Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dr. Drew on Blue Sky Scrubs - The World's Most Exciting Medical Uniforms

I'm always amazed by the quality and attention to detail associated with on-line medical uniform provider  I'm working with a business coach right now to improve my grant writing consulting business, so I'm sensitive to what it takes to start and maintain an inspiring mission statement and culture for a growing company. 

In this regard, I'm excited to point out the Blue Sky Scrubs has some great, attractive choices for you. Check out their new hot pink scrubs.

Like me, Blue Sky Scrubs insists on only the highest standards for its customers. This is just plain hard work.  For example, all of their products are tested and inspected three times before they are shipped to the customer.  I have established Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for each area of my business.  In a similar manner, Blue Sky Scrubs monitors and reviews all of their sales and distribution processes at two levels in real-time to ensure you get the right product the first time out.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Great Moments in History: Dr. Drew Meets Andrew Breitbart

It was a wonderful day yesterday.  I got a chance to meet Andrew Breitbart and thank him for his heroic efforts to defend our country against the evil, creepy extremists on the left who have taken over the Democrat party.  Breitbart was speaking at a special Mike Munzing Conservative Happy Hour in Newport Beach, CA on June 9, 2011. 

For me, one of the themes of the day is that we need to be soldiers, citizen soldiers willing to give our lives to protect freedom and liberty in the face of the hostility and lies pushed by the mainstream media and elected officials like Rep. Anthony Weiner.  In the process of exposing Weiner as a liar and a perverted freak, Breitbart endured the absurd accusation that he was the one who had "hacked" Weiner's Twitter account. 

This was not my first time interacting with Andrew Breitbart.  His Breitbart TV was among the very first to bring to light my face-to-face impression of young Obama's commitment to extremist Marxist ideology.  See,  

This was a great event organized by congressional candidate, Mike Munzing.  Here's a picture of Mike Munzing and Andrew Breitbart together. 

The most important point I took away from Breitbart's talk is that we can smile and we can have fun as we work to defeat the Marxist socialist left.  We do not have to be all serious as we tear apart the dangerous leftwing network which has come to dominate our schools, our mainstream media and our frightening Big Government.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Enjoying Life - Inexpensively: Dr. Drew Discovers the Wonder of A Cheap Seat

I have just discovered A Cheap Seat and I'm impressed with what I have found on their site.  One of the secrets of my success as a speaker, trainer and consultant is that Tricia and I are always looking our for the least expensive tickets.  We do not find the need to pay the highest possible price to get what we need out of an event or entertainment experience.  In the above video, you can witness some of the fun I had with an inexpensive visit to the thermal image display at the Anchorage Museum in Anchorage, Alaska.

A Cheap Seat gives you access to incredible deals on entertainment around the country at  They are a professional ticket broker. They negotiate great prices on tickets and pass the savings on to us. Moreover, they will advise you on your entertainment opportunities.

For example, their website gives you access to a satisfying range of entertainment opportunities including Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets, David Copperfield Tickets, Adele Tickets, Sesame Street Live Tickets and New York Jets Tickets.  Check out their website and I think you, and your thermal image, will be very happy with the results.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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