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Remembering Good Gifts - Our Wedding Rings

Now that the election is over, I am turning my attention back to my business and my marriage. Tricia and I were willing to die to get out our story on young Obama's radicalism. Having potentially reduced Obama's mandate, we are turning our attention to rebuilding things at home. One of the things we like to do during the holidays is to review our scrapbook binder of previous Christmas cards and Christmas letters.

As we read through these letters we enjoy a fairly objective snapshot of our lives over time. It is one of the things that keeps us together as a married couple since we are developing a story of our lives together. I still remember that when we got married we exchanged wedding rings. Tricia's was considerably more expensive than mine. The pastor called them "good gifts."

They still are. Overtime, however, Tricia started to wear a simpler gold band, in part, because she was afraid of losing some of the diamonds in her setting and because the tines woul…

How I Confronted Obama Biographer David Maraniss

I pushed the envelope of citizen journalism a little further this week by introducing myself to Pulitzer-prize winning journalist David Maraniss. According to Maraniss, his research for Barack Obama: The Story took him to Hawaii, Indonesia and Kenya. Unfortunately, he did not have the time to Google search me or review any of the five books, multiple blog posts, YouTube videos or hundreds of websites that feature my take on young Obama’s ideological extremism.

Ironically, Maraniss got awfully close to confirming the details of my 1980 Christmas break debate with young Obama, a debate that reveals just how radical Obama was as a college student. Maraniss reports young Obama was in the San Francisco area at precisely the time when I indicated I first met and debated him. Maraniss, in fact, talked at length with my college-era Marxist girlfriend – Caroline Boss - at whose home the debate took place. Maraniss goes so far as to report that Caroline was part of the composite character “Re…

Mr Trump - I Can Verify Obama is an Affirmative Action President

I could not help but notice that Donald Trump is offering to donate $5 million to one of Obama’s favorite charities if only Obama releases a range of sensitive documents including his undergraduate transcript from Occidental College. I wish Trump would just give the money to me. After all, I believe I have the personal experience and training needed to verify the gist of Trump’s concerns: I can confirm that Obama is an affirmative action president.

I observed that the young Obama had the IQ of an average white college student when I first met him over Christmas break in 1980. Obama was then a sophomore at Oxy and I was a graduate of Oxy who was paying my dues as a political science graduate student at Cornell. I met young Obama when I was in Portolla Valley, CA, reconnecting with my college-era Marxist sweetheart, Caroline Boss. By then, Boss had shared two classes with young Obama, an international relations course taught by Larry Caldwell and Carlos Egan and a political theory cla…