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Our Anti-Marxist Mood: The Tea Party Movement at the Beginning of 2010

I've been taking some pride in the intellectual influence of the Tea Party Movement. I feel like I was sort of on the ground floor of it myself when I posted my first blog "Visualizing a One Term Obama Administration" at back on January 19, 2009.

I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the popularity of the Obama administration and anxious to do anything possible - within the law - to take our country back.

In my case, my alarm was fueled by my personal experience of knowing that the young Barack Obama was already a convinced Marxist at the beginning of his sophomore year at Occidental College. Since I had seen the evidence of his early Marxism face-to-face, I knew that it was wrong of him to hide and deny this fact to the general public during the Presidential campaign.

At the very least, I thought that if he was no longer a Marxist, then he owed the American people a description of the intel…

Thoughts on Global Warming - Bring It On: Greenland Used to be Green

I've been a little obsessed lately with trying to get up to speed on the whole climate change issue. I've been ignoring up until now. Nevertheless, my quick review of the available information tells me two things: 1) The link between increased CO2 and increased global temperatures is greatly exaggerated, and 2) The proposed fixes for the U.S. are a 90% reduction in our production of CO2 - and absurdly drastic and unrealistic remedy. I think the more people study up on this the more outraged they will become.

A couple of quick points bear mentioning. First, the Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW)folks predicted that 2009 would be the hottest year ever and 2009 turned out to be an average year. Their prediction is based on the idea that increasing CO2 levels cause global warming. Since the world produces more CO2 each year, it would be shocking - from the point of view of their model - to see temperatures decline. The problem is that even their own data demonstrates that there i…

Augustine 25 Remembers: Face to Face with the Young Barack Obama

As you may know, the girls at Occidental College liked to dress up young men and take their pictures. There are some famous pictures of the young Barack Obama while he was at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA floating on the internet. Posted above, I have the rough equivalent from my own spell at this small liberal arts college. Personally, I was one of the founders of the anti-apartheid group that Obama mentions in his book, Dreams of My Father.

From what Obama writes, I guess I had the unusual opportunity to meet the young Barack Obama at a turning point in his life. According to his book, Dreams of My Father, Obama got one of the early signs of his interest (and ability) in public speaking during his participation in an anti-apartheid rally at Occidental College in Los Angeles in the fall of 1980.

I had graduated from Occidental College in 1979.

I met him later that same year in late December 1980. At the time, I was in my second year of graduate school at Cornell. I was visit…

GOP Victories Are Powerful Rebuke of Obama and Weaken His Political Power

The GOP win in NJ was a huge victory and a huge rebuke of Obama. Accordingly, this is an excellent time to recruit the next generation of conservative activists and political candidates.

Here’s my take on what these results in NJ and VA mean for President Obama.

First, it is clear now that Obama cannot help Democrats in tough elections. What ever influence Obama has over the voters cannot be spread over to benefit other candidates. This means that Obama’s political influence is weakening in line with his declining job approval numbers.

The White House is trying to make it look like Obama didn't even watch the election results. The reality, of course, is that Obama knows as well as I do that these elections were extremely important to his presidential power. Now, it is clear to the whole nation that Obama threw everything he had into electing Democrats in NJ and VA and couldn't make it happen. I watched some of Obama's passionate and emotional statements supporting Corzin…

Thoughts on Ideological Perfection: Standing with Speaker Newt Gingrich in Newport Beach

Lincoln once said: "Stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong." In that spirit, Tricia and I did a crazy thing today and drove up to attend Speaker Newt Gingrich's book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA.

It seemed like a crazy thing to do and so we did it. We drove along the coast and didn't have a clue where the bookstore was located. In the parking lot Tricia surprised me by asking some other folks for directions. We drove to the other side of the mall and were right in time to see Speaker Gingrich signing books with a thick felt tip pen.

I was first aware of Rep. Gingrich in 1988. I was a hopeless GOPAC candidate back back then and I was recruited by the local Republican party to play a small role in keeping some of Gov. Michael Dukakis' top lieutenants pinned down in MA instead of working for Gov. Dukakis in Iowa or where ever. The whole thing was a disaster, …

Repeating the New Deal: Evidence the Stimulus Made Things Worse

The folks at the Innocent Bystanders blog have been providing a wonderful service by tracking the current unemployment rate and comparing it to what Obama and his advisors predicted would happen - with and without the impact of their stimulus bill.

To those of us who study political economy, however, these results are not surprising since government spending programs take money from useful, high-return private investments and transfer it into low yield, wasteful government expenditures. To see how, FDR's New Deal programs actually lengthened and worsened the Great Depression, see Burton Folson, Jr.'s book, New Deal or Raw Deal: How FDR's Economic Legacy Has Damaged America (2008).

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Hitler Working For Obama? Time to Appreciate the Controversy

I'm noticing that Democrats are howling mad that folks are starting to see President Obama as a second Hitler. Above, I've posted a video that illustrates the issues. These videos are pretty common on YouTube. Most of the one's I've seen feature Hitler complaining about a video game or a pop star. Here's a link to a NYT The Caucus Blog that discusses the controversy:

To the Democrats, the Obama as Hitler meme is an outrageous charge. What they are missing is the way that Hitler was loved by the German people, the way Hitler was eager to control private sector businesses, and the fact that the NAZI abbreviation actually stood for the National Socialist German Worker's Party. Hitler wanted his own Olympic Games to celebrate his regime too.

Reviewing Democrat outrage, it seems to me that they think independents and conservatives do not understand that Hitler's government killed six million Jews during the Holocaust. Liberals seem to attac…

Bad Obama, No Olympic Capstone - The Marxist In Chief

I'm grateful I was able to get our new website up and running. You can check it out at

In other news, it looks like our inexperienced new President has made another bad mistake. He was looking to make the Olympic games into some sort of heroic celebration of his tenure as President and the IOC sort of choked on the idea.

I watched some tape of Obama's pitch to the IOC and it was a lame attack on the U.S. and a pathetic request for them to sign-off on Obama's partisan ideology. As far as I can tell, the Obama administration invested a lot more time and energy into this mission than they are letting on. It was a terrible mistake. It is all the worst because it follows in the wake of Obama's failure to sell his health care proposals to the American people.

Update - May 2013: Although Obama has been re-elected, I still think it is important to remind people that he has been among some of our worst Presidents in terms of the damage…

A Quick Look at a Hot Topic: Foundations that Gave to ACORN in 2008

I thought it might be interesting to see what foundations have been giving money to ACORN in 2008. Here's a chart which shows the name of the foundation, the ACORN recipient, the date of the grant, and the amount of the grant. It seems to me that we ought to be asking some of these foundations what, if any, changes they will be making in response to the videos created by James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles. Just click to enlarge the image below:

As I was loading up this data I listened again to the sting operation they conducted at the ACORN office in Baltimore, MD. I had forgotten that ACORN employees signed off on his plan to use prostitution to raise money for his congressional campaign.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Good Morning America: Things Need to Change If They Are Going to Stay the Same

I thought it was a good idea to simplify my life and start posting under my real name. Part of the reason is that the world seems to be waking up to the reality of the Obama administration, and President Obama's own commitment to Marxist socialist thought.

Under these circumstances, it does not make sense to continue anything that makes my communications more difficult than they need to be. For a while, of course, I was sort of proud to be part of an American tradition of anonymous posting which dates back to the days of the American revolution. Accordingly, I'm a little sad to put the anonimity of Augustine 25 behind me. It's the end of a very short era. :)

I'm reminded of the story of how a top banker met with Napoleon and was pleased when he learned that Napoleon did not want to take away any of the deposed King's deposits. Napoleon made a clear distinction between business and politics. When the King returned to power, he put no pressure on the banker to …

Kanye West Doesn't Care About White People: How Liberal Ideology Facilitated His Abuse of Taylor Swift

As pundits like Maureen Dowd speculate about whether or not opposition to Obama's health care reform plan is motivated by racism, I find myself much more concerned about a scene on television where a black adult harms a young white person. Specifically, I'm thinking about how Kayne West treated the 19 year-old Taylor Swift when she received a Video Music Award (VMA).

As far as I'm concerned, Kayne West emotionally abused and attacked that poor girl by spoiling a once-in-a-lifetime moment of victory that was supposed to be hers alone. In West's twisted ideological point of view...his behavior was justified by his own "hurt" according to his statement later of the Jay Leno Show.

Sadly, the ideology of the Democrat party opens the door to the dehumanization and mistreatment of young white people. The assertion that honest criticism of Obama is racist simply feeds into the dysfunctional ideology which facilitates attacks on the most vulnerable members of t…

Dr. Drew Remembers Sen. Ted Kennedy: He Owned a Better Bullet Proof Vest

I only met Sen. Ted Kennedy a parade in North Adams, MA. I was recruited to run as a Republican assembly candidate in 1988 and one of my jobs was to walk in the parade and wave to all the registered Democrats lining the parade route. I felt so uncomfortable with the idea that one of my brothers sent me a bullet proof vest to wear during the festivities.

I tried it on...but it looked so boxy under my suit that I decided it was better to die of a gun shot wound than to look like I was wearing a cardboard T-shirt.

Herded into the parade starting area, I was surprised to find myself introduced to Sen. Ted Kennedy who - like me - was waiting to march in the parade. I immediately noticed that his eyes seemed to sparkle as if the departed President John Kennedy was looking at me. It was eerie. This face-to-face meeting helped me understand the unreasonable affection that voters in MA seemed to have for Sen. Ted Kennedy.

The second thing I remember is that his bullet proof ves…

How Low Can He Go? Rasmussen Reports Shows Steep Drop in Obama Job Approval Ratings

I trust Rasmussen Reports because they look at likely voters, the registered voters most likely to actually make a difference by turning out for elections. Moreover, Rasmussen has demonstrated an uncanny degree of accuracy in predicting the exact results of Presidential elections. Accordingly, I think Barack Obama and his administration have just gotten the clearest possible warning from the American people that the administration is going in the wrong direction.

For example, in today's Rasmussen survey, Obama reached the lowest point of his presidency - an overwhelmingly negative -14 on Rasmussen's "approval index." Rasmussen constructs this approval index by subtracting the 27 percent who now "strongly approve" of Obama's performance from the 41 percent who "strongly disapprove."

I think these negative approval numbers are a little unfair to President Obama since they include people who disagree with Obama on policy issues and others who …

Sen. Reid Now in Hot Water Over Health Care Reform

It’s kind of fun to watch the Democrat party self-destruct over its insistence on sticking us with a public option, an option that would pave the way to single payer. The good news for the vast majority of us who vehemently oppose single-payer is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is now trailing a top Republican challenger by 11 points according to a new poll.

The Mason-Dixon Polling and Research survey of 400 registered voters shows GOP candidate Danny Tarkanian leading Reid by 49 percent to 38 percent in Nevada.

Sen. Reid, of course, has been among the most vocal in stressing that he would push through single-payer no matter how little support it had in the Senate among Republicans…even if it means violating long-held Senate norms and procedures. I sincerely hope his friends in the Senate realize that this ruthless politician is in a precarious position.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Rasmussen Reports: Increasing Power of Opponents of Obama's Health Care Reform

Rasmussen Reports indicate that Obama's health care reform program is still dropping in the polls. This, of course, is one of the reasons he wanted to push it through before the August recess. Rasmussen also indicates that opposition to single-payer medical care (socialized medicine) - which Obama supported quite publicly in the past - runs at 57% to 32%. To me, the larger question is why does Obama keep pushing a project that is so unpopular with the American people? This can't do anything but undermine his influence and reduce his power overall.

Part of the answer, according to Rasmussen, is that Democrats strongly approve of single-payer. Democrats support single-payer at the rate of 62%. In contrast, Republicans reject single-payer at a rate of 87%, while those not affiliated with either party reject single payer by a 63-22% margin. The lesson here, I think, is that single-payer is a terrific "wedge" issue.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scienti…

Obama Drops in Polls: Former Centerist, Now Socialist Joker

Here's a quick 30 sec. Animoto video I put together based on creepy posters showing up in the Los Angeles area. The link is below:

The posters show Obama made up like the Joker in the movie the Dark Knight. This is particularly creepy to me because I remember that Heath Ledger died of a drug overdose and that Obama has been a hard drinker and smoker nearly his whole life.

Also, like the Joker, Obama wears a mask as a centerist - despite his extreme left-wing ideology. Even now the White House is angry that new videos show that Obama has long believed that some sort of public option would be the gateway to socialized, single payer, health care. This poster is a timely reminder that the real Obama is a frightening guy who would take away our cherished freedoms.

Xtranormal Movie: How Our Celebrity President Relies on Drinking to Solve Problems

Augustine 25 is the pseudonym of an award-winning political scientist.

Turning Around a Struggling Administration: Free Advice for POTUS from A25OTUS

I just read in the NYT that the Obama administration is holding a special review and strategy session this weekend. According to the NYT, a White House aide said 22 officials with Cabinet rank will meet with administration advisers at Blair House this weekend. They will use this time to take stock of what the administration has accomplished and plan for the future.

I've been watching Obama's steeply dropping Presidential approval I think I understand why this July 31 - August 1 working weekend is so important. As a management consultant, I know that there is only one real reason for organizational failure - the behavior of the leader at the very top of the organization.

I've had the unique experience of being an award-winning political scientist, a successful management consultant, and an early advisor to the young BHO. In that spirit, I would make the following recommendations to him for turning around his struggling presidency:

1. Quit your substance abuse.…

The Gates of Unpopularity: Obama Dropping in Job Approval Numbers

There is plenty of good news in the paper today. Rasmussen Reports, for example, now shows a majority of likely voters disapprove of President Obama's performance. They indicated that 49% of voters say they at least somewhat approve, while fifty percent (50%) disapprove.
Rasmussen Reports have a tendency to make Obama look relatively less popular because they are based on a sample of likely voters.
Other firms that are more popular with the mainstream media base their approval ratings on samples of all adults. As Rasmussen indicates: "President Obama's numbers are always several points higher in a poll of adults rather than likely voters." The reason? The younger voters who are among the most ardent supporters of Obama are actually less likely to show up and vote in mid-term and later presidential elections.

Augustine 25 is the pseudonym of an award-winning political scientist.

Blue Collar America Fights Back: Thoughts on Gov. Palin's Retirement

Gov. Palin's experience with the mainstream media and the Democrat party has reminded me, once again, of the sheer hatred liberals have for the white working class population in the U.S. They are quick to attack the folks who are devoted to their families, strengthened by their religious beliefs, and committed to a positive view of U.S. heritage and our role in the world. I'm glad that Gov. Palin is fighting for Joe the Plumber, Frank Ricci, and Sgt. James Crowley - the people most abused by the Democrat party and its sick, dysfunctional ideology.

Augustine 25 is the pseudonym of an award-winning political scientist.

Bye Bye Credibility: Reacting to the Obama Healthcare Press Conference

From Obama’s comments, I can see why the AP and Rasmussen show his poll numbers steeply declining despite his appealing personal charm.

First of all, it’s silly to blame the banks for problems that were caused, and most likely solved, by the changes in accounting rules - specifically, the absurd mark-to-market rule.

Second, Obama doesn’t take responsibility for the damage caused to the job market by two years of Democrat party control and six months of the Obama presidency. He really doesn’t explain why his predictions were so off-the-mark concerning the stimulus package, while Limbaugh and others (including me) easily predicted its failure.

Finally, I don’t think Obama is addressing the issue that he would be “forcing” people to buy health insurance if they don’t want it and are okay of living with the danger of managing their own healthcare. As Ann Coulter observed in her column today, socialized medicine is like being forced to "...share a restaurant bill with Michael Moore.&quo…

Rasmussen Reports Show Steep Decline in Obama Job Approval Numbers

Augustine 25 is the pseudonym of an award-winning political scientist.

Redefining Participaton: Listening to Sotomayor Make Policy in the Ricci Decision

I listened to Sotomayor’s abrupt, opinionated, and rude treatment of the lawyer in the Ricci case. This audio recording shows you how “policy is made” by Judge Sotomayor.

Listen carefully as she bends around the word “participation” to suit her absurd point of view that the elected officials in New Haven did not really harm Frank Ricci.

In America, we deserve better and more restrained courtroom behavior than what’s illustrated on this audio tape. I can see why even among Second Circuit judges, Sotomayor was considered to stick out like a sore thumb when it came to being a bully.

Being a bully, in my view, is the logical outcome of her ideological stance that she is a “wise Latina” who is entitled to make policy by redefining the common meaning of language to suit her own policy preferences.

Can You Hear Me Now? Obama Poll Numbers Drop As Unemployment Rises


New "Pay Any Price, Bear Any Burden" 30 Sec. Logo Video from Augustine 25

This is the new 30 sec. video that reminds me of the ideals of JFK regarding the fight for freedom world-wide.

New "Tweeting for Freedom and the Land" Logo Video from Augustine 25

Here's the new Augustine 25 logo video. I got inspired to put this together when someone said they just now realized the dove returning to the ark logo was not some abstract lines and a spark.

No Time for Gandhi: Five Tips for a Successful "Green" Revolution in Iran

Watching the events in Iran this week, I cannot help but think that a quick course in successful revolutions would benefit the freedom-seeking people of Iran.

The most important thing I would stress is that the popular Marxist socialist ideas of the past really aren't relevant to a real revolution. Marx completely underestimated the importance of the power of the state. Successful revolutions occur, in real life, when the existing regime is unable to repress its people because it runs out of ammunition, money, and willing soldiers.

Moreover, what usually tips the balance is outside foreign influence. Without the support of extra-national resources, the existing regime generally manages to temporarily concede enough, temporarily repress enough, and temporarily bluff enough to pull through the crisis. I recommend Theda Skocpol's book, States and Social Revolutions…

Time for U.S. to Increase Pressure on Ahmadinejad: Pro-Freedom Forces in Iran Need U.S. Assistance

One of the ways Americans divide themselves up is according to which side they root for in foreign wars and insurrections. In the case of Iran, I think it would be wise for everyone who opposes the Democrats to line up on the side of the freedom fighters supporting Mir Hussein Moussavi. As far as I can tell, the conflict surrounding Moussavi is not going away. Apparently, more than 100 opposition members have been detained and Moussavi reportedly “remained at home Sunday with the police closely monitoring his movements.” Even worse, the Obama administration has decided to line up with Iran's most senior cleric, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who called the election a great success and “has once again approved its result.”

Obama appears to be following the typical appeasement strategy which hopelessly believes that doing nothing wins us international support when, in truth, it signals a weakness that allows folks like Moussavi to get ground up by Iranian military and government elites.

I th…

How's That Socialism Working Out for You? Visual Evidence of Failure of Obama Stimulus Plan

I ran across a great article and graphic from Power Line which shows how the Obama stimulus plan is already failing to perform as advertised. The dark blue line shows where Obama predicted unemployment numbers would be with the assistance of the stimulus plan. The light blue line was his prediction of what would happen in the absence of the stimulus plan.

The reality of our present situation is indicated by the magenta dots that show actual unemployment numbers. It looks to me like the curve is going straight up. If so, I think this will be further evidence that after two years of Democrat control of Congress employers are terrified of adding new workers to their payrolls.

Bad Obama, No Cigarette: Rasmussen Shows Sharp Increase in Obama Disapproval Numbers

President Obama's job approval rate now equals his job disapproval rate for the first time in his Presidential term. What is the cause of this uptick in disappointment with the new President? My guess is that higher disapproval ratings are tied to negative news stories about the Obama administration. Negative stories have been associated with his desire to close Gitmo and bring terrorists to U.S. territory, with Judge Sotomayor's questionable statements regarding the superiority of the "wise Latina," and bad news about the GM bankruptcy. Traditionally, however, a key factor in personal judgments about Presidential approval is the voter's view of the economy. Here, increased unemployment rates are probably most highly correlated with Obama's declining job approval numbers.

The New Racism Isn't So Popular Either: Public Opinion and Judge Sotomayor

As one of the nation's more visible victims of affirmative action, I've experienced a lot of good, old-fashion indignation as I read up on Judge Sotomayor and her decision in the Ricci v. New Haven case, the case where she allowed reverse discrimination to run free. I was especially saddened to read that Obama got a nice positive bump in the polls when he announced her nomination. Nevertheless, it takes time for the public to pay attention to even the worst forms of injustice.

Thankfully, Obama's bump in the polls has now faded away as people learn the reality of Sotomayor's unpredictable, self-indulgent judicial philosophy.

For example, Rasmussen Polls show 41% now favor her confirmation while 36% are opposed. This is in dramatic contrast with the situation a week ago when those numbers were 45% and 29% respectively. What was positioned by the Obama administration as a slam-dunk nomination now appears to be less and less popular with the people who matter the m…

Using Sotomayor Nomination to Test Power of Twitter

As I understand it, Speaker Gingrich sort of set off a conservative response to the nomination of Sotomayor by pointing out the racism in her comments regarding the physiological roots of "wise Latina" superiority. What's interesting to me is that he started this movement with his Twitter account.

In a slightly similar way, the Sotomayor nomination has been an unusual opportunity for me to test the usefulness of both Twitter and various social networks as channels for influencing political events. In my case, I feel a special anger over the Sotomayor nomination since I'm one of the folks who spent 10 years living in poverty preparing for an academic career only to be told at the end of the process…”oops, you’re White.”

So far, I've been using my blog, my Twitter account, and various social networking sites...including tell a story that is sort of worse than even what Frank Ricci experienced with the City of New Haven, CT. In my case, for examp…

The Wise Latina: Not So Good With Her Own Money

Apparently, Judge Sotomayor's wisdom does not yet include a basic understanding of the value of compound interest. Sotomayor's recent financial disclosure statement for 2008 tells us she would be one of the least wealthy people on the Supreme Court.

Part of the problem is that she does not seem to be too good at managing her $180,000 per year salary. The disclosure report indicated she only had between $15,000 and as much as $65,000 in her savings and checking account, and - most surprising - that she had no other investments.

Instead of socking away money in intelligent investments, she has got four separate credit cards - each with a balance of less than $15,000. Who knows how much money she owes to the Chinese...

Judge Sotomayor's faith in her superior judgment, however, is not based on any quantitative measurement of her skill as an investor. In my view, her faith in the superiority of a "wise Latina" comes from her investement in the ideology of the Latin…

Sotomayor Nomination Brings Back Painful Memories for Augustine 25

The nomination of Sotomayor brought up some bad memories. As a victim of affirmative action, I can feel the pain of those White and Hispanic firefighters in New Haven, CT who were treated so cruelly by the decisions of Judge Sotomayor in Ricci v. DeStefano.

For whatever reasons, I do not think liberals appreciate how painful it was for me to study to be a political science professor throughout my 20s, only to be told at the end of the process..."oops you're White." In my case, I spent about two years coming in 2nd for various full-time political science teaching jobs before I figured out that I was wasting my time and that academic elites didn't like me simply because I was the wrong sex and wrong color.

That 10 year investment of time is particularly painful to remember because I grew up poor and lived in poverty most of those years. Despite a lack of resources and family support, my academic work was good enough to win public recognition, citations, and publica…

Experience Rules: Comments on the Obama v. Cheney Debate

I read through the speeches by Obama and Cheney. It was clear to me that Cheney outperformed Obama, in large measure, because Cheney knows what he is doing...

The first thing I would say is that Cheney was perhaps too modest about the results of the tough on terrorist approach of the Bush administration. Under their approach, Libya flipped to being a peaceful influence in the world and Iran dramatically slowed its progress on nukes. Unfortunately, I think it is sometimes difficult to claim credit for these successes, if only because we do not want to embarrass the folks who bent under U.S. pressure. Nevertheless, it seems silly not to call attention to those who reacted positively to U.S. resolve now that Obama is charting a new, more dangerous course. In this vein, I do not think it is wrong to call attention to the two U.S. female journalists currently being held hostage in North Korea as evidence of Obama's weakness.

Next, Cheney was right to call attention to the persisten…

Note to Steele: Why We Are At A Turning Point

I agree with Chairman Michael Steete that Republicans are at a healthy turning point. Ironically, I trace this favorable development mostly to Obama’s hard work for the creation of the new, international Democrat Socialist party.

Personally, I say he’s a socialist and anti-American because of his track record, his associates, and his Marxist ideology. (I knew him when he was a Marxist socialist sophomore at Occidental College in Los Angeles in the 1980s.)

Since the opposition has gone off the deep-end, it is easier now to rally a broad range of folks - conservative, independent, and libertarian - who are terrified that Obama and his friends are willing to lie to turn our country into a pale imitation of the old USSR. It all started when Obama insisted to Joe the Plumber that he wanted to "spread the wealth around."

Let's Help Swing Voters Save Face As They Recognize Obama Fail

I think pundits are starting to catch on that President Obama is crashing and burning. This predictable "Obama Fail" can be traced to his limited experience as a chief executive, his non-experience in the business world, and his utter cluelessness on military matters. How else can we explain his inability to push through his political agenda regarding credit card and home mortgage reforms despite his big Democrat majority in Congress?

Given these circumstances, I think Republicans would be wise to think through how they can help swing voters who voted for Obama in 2008 feel comfortable voting against Obama in 2012.

The problem, in my view, is some voters will be afraid to vote against Obama because they feel it sends a negative message that an African-American cannot be a successful President. In addition, they may be embarrassed to admit that they were wrong about Obama's character, ideology, and inexperience. Here are my initial ideas for helping them feel okay w…

Augustine 25 Now Blogging on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

You can now follow Augustine 25 as a blogger on

Please don't be shy about providing your feedback - positive or negative. I want these posts to be as useful as possible to you.

Ideas for a Republican Resurgence: Understanding the True Roots of Poverty

The wealthy, of course, have a lot of financial cushions to protect themselves from irresponsible decisions. The rest of us, however, need to be careful and cautious if we are going to thrive and leave some wealth behind for our children and grandchildren. In my view, neither "redistribution" or "trickle down" is going to reduce poverty caused by bad decisions among poor and middle class individuals.

If Republicans are going to regain power, they are going to need to do it by pursuing ideas that are realistic, will pay-off, and which Democrats cannot afford to endorse because it harms their political base. Accordingly, the issue of school choice is ideal for Republicans because the public schools are a disaster and Democrats cannot embrace real reform because of their ties to the teacher unions. Just because McCain lost doesn't mean that he was wrong to suggest school choice was the Civil Rights issue of our century.

Another hot idea is to fight any attempts t…

Obama's Teleprompter Says Good-Bye

Here's a sample of my first experiment at creating a video regarding Obama's overuse/dependence on the teleprompter.

Obama’s Teleprompter: The Warning Sign of Weakness

Obama had far less of a honeymoon period for his Presidency than might have been expected given his large majorities and high popularity. The reason for this, in my view, was his lack of skill. One of the things that people forget is that politics is a skill, just like anything else in life. It takes practice and effort. Obama, due to his inexperience, is now facing some key challenges that crimp his political power.

For example, his lack of experience in legislating cost him early when his efforts failed so publicly in the area of bipartisanship. The explanation that makes the most sense to me is that he trusted the House leadership to draft a fair stimulus package, but they took advantage of his inexperience and harmed his image in the process. One consequence of this “bone-headed” mistake was a startling 100% united opposition to his efforts among Republicans and fractures in his own party as moderate Blue Dog Democrats split off from Obama’s coalition.

His inexperience also harmed h…

Thoughts on the Florida Congresswoman Who Hid Her Cancer Surgeries

Back in March 2009, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat of Florida, revealed that for the last year, she had battled breast cancer. What surprised me, as a student of politics, was her ability to keep this information secret. Apparently, Rep. Wasserman had seven major surgeries, including a double mastectomy and removal of her ovaries with out this information leaking out the the general public. Only in March of this year did she reveal her decisions to have such cancer-prone areas removed because of a genetic predisposition.

Rep. Wasserman, in her early 40s, said she didn’t release the news for a few reasons. “I really wanted to make sure that I could protect my children; they were 8 and 4.”

This story caught my attention because I know charismatic leaders have a powerful incentive to hide the bad news about their health. Reagan, for example, was quite hurt after he took a bullet…but he looked all cheerful and robust peaking out of his hospital window.

As a political scienti…

Obama's Second Press Conference: The High Price of Arrogance and Intellectual Laziness

Here’s my advice to our new President. When the Chinese communists think your economic policies are moving us in the wrong direction, I think is time to set aside those vodka martinis and started listening to conservatives, especially those conservatives who understand that most of our current economic problems can be traced to two years of complete Democratic Party control of Congress.

This evening, my wife and I watched the presidential press conference. We were shouting and cheering for the media representatives willing to ask Barack Obama the toughest possible questions. All in all, 64 days into Barack Obama's presidency, I'm starting to feel more comfortable that he will not be able to implement the dangerous Marxist socialist ideas he holds close to his heart.

The collapse of his own party’s attractiveness in the polls is a welcome indication to me that we will not see “cap-and-trade” or even socialized medicine on his watch. What's responsible for this pleasant tu…

Pew Research Relief: Obama Popularity Dropping As Expected

Declining Presidential approval ratings are as predictable as the falling tides. Historically speaking, no President is immune from buyer's remorse.

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center - released March 16, 2009 - put Obama's approval at 59% compared to 64% last month. The Pew poll found that a growing number of Americans see him as listening more to the liberals than to the moderates in the Democratic Party. Elsewhere, I saw Gallup has determined that the major factor in these lower poll numbers has been a decline in support among Republicans, from 41% to 26%.

To a certain extent, this is simply a normal occurance. It is impossible for newly elected Presidents to maintain their initial popularity. As they make decisions they will disappoint people. As they endure in office, the allure of their earlier promises turns into the grim realization that they have not been able to produce the changes they promised. This is why the first 100 days are so critical to understan…

Obama Fail: Making It Easy for Swing Voters

I think people are starting to catch on that President Obama is crashing and burning because of his limited experience as an executive and his minimal understanding of economic and military matters. How else can we explain his inability to push through his agenda despite his a big Democrat majority in Congress and his personal charisma?

Given these circumstances, I think Republicans would be wise to think through how they can help swing voters who supported Obama in 2008 feel comfortable voting against him in 2012.

The problem, in my view, is some voters will be afraid to vote against him because they feel like it sends a message that an African American cannot be a successful President. In addition, they may be embarrassed to admit that they were wrong about Obama's character, ideology, and the danger of his inexperience. Here are my initial ideas.

First, I think the most gentle approachs would be to erase the stigma of being a one-term President. For example, we can suggest …

Reaction to State of the "Fooling You" Address

Obama was wrong to trace the growth of high schools to "industrialization." This is exactly the hypothesis that I've been able to demonstrate makes no sense. (I've demonstrated that child welfare programs, for example, arose out of prior efforts to enforce child labor laws.) From that comment alone, I can see that Obama is just in over his head and he's locked in a foolish Marxist socialist model of reality that is outmoded and wrong.

There were a lot of Marxist themes in this speech including the attacks on executives, the encouragment of spreading the wealth around, and the idea that America's historical progress was due to government initiatives. I don't think he's going to back off raising taxes, taxes that will increase the size of the government sector and - ultimately - cost all of us more money.

If anything, I'm more frightened than ever for the future of our country after listening to this speech.