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Dr. Drew Debunks ConWebBlog: Five Authors with Ph.D.s See Me as Credible

I have been reflecting on the irony that five authors with Ph.D.s all find my take on young Obama credible including Michael Savage, Jack Cashill, Stanley Kurtz, Paul Kengor and Jerome Corsi, and yet I get attacked by less credentialed critics who assert I have no credibility. What is up with that?  At any rate, I thing it is important to quickly debunk the folks who attack my credibility, so I thought I would jot out some ideas here and now.

As you may know Jerome Corsi just published an article featuring my first impressions of young Obama: I thought he was part of a wealthy gay couple. In a world where Obama uses his marriage and family for political gain, I guess it is fair to ask folks like me what we first thought of the sexual orientation of the young Obama. What ticks me off, however, is when the guy running ConWebBlog suggests that I am a "discredited source." Terry K. writes:
But as we've also detailed, Drew -- who has cited his encounters with Obama to claim …

Dr. Drew Asks: When Exactly Did Barack Obama Renounce Communism?

As an ex-Marxist I am somewhat hypersensitive to the conversion stories of other ex-Marxists. In my case, I remember where I was the exact moment I realized I no longer believed in the ideals of Communism: I was walking through the basement of McGraw Hall at Cornell University in September 1983. I had just finished an argument with my radical thesis advisor, an argument which left me thinking he was ideologically blinded and alarmingly out-of-touch with reality.

For previous generations, such moments of clarity often occurred in the wake of a violent, oppressive event. As Whittaker Chambers describes it in Witness, that moment arrived with an unheeded cry in the Moscow night. As David Horowitz describes it in Radical Son, that moment arrived with the recognition that the Black Panthers had murdered an accountant he had placed with them. For Barack Obama, however, that moment never arrives.

My visceral reaction to Obama’s lack of a conversion story was the topic of an interview I did w…

Dr. Drew Appears in "Barry's Bud" a Brand New Simply America Documentary Film

I have been waiting to get my story out in a professional quality video. Here is the first successful effort from the folks at Simply America. They spent about three hours working with me and produce about five minutes of the best stuff on their new mini documentary. As I review this tape, I am reminded that Barack Obasma has never shared his conversion story, the story that explains how he stopped being a Marxist socialist.

My conversion story is already out there. As such, I am happy to do whatever it takes to keep this series of documentary films rolling along. You can help too by donating $20 at the Simply America website.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.