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Today Is a Good Day to Ask: When Will White House Press Ask About Young Obama's Extremist Ideology?

I've been thinking through my primary objectives in going public with my take on young Obama's Marxist socialist views. Here they are:

1. Fixing the Historical Record and Debunking Liberal Scholars: What totally ticks me off is the way people like historian James Kloppenberg seek to obscure the real Obama from the public’s consciousness. Accordingly, I'm proud to play a small role in debunking the myth that Obama was always a pragmatist/centerist – as Kloppenberg argues in Reading Obama. Since I witnessed young Obama’s extremist ideology face-to-face, I think it is important to report that scholars like Kloppenberg do not know what they are talking about when it comes to understanding young Obama’s ideology.

2. Stopping Obama from Voiding U.S. Constitution With Liberal Judicial Appointments: Given the upcoming 2012 election, I think a lot of people are interested in determining the extent to which Obama has lied about his Marxist socialist ideology in the past and…

Checking Out Thumbtack as a Tool for Advertising Grant Writing Services

The picture above is a montage of all the different Saturn Five launches.  I like referring to the Saturn Five because it reminds me of the considerable challenge of launching your first grant proposal.  All in all, I guess it is easy to distract me with a new website or technology.  Nevertheless, I enjoy learning about these new bells and whistles and sharing the results with our clients and participants in our workshops.  In this case, Thumbtack provides a free way of advertising your grant writing consulting services.  I'll let you know if this takes off.

Bright Moon and a Dim Future: Dr. Drew on Why Obama is in Trouble with the Voters

As you may know, I post at with a great deal of frequency. EphBlog is edited by a William College alumnus, Dick Swart '57 of Portland, OR.  This steamy blog site has true blue liberal contributors, but has no official connection with Williams College.  Nevertheless, I like to post there to remember the good things I liked about my first two years as a young assistant professor in the political science department at Williams College.  It was a pleasure, for example, to teach in a classroom filled with some of the brightest young people in American in the late 1980s. 

One of my debates at that site seems important enough to recycle in Anonymous Political Scientist. As a political scientist, I think a bright moon is associated with some dim prospects for Obama's second term.  I'd like to explain why I think that way as briefly as possible.

First, it is silly to suggest - as one of the folk at Ephblog did - that Obama is doing okay right now simply be…

Uniforms Matter: Dr. Drew Says Check Out More Inspiring Looks from Blue Sky Scrubs

As a political scientist, I'm sensitive to the way clothes impact a political or military or business leader's power and influence.  David Brooks, for example, is now famous for predicting Barack Obama would make "a very good president" because of the crease in his trousers.  Accordingly, I'm not surprised a similar lesson has been learned by doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, veterinarians, and other medical professionals.

Thankfully, the folks at Blue Sky Scrubs have developed some of the highest quality, impressive scrubs for their growing client base.  I particularly admire their new lab coats.  These lab coats have high quality piping in slate grey or white.  What can I say?  I have been a sucker for piping on jackets and coats ever since I became of fan of Patrick McGoohan's work in the iconic, The Prisoner, television series.

Blue Sky Scrubs also offers great looking nursing uniforms which will brighten the days of both the patients and the nurses w…

The Seedy Side of the Obama Story: Dr. Drew Reviews Jack Cashill's Deconstructing Obama

Jack Cashill voices the pain of those of us who are doing the journalistic work we once thought was the sole responsibility of CBS’s 60 Minutes.  You can catch his appearance on CSPAN2 by clicking here.  I identify with Cashill. In his newest book, he indicates it is not so easy to balance his efforts to save Western civilization with his concurrent responsibilities for bagging leaves in time for the city leaf collectors. In my case, I have sought to expose President Barack Obama’s intellectual roots as a revolutionary Marxist while addressing my nagging doubts about the necessity of rinsing dishes prior to racking them up in the dishwasher. If you understand that neither Cashill or me are kidding about our lives, then you will be thrilled by the tone and fresh insight in Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of America's First Postmodern President.

As an eye witness to young Obama’s Marxist ideology, I was excited to see Cashill busting up the myths surrounding Oba…