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Our Anti-Marxist Mood: The Tea Party Movement at the Beginning of 2010

I've been taking some pride in the intellectual influence of the Tea Party Movement. I feel like I was sort of on the ground floor of it myself when I posted my first blog "Visualizing a One Term Obama Administration" at back on January 19, 2009.

I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the popularity of the Obama administration and anxious to do anything possible - within the law - to take our country back.

In my case, my alarm was fueled by my personal experience of knowing that the young Barack Obama was already a convinced Marxist at the beginning of his sophomore year at Occidental College. Since I had seen the evidence of his early Marxism face-to-face, I knew that it was wrong of him to hide and deny this fact to the general public during the Presidential campaign.

At the very least, I thought that if he was no longer a Marxist, then he owed the American people a description of the intel…

Thoughts on Global Warming - Bring It On: Greenland Used to be Green

I've been a little obsessed lately with trying to get up to speed on the whole climate change issue. I've been ignoring up until now. Nevertheless, my quick review of the available information tells me two things: 1) The link between increased CO2 and increased global temperatures is greatly exaggerated, and 2) The proposed fixes for the U.S. are a 90% reduction in our production of CO2 - and absurdly drastic and unrealistic remedy. I think the more people study up on this the more outraged they will become.

A couple of quick points bear mentioning. First, the Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW)folks predicted that 2009 would be the hottest year ever and 2009 turned out to be an average year. Their prediction is based on the idea that increasing CO2 levels cause global warming. Since the world produces more CO2 each year, it would be shocking - from the point of view of their model - to see temperatures decline. The problem is that even their own data demonstrates that there i…