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Vogue Fem Fail: Niggas Not Ready

I thought you'd get a laugh out of a tweet from Williams College student Quess Green '20, posting as @hotboyqueso, who is on leave this semester reportedly making up for failed classes. Green attempted to educate the students in his community college in his Afro Latino history class by sharing his Vogue Fem dance moves. You can see the video by clicking the link below if he still has it up.

For my Afro Latino history class, we had to share a project that displayed a creative outlet & I decided to vogue..the niggas in the room were not ready.

While the women in Quess's class seem appreciative, the men in the class are rightly laughing out loud at his antics.

I suppose Quess Green '20 is best known at Williams College for his role as a performer at the Williams College Museum of Art during the opening of the exhibition "possible selves: queer foto vernaculars" in December 13, 2018.

As a junior at Williams, Quess Green is majoring in American Studies with a …

Toxic Self-Absorption: Isaiah Blake '21 Shows No Remorse for Anti-White Tirade

Shane Beard ’21 posted a short video on YouTube where he interviews one of the CARE Now leaders who unleashed a widely publicized, verbally abusive rant against white male students at Williams College. Later, Shane uploaded the full hour and a half conversation too.

The interviewee, Isaiah Blake '21, comes across as hopelessly self-absorbed. He seems eerily unaffected the destruction he has caused including the humiliation he inflicted on his victims, the shame he brought to the college, and the grave damage he did to his CARE Now brand. As he says at 28:58 in the full version, “I don’t even think for a moment that I did anything wrong.”

One of the sad, comic moments in the video occurs right at the very end. While things are wrapping up, Beard makes attempts to add his own views to the conversation. Instead of listening to him, the narcissistic Blake checks his phone messages, ties on his do-rag and even taps out his own messages. The CARE Now leader is virtually oblivious to S…

Who's Fragile Now? Black Student's Tirade Backfires

In a letter to the Williams Record, Isaiah Blake '19 reveals his highly visible effort to create a culture of open antagonism against white students has come back to bite him. Showing no interest in apologies, Blake reports he is feeling "anxious and scared."

This is quite an about face from the domineering verbal abuse he unloaded on white students by calling them "niggers" at an April 9, 2019 Williams College Council meeting. Blake told the white students, "You only go to the number one liberal arts school because I’m here, nigger. Period." Check out the details of Isaiah Blake's anti-white bigotry here.

Blake's religiously tinged letter puts his over-the-top butt-hurt on full display. The text of his letter is below:

May 8, 2019

To the editor:

My prayer this year was for the perspective and wisdom to know beauty and love. I have asked for the ability to see community grow like healing plants in a new garden. In order to plant a garden, you …

Anti-White Ranter Feared Angry Black Women Label

Before Seyi Olaose '22 became the symbol of anti-white bigotry at Williams College she had a remarkable level of success in high school speech and debate. "I look forward to using my voice to educate the uneducated," she said, "at the National Speech and Debate Association national championship in Florida this month and at Williams College in the fall."

This desire to education the benighted denizens of Williams College may have been part of the motivation when the enraged Olaose exploded at white male student representatives at the April 9, 2019 College Council meeting, saying

I ran across a video by Seyi Olaose '22 where she is repeating an award-winning speech which won her honors during her high school years. Significantly, she articulates many of the themes which appeared in her now famous, bigoted, anti-white rant at the Williams College Counci…

Isaiah Blake '21 Featured in Total Meltdown

James Allsup has uploaded a funny and informative take on the April 9, 2019 livestream deleted by the College Council. Allsup's YouTube video has received 4,766 comments and 130,670 views as of May 4, 2019.

As you may know, this video features one of the CARE Now leaders, Isaiah Blake '21 saying “to be here [at Williams] is like sucking white d*** every f***ing day.” “We want some money to f***ing cook some fried f***ing chicken and be n***ers.”

Allsup's most humorous line was maybe everyone would be better off if the College Council just provided applicants with free knee pads.

On a more serious note, Allsup picked up on a theme I've been stressing. The bigoted rant performed by Isaiah Blake '21 and Seyi Olaose '22 wasn't about was about verbal abuse. These black students were using the cover of identity politics to inflict psychic pain on the white students.

The video isn't long...about 15:34. My comments are featured at 6:53 and again …

Activist Says: 'I Want Anger' - Seyi Olaose '22 and Isaiah Blake '21 Rant at White Students at June 9, 2019 Williams College Student Council Meeting

To provide prospective students and their parents with insight into the dysfunctional culture of Williams College, I thought it would helpful to review a transcript of the verbal abuse recently leveled against white student representatives at the April 9, 2019 College Council meeting. To make it easier to compare the transcript with the video, I have uploaded a version of the video that aligns with the transcript presented below.

To keep it interesting, I'll add in my commentary as appropriate. I'll start by saying that Seyi Olaose '21 creeps me out with her controlling behavior. When I taught at Williams College in the late 1980's my area of focus was child abuse and neglect. I'm hypersensitive to verbal abuse. In the following exchange, she is basically taunting the white student representatives, basically daring even shaming them to talk back to her. She is supported in this effort by the actor/student Isaiah Blake, '21. As you may know Isaiah has appeared …

The Purple Rubble: Williams College Council Deletes Anti-White Rant by Isaiah Blake '21

The College Council has removed from its Facebook account a controversial video. This video captured an example of profane, incendiary, anti-white bigotry directed at white student representatives by Isaiah Blake '21 - an actor and one of the most prominent black student leaders at Williams College on June 9, 2019.

The video featured a long, stream-of-consciousness rant by Isaiah Blake saying, in part, " be here is like sucking white d*** every f***ing day."
"You want a discussion and dialogue. Here’s the f***ing dialog. We don’t have dialogue, because every time we try to talk to you we get shut down by the white moderate, white liberal bull***t." A link to the video was published on Ephblog on April 15, 2019. A partial transcript appeared at the Anonymous Political Scientist blog on that same day. Finally, The College Fix published a link to the video on April 19, 2019. The College Fix is a national-level conservative website where student journalists wr…