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O.C. Pro-Family Candidate List Endorses John Drew


Check Out Recent Speech by Deb Pauly the Best Choice for OC Supervisor

Guest column by Kelly Hubbard, Executive Committee Member, 405/605 Tea Party Patriots in Seal Beach.

This video is of a recent speech that Deborah Pauly, candidate for Orange County Supervisor, gave at the California Coalition on Immigration Reform (CCIR). It is posted on O.C. Tea Party Blog. How refreshing it is to hear a straight shooter, tell-it-like-it-is candidate, a candidate who is not afraid to speak the truth and lay out her opponent's record with such boldness and conviction. The fact is, we need more straight-shooters like Pauly and more representatives that are not timid or shy about the ugly truth.

  Pauly's opponent in this supervisor's race, Todd Spitzer, is a career politician, who voted time and time again in favor of public employee unions at the determent of the tax payers. Both, as a former member of the Assembly and a former county supervisor, Mr. Spitzer has demonstrated that he was not a good steward of our tax dollars. As Deborah Pauly points ou…

Anti-Illegal Immigration Assemblyman Facing Off RINO in OC's 74th Assembly District Race

Guest column by Kelly Hubbard, Executive Committee Member, 405/605 Tea Party Patriots in Seal Beach, CA.

One of the most heated and contentious races going on in Orange County is Assemblyman Allan Mansoor's race against Newport Beach City Councilwoman Leslie Daigle for the newly formed 74th Assembly seat. The 74th Assembly district includes: Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach (South of Garfield), Irvine, Laguna Woods, and Laguna Beach. In addition to Daigle and Mansoor there is also a Democrat running named Bob Rush. Whoever finishes in the top two will compete against each other in November.

Mansoor is the current Assemblyman in the 68th, which is just a bit north of the new 74th. Mansoor was elected to the State Assembly in 2010 during his last term as Mayor of Costa Mesa. Since his election, Allan Mansoor has been regarded as one of the most conservative members in the state legislature. He has consistently fought hard in the Assembly to straighten out this budget mes…

Fight Radicalization of OC Schools: Tea Party Activist Recommends Candidates for Orange County Board of Education

Guest Column by Kelly Hubbard, Executive Committee Member - 405/605 Tea Party Patriots in Seal Beach.

I want to report on two candidates that would make excellent representatives on our Orange County Board of Education - Dr. Ken Williams who is running for re-election for the Board of Education in Area 3 and Robert Hammond who is running for the Board of Education in Area 1.

Both men are strong advocates for parental rights as it relates to education and both men understand the dangers of the radical Left's agenda to indoctrinate our children in our public schools.

Both men are strong Christian conservatives that we can trust to guard our kids from elements that want to harm them. Our public schools have become indoctrination camps as opposed to learning centers.

Dr. Ken Williams and Robert Hammond want to change that and it is time we tell the corrupt teacher's unions to take a hike here in Orange County and it is time we restore parental rights and put our children first.


Dr. Drew Looks Into Website for Veterans Seeking to Refinance Their Homes

As you may know, Tricia and I recently refinanced our home loan to get a lower interest rate and lower payments. The recession has been hard on us and we needed to do more to protect our home, a home we want to stay in the rest of our lives. We are sleeping easier now knowing that we are safe for a long time.

Along these lines, I should add that U.S. Military V.A. Loans is a specialized website that provides detailed information for veterans and their families. In particular, the website now provides great information regarding VA home refinance information.

I'm a former loan officer and I know these VA loans work. I have seen the numbers and I know that getting a lower interest rate (or a shorter term for your mortgage) can make an enormous difference in terms of your overall wealth. If you are a veteran who was honorably discharged, then you owe it to yourself and your family to get up to speed on the loan benefits available to you. For example, I just learned that if you get a…

Please Don't Hit the Tea Party Activists: Dr. Drew Recommends Anger Management for Mary D. Young

As I have studied up on the local Republican party, I have become startled at its poor decisions and the sheer hostility of some of its members to the new energy offered by the Tea Party movement.

It is no secret that me and a lot of the Tea Party/912 folks have gotten upset about poor decisions made by local Republican leaders regarding their non-endorsement and later positive endorsement of the disgraced Sheriff Corona and later their majority support for our RINO congressman, Rep. John Campbell. Nevertheless, I think one of the best examples of the sickness of the local Republican brand is the hateful attacks coming from people like Mary Young. Personally, I think she needs less volunteer work and more anger management classes.

I think it is fair to say that Mary Young has been one of the most consistent figures who has been at the heart of the most embarrassing decisions made by the local Republican Central Committee. She has adopted a rigid pro-incumbent ideology which apparently…

Hit the Streets, Not Deb Pauly: No More Covering Up for Mary D. Young

This is the text of a statement I made to the OCGOP over a year ago in defense of my friend Mike Munzing. Given the upcoming election, I thought it would be a good idea to publicize this statement, in part, as an explanation for why I think it is so important to have Tea Party, 912 and Ron Paul activists band together to promote a constitutional conservative philosophy at the local level.

 Since I'm not longer serving as Mike's OCGOP alternate, as of today, I'm free to release this letter to the general public.

As you might know, Mike and I disagree about how to deal with people like Mary D. Young. As one of the people campaigning against her for the Orange County Republican Central Committee, I'm thankful I now have the opportunity to speak and write freely about what is motivating me to root out the sickness that is holding back the growth of the Republican party in CA. I should add that Mike is in no way responsible for my past or current political statements…

Obama Fail: Media Dumbfounded by Obama's Lies About His Kenyan Birth

I have been thinking that if Obama had a son, he would tell him to pretend to be born in Kenya too. 

All in all, it is really strange to read the dysfunctional liberal group think in the mainstream media when it comes to the news that Obama's book agent promoted him by saying he was born in Kenya. It is unthinkable that this copy was not run by Obama for approval. That’s not how that book agent business works.

We know, as a matter of fact, that liberals like Elizabeth Warren lie about their ethnic status to get ahead in the world of academic affirmative action. It is not surprising that Obama did the same by touting his supposed Kenyan birthplace. This latest story is a great confirmation about a long-standing pattern in Obama’s life – lying about his past.

For the record, Obama lied about the closeness of his relationship with Bill Ayers. He lied about listening to Rev. Wright’s extremist, anti-white hate speech. Obama lied about his political views at Occidental College hidin…

Door-to-Door with Dr. Drew: Regretting I Only Have One Life to Give to New Republican Party

As you may know, I have been walking precincts today in support of U.S. Senate candidate Orly Taitz and U.S. congressional candidate John Webb. I've done this in Massachusetts and California in the past. I may be getting too old for it now.

The first thing I noticed is how dangerous it is to walk unfamiliar streets. The initial day out, I was walking with my friend Dave Duringer who is a great gun rights trust attorney and an insightful observer of conservative politics. I almost tripped and fell three times. Dave kept me from falling head first down a steep flight of three steps outside a home in Mission Viejo. He kindly blamed my glasses and eye sight. I know I'm just out of practice and talking too much.

After about three hours of it, we quit and joined the rest of our Tea Party team for lunch and cold water. It was only when I got home I realized I was suffering from symptoms of heat exhaustion.

The second thing I noticed is one of the most consistent finding in politica…

Dr. Drew Reports on New On-Line Resources for Veterans Seeking Home Loans

I just ran across a website, United States Military V.A. Loan that provides solid and reliable information regarding how veterans get governmental loan benefits.

I know a little about this topic. After leaving Williams College in 1989, I took a job as a loan officer for a thrift and loan in California which offered FHA loans to veterans. I was impressed with the low rates and good terms of these loans and thought I might have made a mistake not looking into a military career as a younger man.

In retrospect, I was not cut out for a military career. (I'm not so good at following orders that I disagree with...) Nevertheless, I'm glad to see our nation doing something extra to provide housing security for those who have sacrificed for our country. I'm proud, in fact, that condo we now live in was once the home of a retired U.S. Marine who had a FHA loan on the property.

The bottom lines is that is an excellent website that provides information about mortg…

Better Late than Never: Dr. Drew Looks into the Complexities of Medicare Supplemental Insurance

I really appreciate it when someone sets you a clear description of what is going on in terms of senior government assistance.  As a political scientist, I understand that these issues are naturally complex and that we are struggling through the process of making sense of the challenges faced by everyone who will have greater medical expenses near the end of their lives compared to the beginning of their lives.

As you will see, Medicare Supplemental Insurance has a website that explains Medicaid in a fashion that will help you sort out your choices and options.

For example, Medigap Insurance is designed to cover the missing health care costs "gaps" that Medicare Part A-D does not cover. These include your copayment or your deductible. Medigap policies combine with Medicare to pay health care costs in full, where applicable. These plans differ from Medicare Advantage Plan policies because those cover Medicare benefits in isolation, while Medigap policies only supplement you…

The Life of John: A Recently Updated Rebuttal to The Life of Julia

The latest bizarre release from the Obama campaign is called The Life of Julia. This comic strip tells the story of a girl who grows up completely dependent on the taxpayers for everything from her pre-school to her health care and to her child rearing responsibilities. After looking over the government dependent life of Julia, I thought I'd put together my own account of what it was like to be harmed by the government nearly my entire life - my own The Life of John. This is not a composite situation, this is my real life. (I have updated this record to reflect where I am at as of today, July 20, 2012.)
John enrolls in pre-school. Finds it stupid and boring...cannot believe adults watch kids play musical chairs. (Three years old.)

John and his family move to a rural area in northern Los Angeles county without a lot of cultural or intellectual amenities. His large family and lack of resources leaves him without the normal supports enjoyed by more privileged children in other c…