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Dr. Drew's Website Tips: Just Discovered Blue Sky Scrubs - Beautiful Scrubs for Medical Professionals

As a political scientist, I have been among the first to assert that dressing well was one of the undying secrets of charismatic leadership. I'm intrigued that this concept has now reached the field of scrubs. Accordingly, I'm intrigued by a new website called Blue Sky Scrubs which brings this principle into the active medical field.

Blue Sky Scrubs started in 2005 as a manufacturer of scrub caps. They added medical nursing scrubs, medical scrubs, and hospital uniforms to their line in December 2005.

As you might imagine, their luxury scrub hats quickly became a "must-have" item for doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, veterinarians. In the process, they have also become something of a role-model for companies that sell clothing over the internet. Their nursing scrubs and designer surgical scrub hats are only available online at They also offer scrub sets.

In the future, the company hopes to retail stores in the UK, Canada and the USA. As I…

Be Seeing You at the Polls: A New Get Out the Vote Video - Inspired by The Prisoner

I've done another get out the vote video...this one using old footage from the famous cult classic television show, The Prisoner. For better or worse, I think Number Six's outspoken honesty, courage, and eventual success gave me a lot of hope as a child as a teenager and later as a young man.

One of the things that always thrilled me about the show's final episode is that Number Six is finally recognized as a role model and manages to pull off a tidy escape with his other "doubter" friends. I'm indebted to Patrick McGoohan, in part, for my outspokenness, my coolness, my villainous enunciation, and my fun with music.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Get Out the Vote Campaign - I'm Excited for the Anti-Marxist Tidal Wave

I thought I'd try my hand at the traditional get out the vote commerical. Here's my version. It features my thanks to all the folks who helped me get out the message of young Obama's commitment to Marxist ideology. In this video, I tip my hat to my father, Richard Drew, my co-author Michael Patrick Leahy, and published authors Michael Savage who wrote Tricke Up Poverty, Paul Kengor who wrote Dupes and Stanley Kurtz who just published Radical-In-Chief.

All three leaned hard on my observations and broke out new details consistent with my take that Obama was an ardent Marxist by the fall of 1980. I grateful that they gave thoughtful attention to my brief insight into the mind of President Obama.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Implications of President Obama's Marxist Roots: On the Air with Prof. Paul Kengor - Author of Dupes

I'm steadily trying to get out the word about young Obama's commitment to Marxist thought.  I'm grateful to the folks at the Glen Meaken show for giving me some air time this morning.  Check it out here.

I was honored to be interviewed this morning by Dr. Paul Kengor. (Kengor was the guest host for the Glen Meakem radio program in Western Pennsylvania.) Kengor is a professor at Grove City College and the executive director of the College's Center for Vision and Values.

As you may know, Kengor is a regular featured columnist at, a web-based publication primarily dedicated to conservative politics. I know him, however, from his most known best selling book, "God and Ronald Reagan." Kengor is currently finishing a major work on Ronald Reagan’s role in his administration’s effort to undermine the Soviet Union.

I was grateful to learn that my report on young Obama's commitment to Marxist-Leninist thought has been published in Kengor's newes…

Flexing Our Power: The New Augustine 25 - Orange County Voter's Guide

I have always wanted to provide an Orange County Voter's Guide. This one is liberally borrowed from the the Lincoln Club Voter Guide which was endorsed by Chip Hanlon's Red County Blog. Please do not take this with you into the voter booth - I think you are better off voting by mail. (If you strongly disagree with any of my picks, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.)


U.S. Senate: Carly Fiorina
She's getting hammered for laying off HP employees - I want her to use that same skill to lay-off federal employees.

40th Congressional District: Ed Royce
Royce is a conservative.

46th Congressional District: Dana Rohrabacher
Rohrabacher is one of my hero - a bold, courageous guy - who surfs.

47th Congressional District: Van Tran
Tran would be a gift compared to Loretta Sanchez. Sanchez has a creepy side that came out during this campaign.

48th Congressional District: John Campbell
Campbell voted for TARP...but I thought it was nece…

Dr. Drew’s Take on Young Obama’s Marxism Now Included in Michael Savage’s New Book, Trickle Up Poverty

A year ago, I was a lonely voice in the wilderness. I knew the young Barack Obama when he was a sophomore at Occidental College in 1980-1981, and – as far as I could tell – I was the only one who knew him who was willing to verify that young Obama was definitely a Marxist socialist ideologue.

To my frustration, it looked like the McCain campaign did not want to investigate Obama’s past. McCain, in fact, piously asserted that paying attention to something as outrageous as Rev. Wright’s anti-white hostility was a non-issue for the Presidential campaign. Personally, I was heart-broken. I was frustrated that Obama’s extremist ideology was hiding in plain sight and the voters had no idea what was really going on. I didn’t give up. I also sent e-mails to Fox News and the Orange County Register. I tried to get in touch with Ann Coulter. It was all fruitless.

This week, for the first time in a long time, however, I feel relieved and at peace. I learned last week that the story of my…

Dr. Drew’s Website Tips: Check It Out - Just Discovered New Site for Folks with Multiple Sclerosis

Tricia and I have a number of relatives with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in our extended family. I know the fear and suffering associated with this disease.

Accordingly, I’m glad to see there is a new website called designed to let people know more about MS and to direct folks to services and products developed to assist those in need of MS treatment.

As you may know, MS is a disease that attacks the myelin in our bodies, the material that insulates the nervous system, much like the covering of an electrical wire, allowing the nerves to transmit impulses at great speed. With myelin, our bodies are capable of rapid, smooth and coordinated movements. Without myelin, however, it is more difficult to perform these ordinary movements.

The website includes fascinating, specialized information for people impacted by MS and tips regarding new ideas for dealing with MS related heat intolerance and the possibilities of a Multiple Sclerosis Diet. All in all, I’…

Cruel Ironies: Muslims in Indonesia Say Build Your Church Somewhere Else

I was on Twitter figuring out how to translate my tweets into Indonesian when I got into a "conversation" with two people who from Indonesia. In their view, I was all wrong about Muslims. They thought I would benefit by visiting Indonesia to see how peaceful the Muslims were toward their Christian neighbors.

In response, I did what I used to do as a conservative American government professor face-to-face with out of touch liberal colleagues: I confronted them with powerful counter evidence. In this little YouTube video the Muslims in Indonesia do not appear to be very friendly to their Christian neighbors. The irony, of course, is that President Obama grew up in Indonesia and he is fond of suggesting that Islamic adherents in that country are not as vicious or as extreme as the people we are fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.

This YouTube video features a Muslim woman from Indonesia saying that she lives in a Muslim dominant neighborhood and that the Christians should just …

How Low Can It Go? President Obama's Job Approval Numbers

I think it is important to get the word out that if you are unhappy with President Obama, then you are not alone. For example, the newest Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for September 5, 2010 shows that only 24% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way he is performing in his role as president.
I was struck to learn that nearly a majority of likely voters report themselves as being in strong disapproval mode. According to Rasmussen Reports, forty-seven percent (47%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -23. (Rasmussen's methodology is to substact the number of folks reporting Strong Disapproval from those reporting Stong Approval.)
As a political scientist, I'm not quite sure why this is a better way of reporting public opinion regarding Obama than simply presenting the overall approval rate. This issue, as I understand it, is that actual opinions on the President are complex and difficult to boil down to si…

No More Keys for You: President Junks Democrats’ Limo for Ground Zero Mosque

I’m been driving around this week with a burning question in my mind: Why would President Obama support a Ground Zero Mosque (GZM) when it is opposed by 2/3rds of the American people? Given the unpopularity of this mosque, it is as if the driver of the Democrat party’s new limo has just steered it into a junk yard crushing machine.

I think the simplest answer is that Obama was being loyal to his Muslim-American base...not to African-Americans...not to his Democrat party...and not to the American people. I have found some supporting evidence for this thesis in an article in Politico on August 15, 2010 in which Carol E. Lee writes that an undisclosed administration official says this was “purely” Obama's decision. In Audacity of Hope, Obama writes that he is intent to assure Muslims that he will stand with them during the ultimate crisis. Apparently, Obama’s brain decided that moment has arrived.

What is missing from all the repo…

As the Twig is Bent, So Grows the Tree: Why I Think of President Obama as a Muslim

As a political scientist, I’ve always thought of Obama as a Muslim if only because I tend to categorize people by the cultural influences which impact them as children. Early influences, for example, help us predict later political party affiliations.

Surprisingly, Pew reports that the number of Americans who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim has jumped from 12% in early 2009 to 18% in 2010. Similarly, Pew reports a decline in the number of respondents who identify Obama as a Christian – 34% today compared to 48% in March 2009 and 51% during the Presidential campaign in October 2008. As usual, there is a less decisive group floating out there – adding up to a plurality of 43% - who respond that they do not know what is Obama’s religion. These undecided respondents are up from 34% in 2009.

I’m certain that if Pew telephoned me, I would have been one of the folks who said Obama was a Muslim and who would not have been given the time to fully explain what I mean.

First, I know that Oba…

Final Graveside Movements: Funeral Service for My Father Richard C. Drew, Sr.

I was extraordinarily moved by the graveside service for my father, Richard C. Drew, Sr. who passed away July 20, 2010. He was 84 and a veteran of World War II. Over the course of the day, I found that I had collected clips from the military portion of his funeral, a view of the sun from almost the exact location where he died, and a few of the stargazzers in the floral arrangements at his funeral.

Here's the link to the eulogy I gave at his funeral.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

A Tribute to My Late Father: Richard C. Drew, Sr. (1926 - 2010)

My father passed away this week and I thought it would be appropriate to share some comments that would be comforting for my father’s siblings, his wife, his children and his grandchildren and – perhaps - his great-grandchildren. He is pictured here on the right holding the hand of his younger brother Albert Drew. He died peacefully on July 20, 2010.

1. For His Siblings: He was born in Michigan in 1926. This is the same year welcomed Queen Elizabeth, Andy Griffith and Marilyn Monroe. While my father was in elementary school, he endured the economic disaster of the Great Depression and after high school served in World War II in the U.S. Navy. As I said during his eulogy:
He had two siblings: a sister, Marilyn and a brother, Albert. His family moved
to California in 1933 and his siblings always struck me as contemporary
Californians while Richard was much more of an import product of the Mid-West. I
know he valued their time together as a family…and spoke tenderly about a trip
he made …

Mike Griffing - California Nurses Association Staff Member - Identified as One of Thugs in New YouTube Video

One of the thugs seen in the YouTube video of a recent California Nurses Association (CNA) rally is a CNA staff member named Mike Griffing. I placed a call to Mr. Griffing earlier today and he said he was referring all comments to the CNA's media department. The media department's number, however, is busy. I'll be surprised if I hear back from them. At any rate, there is a great website post at an anti-Jerry Brown website that give you full details about Mr. Griffing. See,

I'm grateful that YouTube caught Mr. Griffing assaulting some young, smaller guys because it demonstrates a number of persistent theme to me. The first is that on the left violence against others is justified by their ideology. As I learned from Thomas Sowell's book, A Conflict of Visions, liberal ideology is based on an expansive view of human capacity which justifies violence against those who - supposedly …

Push This: Goons from California Nurses Association (CNA) Hit and Harass GOP Supporters

Sadly, this YouTube video features goons from the California Nurses Association (CNA) ganging up and hitting some smaller, younger white guys covering the event with their cell phones. One of them also lies about what they just did...on tape.

This harassment incident took place on the Canada College campus. It was after the CNA folks held a rally right outside Meg Whitman's home in nearby Atherton, CA on July 15, 2010.

I think this video deserves to go viral as a remarkable demonstration of contemporary union intimidation against innocent people. It deserves to be publicized so that the CNA understands that it cannot harm others without enduring negative publicity.

It sort of makes you think of the California Nurses Association in a whole new light. Doesn't it? If you'd like to contact the CNA, their website is at

The earlier rally in front of Meg Whitman's home attracted about 1,100 people.

For a little on the controversy surrounding th…

Wow! California Voters React to Obama's Soft Treatment of New Black Panther Party

It looks like Rep. Brad Sherman (D) stepped into a mighty buzzsaw when he claimed he did not have any knowledge of the U.S. Justice Department's handling of the New Black Panther party's polling place intimidation case. These townhall meetings just are not working out for Democrats.

Right now, I'm a resident of Orange County, CA. Nevertheless, I grew up in the northern part of Los Angeles County. I trully identify with the concerns of Rep. Sherman's constituents. For personal reasons, I was struck by the attached YouTube video - newly released - of Sherman's constituents reacting to his comments that he did not know anything about this highly inflammatory mistake. You can hear the crowd erupt with anger.

I feel their pain. I know that area. My parents were raised in Glendale. I was born in Behrens Memorial Hospital in Glendale. I know the people in this video like they are my own relatives.

As you can see, they are largely white. They are extremely well-in…

The Evil of African-American Racism: Time to Take It Seriously

Sadly, the Obama administration's failure to punish King Samir Shabazz for intimidating white voters has now encouraged even greater expressions of violence against white people.

As a victim of affirmative action, I know exactly what it is like to be the focus of the hatred of the black community simply because of my race and sex. The way I was treated by affirmative action in California in the 1990s is now illegal. What is dangerous is too look the other way and go into denial about the dangerousness and seriousness of this kind of black racism.

We should learn enough from history that people who talk this way are only moments away from taking action on their heartfelt beliefs.

The YouTube video above is a partial indication of how Attorney General Eric Holder's decision was interpreted by the leaderhship of the New Black Panther party. The joking and laughing remind me of Hitler making fun of the Jews. King Samir Shabazz was, of course, caught on YouTube advocating the …

Glorious Leader Gap: Obama’s Islamization of NASA

The video below is a terrific illustration of the absolute silliness of the Obama administration's out-of-touch with reality approach to the Muslim world. In this clip, the top NASA administrator, Charles Bolden, says that Obama's top three priorities for NASA now include the charge to help the Muslim world "feel good" about its historic contributions to math and science.

You can catch the whole, crazy exchange in the full Al Jazeera interview. There are other alarming concepts suggested by Charles Bolden including massive praise for the multicultural aspects of the Space Station, a hostility to outsourcing to the commerical sector, and his fear of the idea that NASA is only looking out for NASA. I've felt, for a long time now, that NASA is a big, dangerous, technologically out-of-date, waste of money. Objectively, the last thing we need is Muslim terrorists in space.

It seems like we would be better off having Charles Bolden focusing on things that help Ameri…

Glorious Leader Gap: Barack Obama Considered "Gayness"

I am kind of proud to report that I got a call from Dinesh D'Souza inquiring about this photograph the young Obama. I explained that I found it while I was skimming the Occidental College alumni magazine (Summer 2010). At the same time, I also went through the class notes and found that Hasan Chandoo has been in touch with my old girlfriend Caroline Grauman-Boss and her friend Susan (Keselenko) Coll over the years.

I expect that all additional information regarding the lasting social ties between young Obama and his Occidental College friends will give additional credibility to my statements that I knew the young Obama and can affirm that he was a Marxist socialist in 1980-1981. As I have reported elsewhere, Obama and I used to be part of a strong, committed group of revolutionaries. The only difference, as far as I can tell, is that I aged out of that obnoxious ideology in my mid-20s.

Also, this photo illustrates other themes I've communicated regarding the young Obama inclu…

The Presidential Addiction in Action: Obama Caught on Video Chewing that Darn Nicotine Gum

This new YouTube video features President Obama chewing his nicotine gum in public - first at the G8 summit, later at the G20 summit in Toronto and finally in front of children in the Oval Office. I feel Obama's pain.

I have studied up on addiction and done plenty of work for charities that seek to combat alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATODs). One of my first jobs, for example, was with a government program called L.A. Link that was focused on reducing illegal nicotine use among adolescents in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. I remember interviewing a heroin addict who told me she thought it was easier to beat heroin than nicotine.

I'm not completely surprised that Obama's addiction to nicotine makes him feel that chewing nicotine gum in public is a small price to pay for stopping the withdrawal effects of nicotine. They can be overwhelming. I knew the young Obama while he was a sophomore at Occidental College in Los Angeles. We were both smokers then. I remember that …

President Clinton: Stalking Our Nation’s Most Intelligent Liar

Purely by chance, I happened to be in Little Rock, AR just when the news regarding President Clinton’s role in the Obama administration’s illegal effort to offer a job to Rep. Joe Sestak in return for a political favor broke last week in the national media. It turns out that ex-President Bill Clinton was in town that day to stump for beleaguered Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

Compassionate fellow that he is, President Clinton graciously served as the keynote speaker for the Neighborhoods U.S.A. luncheon on May 28, 2010. This was my first time seeing President Clinton face to face and I was curious to hear what he had to say.

As far as I could tell, President Clinton’s primary message was that those of us working at the neighborhood level were the most important people on Earth and that his experience at the national level had taught him that it was a more cruel world than what we were used to seeing or observing.

President Clinton argued that neighborhoods were a healthy and wonderful th…

Want to Book Dr. Drew for Your Next Event? He is Now Represented by Five Star Speakers' Bureau

As you may know, I've been balancing my career as a political pundit with my existing grant writing consulting business, Drew & Associates. For me, the common theme has always been the lessons I've learned from my study of charismatic leadership. When I'm focusing on grant writing, I'm explaning how agencies can use the various tricks of the trade to speed up their organizational and application processes.

When I'm focused on politics, I'm interested in understanding how charismatic leaders speed up the process of gaining popularity and political power. In all my different roles, I'm still a political scientist.

Ironically, I seem to be able to teach what I've always like to teach about. Now, however, I don't need to deal with the unnecessary bureaucracy of a traditional college or university campus. Accordingly, I'm proud to report that I've recently been included in the client roster of Five Star Speakers & Trainers Speakers …

To Pull or Not to Pull: MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Runs Clip of Sen. McCain Saying Its Time We Pulled the Trigger on Iran

I just caught the YouTube video of Sen. John McCain saying that it was time to pull the trigger on Iran. From the context, of course, McCain is merely saying that we need to impose strict sanctions on Iran – not that it is time to bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran.

Nevertheless, from the point of view of the U.S. political cycle and the risks we face in Iran, I’m thinking that now is probably a good time for Israel to “pull the trigger.” Among Republicans, I'm pretty sure they will be cheered by the Israeli strike and pleased to see that force is used to put down the Iranians who obviously wish us ill. In fact, a large majority of us – conservatives and independents - would applaud this action. For example, a recent Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll of 900 registered voters on April 6-7, 2010 shows 61% support in response to the question worded: "Do you support or oppose the United States taking military action to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons?"

Among prominent Demo…

Glorious Leader Gap: Obama Never a Professor - Never Even Close to Being a Professor.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, I got caught up in the controversy regarding whether or not Sen. Barack Obama was really a law school professor. Obama referred to himself as a “law professor,” but - in truth - he had only served as a Senior Lecturer. (This was a non-tenure track position that did not require achievements in research or publication.) To the general public, this probably looked like a minor case of a politician fudging his resume. As a published, award-winning political scientist, however, I thought Obama’s claims demeaned the once - somewhat honorable - image of genuine law school professors at the University of Chicago.

Doug Ross floated a blog post reputing to be the comments of a highly ranked University of Chicago law school professor which - in my mind – rings true as a plausible reaction from a tenured law school professor, someone who probably went into this line of work back when it was a sign of extraordinary intelligence, and not simply the expression…

Social Justice as a Code Word for Socialism: Remembering the Young Barack Obama

I’m excited I stumbled over Richard Wolffe’s article, “When Barry Became Barack,” Newsweek, March 31, 2008. This piece covers the period around when I first met the young Barack Obama, during his sophomore year at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

My review of this article is particularly relevant right now because of Glenn Beck’s assertion – earlier this month - that “social justice” is basically a code word for Marxist socialist ideology, even when it is used in a church setting. Understanding the role of “social justice” as a code word for something a lot more sinister certainly helps us make better sense of the new information released in Wolffe’s article.

Wolffe points out, for example, that young Obama immediately dove in to the social circles of the “progressive” students. He writes: “Barry Obama met Eric Moore fresh on arrival from Hawaii at Occidental College in Los Angeles. The two roamed in the same circles, gravitating toward friends who considered themselves "progr…

Religious Social Justice Advocates Have No Idea What Causes Poverty - There, I Said It

Earlier this month, I noticed Glenn Beck of Fox and Jim Wallis of Sojourner's were crossing swords over the incendiary topic of social justice and the Bible. Beck got things started on his radio show when he said, "I beg you, look for the words 'social justice' or 'economic justice' on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words…If you have a priest that is pushing social justice, go find another parish."
Wallis, however, really frightened me with his effort to twist the Christian faith to promote cold, anti-capitalist propaganda. “Beck says Christians should leave their social justice churches,” remarked Wallis, “so I say Christians should leave Glenn Beck…what he has said attacks the very heart of our Christian faith, and Christians should no longer watch his show.”
"When your political philosophy," said Wallis, "is to consistently favor the rich over the poor yo…

Palin Hearts Reagan: Her Success Shows Why It Mattered to Alaskans

The life stories of charismatic leaders invariably reveal that they are ordinary people who take big risks. Even Napoleon Bonaparte, for example, was dismissed by his Austrian father-in-law, Francis I, as simply “a gambler.”

These hardy risk-takers, however, almost always rely on a handful of techniques to improve their odds of success – including a startling willingness to pattern their lives on a pre-existing model of political and military success. Young Abraham Lincoln was fascinated by the life story of General George Washington – the first U.S. President. Saddam Hussein modeled his political career on the example of the USSR’s Joseph Stalin. Fidelity to an existing political leadership model assists charismatic leaders in maintaining their extraordinary levels of self-confidence. It can also – if they pick wisely – provide them with sure solutions that make a difference.

A strong contemporary example of this phenomenon came to me from reading Sarah Palin's new book G…

Glorious Leader Gap: President Barack Obama - Not So Bright for a Harvard Law Grad

As a student of charismatic leadership, my antenna lit up when I saw all the chatter during the 2008 Presidential campaign regarding Barack Obama’s brilliance and genius. Since I’ve gotten to know some real geniuses, I think I’m in a good position to access his intellectual capacity. Based on my experience, I can report that Barack Obama is a non-genius.

How do I know? Well, for one reason, one of my brothers is a genius. He’s tested out in elementary school with an IQ over 140. In high school, my brother figured out how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. (This was back in the days before there were on-line cheat sheets and YouTube videos explaining how to do it.) See,

I have also taught at the nation’s number one liberal arts college, Williams in MA. In that job, I had the opportunity to teach some of our nation’s most talented between 1986 and 1989. I also served, briefly, as an admissions counselor at …