. (PAUSE) I’m done. You done?

SO: I am.

IB: Okay. I hope you have a great day. Goodnight. (SLAMS DOOR)
All in all, the video of the April 9, 2019 College Council meeting is an excellent example of the sort of critical race theory activism that tore up Evergreen State College. Surprisingly, the black student activists were so proud of this outburst that they planned to prolong their righteous indignation by staging a demonstration in support of IB and SO. According to a report in the Williams Record, however, this demonstration was cancelled after the video recording was shared on other platforms.

"A larger protest had been planned," the Williams Record says, "but cancelled because of student fears about safety after last week’s meeting livestream was distributed by several online sites."

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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