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First Group Photo of the Orange County Tea Party Patriots


Dr. Drew Running for OCGOP on Slate Mailer with Orly Taitz and John Webb


Dr. Drew Asks for Your Help By Answering His Survey Questions


As you may know, I'm running as a candidate for the local Republican Central Committee.  I'm doing this, largely, to set a good example for all the Tea Party folks out there who I have encouraged to run for public office.  Running for your local central committee is a great way to learn what's happening at the local level and to refine your skills in speaking, campaigning and politics. 

In my view, politics is a sport like baseball.  You get better at it with practice and ever increasing name identification.  One of the secrets of success in politics is to get real about the electorate by taking a look at polling data.  Accordingly, I'd like to ask you to answer this brief survey I put together for all my fellow Tea Party friends in Orange County, CA who are looking to gain greater influence over the local Republican party. 

Click here to take survey

I put this survey together using a free account I set up at Survey Monkey.  You can easily do the same.  This …

Absent-Minded Ex-Professor Admires Battery Heads' On-Line Business Model

As you might expect, I am embarrassingly prone to forgetfulness.  I know this is a common stereotype regarding scientists and college professors. Even though I'm a businessman now and not a full-time academic, I'm startled at how my memory can be so spot on in someways, while at the sametime I can forget the most basic details in a flash - like forgetting to have batteries for my cameras and other recording equipment.

Luckily, there are fine companies out there like Battery Heads, a great on-line site, that I can rely on for my last minute battery needs.  For example, they are offering HP Laptop Battery support through their website.  Amazingly, you can power your HP laptop with a replacement HP laptop battery from TechFuel® at up to 45% off the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) price.  In fact, these TechFuel® HP Laptop batteries meet or exceed the HP's own specifications. Even better, I was especially pleased to see that all of the HP Laptop batteries offered throug…