Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Check Out Recent Speech by Deb Pauly the Best Choice for OC Supervisor

Guest column by Kelly Hubbard, Executive Committee Member, 405/605 Tea Party Patriots in Seal Beach.

This video is of a recent speech that Deborah Pauly, candidate for Orange County Supervisor, gave at the California Coalition on Immigration Reform (CCIR). It is posted on O.C. Tea Party Blog. How refreshing it is to hear a straight shooter, tell-it-like-it-is candidate, a candidate who is not afraid to speak the truth and lay out her opponent's record with such boldness and conviction. The fact is, we need more straight-shooters like Pauly and more representatives that are not timid or shy about the ugly truth.

Hon. Deb Pauly is endorsed by Chuck
Devore in her race against Todd
Spitzer for the OC Supervisor's race in
the 3rd District.
 Pauly's opponent in this supervisor's race, Todd Spitzer, is a career politician, who voted time and time again in favor of public employee unions at the determent of the tax payers. Both, as a former member of the Assembly and a former county supervisor, Mr. Spitzer has demonstrated that he was not a good steward of our tax dollars. As Deborah Pauly points out in her speech, Todd Spitzer voted for one of the largest pension spikes in Orange County history. Also, Spitzer was fired from the Orange County District Attorney's Office for unethical conduct. Upon looking at Spitzer's record, we need to ask ourselves: "Is this someone we can trust?"

Deborah Pauly is a life-long Christian and an Air Force veteran who has earned our trust as a Villa Park City Councilwoman and local community activist. Pauly is a taxpayer's advocate and that is why the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association decided to endorse her instead of Todd Spitzer.

The 3rd District includes the cities of Orange, Villa Park, Yorba Linda, Irvine, Tustin, and Anaheim Hills. Please forward this to everyone you know who lives in the 3rd District. The election is one week from today. Thanks and God bless.

Anti-Illegal Immigration Assemblyman Facing Off RINO in OC's 74th Assembly District Race

Guest column by Kelly Hubbard, Executive Committee Member, 405/605 Tea Party Patriots in Seal Beach, CA.

One of the most heated and contentious races going on in Orange County is Assemblyman Allan Mansoor's race against Newport Beach City Councilwoman Leslie Daigle for the newly formed 74th Assembly seat. The 74th Assembly district includes: Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach (South of Garfield), Irvine, Laguna Woods, and Laguna Beach. In addition to Daigle and Mansoor there is also a Democrat running named Bob Rush. Whoever finishes in the top two will compete against each other in November.

Mansoor is the current Assemblyman in the 68th, which is just a bit north of the new 74th. Mansoor was elected to the State Assembly in 2010 during his last term as Mayor of Costa Mesa. Since his election, Allan Mansoor has been regarded as one of the most conservative members in the state legislature. He has consistently fought hard in the Assembly to straighten out this budget mess without raises any new taxes and by demanding strict cuts in state government.

He has the kind of fiscal conservatism that has earned him the endorsement of the Howard Jarvis Tax Payer's Association. Speaking of taxes, Allan Mansoor signed the 'No New TaxesPledge,' which both of his opponents refused to sign.

You may remember, back when he was Mayor of Costa Mesa, Mansoor had one of the toughest illegal immigration policies of any Mayor in the country.

During his time as Mayor, Mansoor didn't back down from criticism when he declared Costa Mesa: "A Rule of Law City." He also made history when he became the first and only Mayor in the country to place a federal immigration agent in his Costa Mesa City jails to speed up deportations of illegal aliens. At the time, Allan Mansoor received heavy criticism from people on the left and even from those in his own party for his commitment to honor the rule of law.

To keep that solid conservative representation in Sacramento, Allan Mansoor is going to need our help get re-elected. He is now in the fight of his political life against the establishment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in special interest money being poured in at the 11th hour. This race is perhaps one of the toughest Assembly races in all of California. Mansoor is going up against a big government, tax and spend, union supporting, liberal Republican named LeslieDaigle.

To say this woman is the quintessential liberal republican,would be an understatement. As a Newport Beach City Councilwoman, Daigle has time and time again sided with the public employee unions at the determent of the taxpayers. Leslie Daigle is largely responsible for huge pension increases in her city's government. You may remember hearing about the outrages salaries and pensions of Newport Beach Life Guards. Well, that was partly thanks to Leslie Daigle and her votes to increase pensions and give some city employees huge salaries. Thanks to Leslie Daigle, some Newport Beach City employees have become almost wealthy and many have enjoyed guaranteed pensions for life. You see, Daigle supported the so-called 3 percent at age 50 formula, which guarantees 100% of a city employee's pensionfor life.

We also need to remember that Leslie Daigle has refused to sign the 'no-new taxes pledge,' a pledge that Allan Mansoor could not sign fast enough. She is also extremely liberal on social issues. Daigle is pro-abortion and she refused to answer whether she supported Prop. 8 or not in a recent public debate. In that recent "Feet to the Fire" debate held Costa Mesa, Daigle gave one of the poorest  debateperformances of any local candidate in recent memory. One writer called it "a train wreck."

Like a typical liberal politician, Daigle gave very wishy-washy indirect answers to some very direct questions. I've pasted a portion of that debate below. Another development that has really heated up this race recently is the influence of the billionaire RINO Charles Munger and the half a million dollars that he is spending on Daigle's behalf.

Munger is the liberal Republican who bankrolled the efforts to give us this top two open primary system and he has very close ties with Obama's friend Warren Buffet. Munger is working very hard behind the scenes, spending as much money as he can, to knock out as many elected conservatives as possible and replace them with RINO's like Leslie Daigle.

In fact, Munger is using this very race as a test case. The full force of Munger's money and the establishment are against Allan Mansoor for re-election.

On June 5th, I strongly encourage you to tell everyone you know in the 74th aboutAllan Mansoor for State Assembly. Educate your friends, your family, your church groups, and even your co-workers about the importance of this race. So much is at stake if Allan Mansoor is not re-elected to the legislature. If you care about issues such as keeping our taxes low, keeping spending low, and eliminating the corrupt influences that powerful unions have on our state politics, then it is absolutely crucial that you vote for Allan Mansoor on June 5th.

Thanks and God bless.

Fight Radicalization of OC Schools: Tea Party Activist Recommends Candidates for Orange County Board of Education

Guest Column by Kelly Hubbard, Executive Committee Member - 405/605 Tea Party Patriots in Seal Beach.

Dr. Ken Williams
in an incumbent
on the Orange County
Board of Education
I want to report on two candidates that would make excellent representatives on our Orange County Board of Education - Dr. Ken Williams who is running for re-election for the Board of Education in Area 3 and Robert Hammond who is running for the Board of Education in Area 1.

Both men are strong advocates for parental rights as it relates to education and both men understand the dangers of the radical Left's agenda to indoctrinate our children in our public schools.

Both men are strong Christian conservatives that we can trust to guard our kids from elements that want to harm them. Our public schools have become indoctrination camps as opposed to learning centers.

Mr. Robert Hammond is
running for a Trustee position on
the Orange County Board of
Dr. Ken Williams and Robert Hammond want to change that and it is time we tell the corrupt teacher's unions to take a hike here in Orange County and it is time we restore parental rights and put our children first.

Please vote to re-elect Dr. Ken Williams if you live in Area 3 and vote for Robert Hammond if you live in Area 1. Our children should come first. As you may know, Area 3 includes: Anaheim Hills, Brea, Yorba Linda, Villa Park, Orange, Irvine, and portions of Lake Forest, E ast Anaheim, Tustin, and O.C.'s Canyon Country. Meanwhile, Area 1 includes: Santa Ana, most of Tustin, Garden Grove, and portions of Fountain Valley. We only have one more week to go. Please tell everyone you know about these excellent conservative candidates. Thanks and God bless.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dr. Drew Looks Into Website for Veterans Seeking to Refinance Their Homes

Home sweet home. Here's
an acryllic painting I did
in 2011.
As you may know, Tricia and I recently refinanced our home loan to get a lower interest rate and lower payments. The recession has been hard on us and we needed to do more to protect our home, a home we want to stay in the rest of our lives. We are sleeping easier now knowing that we are safe for a long time.

Along these lines, I should add that U.S. Military V.A. Loans is a specialized website that provides detailed information for veterans and their families. In particular, the website now provides great information regarding VA home refinance information.

I'm a former loan officer and I know these VA loans work. I have seen the numbers and I know that getting a lower interest rate (or a shorter term for your mortgage) can make an enormous difference in terms of your overall wealth. If you are a veteran who was honorably discharged, then you owe it to yourself and your family to get up to speed on the loan benefits available to you. For example, I just learned that if you get a VA Streamline Refinance you can get all the advantages of a reduced rate even if your property is not owner occupied.

All in all, this website will give you a head start with tips like this because it provides information that is especially tailored for the needs of veterans. The folks at U.S. Military V.A. Loans do not provide loans themselves, but they will link you to the right information and to trusted providers who do set up loans for veterans.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Please Don't Hit the Tea Party Activists: Dr. Drew Recommends Anger Management for Mary D. Young

As I have studied up on the local Republican party, I have become startled at its poor decisions and the sheer hostility of some of its members to the new energy offered by the Tea Party movement.

It is no secret that me and a lot of the Tea Party/912 folks have gotten upset about poor decisions made by local Republican leaders regarding their non-endorsement and later positive endorsement of the disgraced Sheriff Corona and later their majority support for our RINO congressman, Rep. John Campbell. Nevertheless, I think one of the best examples of the sickness of the local Republican brand is the hateful attacks coming from people like Mary Young. Personally, I think she needs less volunteer work and more anger management classes.

I think it is fair to say that Mary Young has been one of the most consistent figures who has been at the heart of the most embarrassing decisions made by the local Republican Central Committee. She has adopted a rigid pro-incumbent ideology which apparently blinds her to the damage foolish decisions do to the Republican brand. It is a pattern of behavior which has sparked increased activism among those of us who incorrectly assumed the operation of the local Republican Central Committee was in better hands.

Ironically, I would like to point out that if you read Young's campaign mailer, she seems like a nice enough, well-balanced person.

In real life, however, she is not so nice. After she was appointed to the O.C. Fair Board by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, she used her power to exploit the system and gouge the poor fair goers while piling up perks for herself

I have seen complaints about her from the parent of one of the Young Associates who interacted with her. Moreover, I have read complaints coming from female volunteers who have been turned off by her behavior. I have been subject to her rage myself. It is not pleasant. Here's a more accurate photo of what Mary Young looks like in real life, by the way.

As a political scientist, I taught courses on child abuse and neglect. I'm a little hypersensitive to anger in others and quickly pick up on the normal precursors of unusual behavior - trauma, drug abuse, drinking, anger management issues, and stress. As a published author in the field of child welfare and protective programs, I have no tolerance for abusive people or for the co-dependents who look the other way at the abusive physical and verbal behavior.

After all, you can be one of the most beautiful and creative actresses of your era, like Joan Crawford, but after a couple of mistakes you end up being Mommy Dearest.  For now, however, I think it is fair to say Mary D. Young needs to retire and spend more time addressing the demons that apparently undermine her usefulness as a local Republican leader.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hit the Streets, Not Deb Pauly: No More Covering Up for Mary D. Young

This is the text of a statement I made to the OCGOP over a year ago in defense of my friend Mike Munzing. Given the upcoming election, I thought it would be a good idea to publicize this statement, in part, as an explanation for why I think it is so important to have Tea Party, 912 and Ron Paul activists band together to promote a constitutional conservative philosophy at the local level.

Dr. Drew with David Horowitz at
event featuring Stanley Kurtz's book,

 Since I'm not longer serving as Mike's OCGOP alternate, as of today, I'm free to release this letter to the general public.

As you might know, Mike and I disagree about how to deal with people like Mary D. Young. As one of the people campaigning against her for the Orange County Republican Central Committee, I'm thankful I now have the opportunity to speak and write freely about what is motivating me to root out the sickness that is holding back the growth of the Republican party in CA. I should add that Mike is in no way responsible for my past or current political statements or activities. I remain an independent sort of guy.

Open Letter to OCGOP from John C. Drew, Ph.D. on February 14, 2011

As a political scientist, I know that one of the secrets of success in politics is the ability to get along with others. Accordingly, I was disappointed to read the unfriendly, mean-spirited personal attacks that Mary D. Young has launched against my friend, Mike Munzing.

Background on Mike Munzing's Party Building Efforts

As you may know, Mike has been like a breath of fresh air to the Republican Party in South Orange County. He is attracting independents and conservatives who are brand new to politics, or - like me - re-energized by the possibilities of the new social media. In the process, Mike is building a powerful and exciting wave of enthusiasm based on his energy, charm, warmth, and commitment to conservative values.

Knowing him as I do, I'm alarmed for the future of the local party by the two e-mails cited below, e-mails which are authored by Mary Young. What is most puzzling to me is the level of hostility unleashed by Mary Young in attacking Mike on personal grounds. As you may read below, Mary's unfriendly attitude goes so far as to suggest that he is not a true Christian or a true team player within the OCGOP.

As I understand it, Mike got the idea for hosting a "Conservative Happy Hour" from the folks at American's for Prosperity and their Right On-Line Conference a few months ago. Mike has been planning an Orange County version of this idea with the intent of attracting a much larger group of independent and conservative activists. In his vision, the Conservative Happy Hour will attract a younger crowd and local neighbors who are concerned about what is happening to our country, but who do not know where to go to plug into the new Republican party. Mike's plan is to work out the details here in South Orange County, and then - if successful - create a template which will make it easier for others in the Central Committee to host similar "Conservative Happy Hours" in North Orange County.

Mary Young's Response to Mike's Efforts

As a courtesy to others, Mike e-mailed the results of his hard work to members of the OCGOP this past Friday. In response, he got an unfriendly, puzzling reaction from Mary Young. I'm sharing the e-mail exactly as it was written, removing only Mary D. Young's e-mail address:

Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 1:02 PM
To: root@list.munzingmortgagegroup.com
Subject: Re: Mike Munzing's Conservative Happy Hour - March 3rd


I thought now that the election was over and you are part of the OCGOP team, you would join us and be in charge of a happy hour for the OCGOP, instead of having your very own? We are conservatives and it looks like very few of you new CC members have any intentions of joining us.

It should read; Happy Hour Chairman, Mike Munzing presents the very first" OCGOP Happy Hour Series". Scott would have been delighted to have you take on something such as a Happy Hour. Now that the election is over, I can see, you had no intentions of being part of our team. Maybe because you are too important to you and the good of your Party & Country come after that

I am really disappointed you aren't trying to help the OCGOP or help Lee Lowery & myself try to have a get together.

You wonder why we as the OCGOP can't do all these things? I will tell you why, because people just like you are more interested in yourself then making the Party grow to be bigger and better.

I can see this next year or two, it will be the same people doing all the work (with the exception of Dean Gross, he is already trying to help)for the Party and then you guys will complain we aren't doing enough.

Very sad, Mary
Without a response from Mike, Mary decided to "double down" on her unfriendly attack and hours later followed up with an even more insulting, harsher and thoroughly unprofessional mass e-mail, as follows:

Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 10:56 PM

To: root@list.munzingmortgagegroup.com
Subject: Re: Mike Munzing's Conservative Happy Hour - March 3rd

Mike, I was right about you from the very beginning, but I believed you when you asked for a second chance.

You care about Mike and only Mike and everyone will soon find out, as they already are.

You should be totally ashamed of yourself, but you won't be, because you don't know the slightest about being a good Christian.

I am going to have a long chat with ???? & ???? all about you.
My Responses to Mary D. Young's Attack on Mike Munzing

I feel called upon to gently dispute the comments in Mary Young's emails as inaccurate and unhelpful to the OCGOP. First, I should point out that Mike is, indeed, a good Christian. I met Mike when my wife and I started attending Coast Hills Church, in Aliso Viejo. Mike was introduced to me by the wife of one of the elders of our church, a woman who has worked with Mike for over a decade. Any suggestion that Mike is not a true Christian will come as a great surprise to me, my wife, Mike's wife Erin and all of us who have witnessed Mike participate in the worship services and social activities of our church. Through church, Mike has entertained us with his juggling skills and has performed to the delight of homeless and military families assisted by the church. He has also taught Sunday School at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA.

Mary's suggestion that Mike is not a conservative also strikes me as oddly out of touch with reality. Mike has been energized by the dysfunctional Obama administration and has made heroic efforts to support those of us calling attention to Obama's socialist ideological roots and to participate in the larger effort to end Democrat control of the House of Representatives. In my experience, Mike follows public policy debates closely from a conservative perspective. He has impressed me with his skill in covering the details and nuances of policy issues particularly regarding the economy, the money supply and the environment. I have no doubt that Mike's commitment to conservative philosophy has been informed by his 27 years of experience and prosperity in the real estate and mortgage industry.

I  think Mike is the sort of young, energetic, principled, fun-to-know conservative leader we ought to be nurturing and building in Orange County. Mike's friendliness, imagination, and skill with on-line media make him a great guy to work with and an inspiring example of the new energy released by a resurgent Republican party.

In contrast to Mike's friendly and positive style, Mary Young seems to have knack for attracting negative attention and dragging down otherwise respected government institutions - especially in her role as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's appointee to the Orange County Fair and Event Center (OCFEC) Board of Directors.

I did a quick Google search, for example, and quickly learned that she has been criticized for voting to increase O.C. Fair ticket prices at the same time that she was enjoying over-the-top personal benefits including free tickets and free meals at the O.C. Fair's expense. See, http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2008/08/greedy-oc-fair-board-forced-to-cut-their-free-concert-ticket-allocation-again

As far as I can tell, Mary was a key leader in the embarrassing effort of the OCFEC Board of Directors to re-establish itself as a non-profit, OCFEC Foundation, a foundation capable of raising enough money to purchase the land on which the OCFEC conducts its activities. The Orange County District Attorney's office has criticized decisions made by the OCFEC Board of Directors in terms of their public communications in the "OC Fair Board Investigation Report" which is available at http://www.orangecountyda.com/home/index.asp


All in all, it looks to me like Mary Young brings bad timing and unnecessary divisiveness to many of her public roles. Objectively, I think she is part of the problem when it comes to addressing the failures of big government to serve the public interest. I certainly want to call on Mary to apologize for - and retract - her personal attacks on Mike's religious commitment, community service and his conservative principles. If the OCGOP is going to grow, we are going to need more fun, positive, people-friendly guys like Mike Munzing assisting us. He's a good man, he is my friend, and I'm proud to stand by him now.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Obama Fail: Media Dumbfounded by Obama's Lies About His Kenyan Birth

I have been thinking that if Obama had a son, he would tell him to pretend to be born in Kenya too. 

All in all, it is really strange to read the dysfunctional liberal group think in the mainstream media when it comes to the news that Obama's book agent promoted him by saying he was born in Kenya. It is unthinkable that this copy was not run by Obama for approval. That’s not how that book agent business works.

We know, as a matter of fact, that liberals like Elizabeth Warren lie about their ethnic status to get ahead in the world of academic affirmative action. It is not surprising that Obama did the same by touting his supposed Kenyan birthplace. This latest story is a great confirmation about a long-standing pattern in Obama’s life – lying about his past.

For the record, Obama lied about the closeness of his relationship with Bill Ayers. He lied about listening to Rev. Wright’s extremist, anti-white hate speech. Obama lied about his political views at Occidental College hiding the fact that he was an out and out Marxist-Leninist when I met him in 1980. Obama lied in Dreams about seeing an article about a black man who had bleached his own skin. Obama lied in Dreams about his “composite” girlfriend, Geneveive Cook. He lied about her background, her ties to Indonesia, her Australian heritage – even the color of her eyes. Obama lied about Cook breaking into tears because she could never be black.

Obama is a serial liar. He hid his intense relationship with convicted felon Anthony Rezko until FBI surveillance revealed the full extent of this relationship. Obama does not have the integrity needed to succeed as president. Those who justify his lying about his Kenyan birth are defending a man who is not worthy of their time and attention.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Door-to-Door with Dr. Drew: Regretting I Only Have One Life to Give to New Republican Party

As you may know, I have been walking precincts today in support of U.S. Senate candidate Orly Taitz and U.S. congressional candidate John Webb. I've done this in Massachusetts and California in the past. I may be getting too old for it now.

The first thing I noticed is how dangerous it is to walk unfamiliar streets. The initial day out, I was walking with my friend Dave Duringer who is a great gun rights trust attorney and an insightful observer of conservative politics. I almost tripped and fell three times. Dave kept me from falling head first down a steep flight of three steps outside a home in Mission Viejo. He kindly blamed my glasses and eye sight. I know I'm just out of practice and talking too much.

After about three hours of it, we quit and joined the rest of our Tea Party team for lunch and cold water. It was only when I got home I realized I was suffering from symptoms of heat exhaustion.

The second thing I noticed is one of the most consistent finding in political science. Most voters are not as up-to-speed on politics and political news as those of us who make it our business to study politics.

As far as I can tell, no one we met during these walks had ever heard of John C. Drew, Ph.D. or even knew about my report on meeting the young Marxist socialist extremist Barack Obama. It is extremely easy to over-estimate how well people know you or recognize your name. Building name identification, in any area, takes time and money. The situation, in my case, is so bad that I once introduced myself to a person who did not realize I had delivered a speech - with him in the audience - a month earlier. As they say, people need to hear a message about eight times before it finally sinks in. It is humbling to realize the truth of this observation applies to me just like everyone else.

More comically, I have been introduced to others as John Drew and then mobbed with affection when I was reintroduced as Augustine25. (I'm not joking.)

On the positive side, I had forgotten how charming and friendly 95% of the people are when you ring their doorbell and ask for their vote.

Tricia and I went out walking precincts yesterday and today. (I think Dave has given up on me.) I'm a sort of nervous, nerdy type, but people listened to my spiel and offered us water and encouragement. I was startled by how many people thanked me for running for office. Tricia, of course, is a natural campaigner. As a young girl she used to visit gay bars in Laguna Beach to distribute Christian literature. She is cheerful, upbeat, and never forgets to ask for the homeowner's voter.

Campaign flyer for Orly
Taitz, John Webb, John Drew
and Dave Duringer.
 It was also encouraging to see how people maintain their homes. The Republicans we visited have lovingly assembled wonderful gardens with fountains and scuptures. As a group, we Republicans love our cars, trucks and RVs. We skipped the independent voters and Democrats. I think campaigns do that because they do not want timid volunteers turned off by angry, hostile Democrats who slam the door in your face simply because you are a Christian - something that happened to Dave, but not me.

I'm thinking now that we are wrong to only go after Republican households. Right now the Republican brand is damaged in CA and we are probably leaving many Tea Party types without literature and contact simply because they are not registered Republicans. My recommendation is to target neighborhoods with Republican majority voters...but to visit every house. We need to be building our new anti-Marxist anti-Obama party. Visiting only Republicans may turn out our people, but it doesn't build the party or let folks on the fence know we need them and that we are listening to their concerns.

Finally, I had forgotten how much I fear dogs. When I was campaigning for the state assembly in MA, I remember I stopped at a farm house and was immediately surrounded by a pack of five barking dogs. I was approaching each suburban landscape as if a similar feeding frenzy might erupt once again.

I can see why it would be smart for Tea Party constitutional conservatives to raise money and do targetted direct mail. I'm willing to give my life to build a new Republican party, but I only have one life to give.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dr. Drew Reports on New On-Line Resources for Veterans Seeking Home Loans

I just ran across a website, United States Military V.A. Loan that provides solid and reliable information regarding how veterans get governmental loan benefits.

I know a little about this topic. After leaving Williams College in 1989, I took a job as a loan officer for a thrift and loan in California which offered FHA loans to veterans. I was impressed with the low rates and good terms of these loans and thought I might have made a mistake not looking into a military career as a younger man.

In retrospect, I was not cut out for a military career. (I'm not so good at following orders that I disagree with...) Nevertheless, I'm glad to see our nation doing something extra to provide housing security for those who have sacrificed for our country. I'm proud, in fact, that condo we now live in was once the home of a retired U.S. Marine who had a FHA loan on the property.

The bottom lines is that MilitaryVALoan.com is an excellent website that provides information about mortgages and loans. I can report it does not offer loans or mortgages directly, or indirectly, through any representatives or agents. Even so, it is a customer friendly site for for veterans seeking useful information about their governmental loan benefits.

Of course, I always recommend looking at more than one source. Accordingly, you can also find useful information at USA.gov. In my grant writing intermediate workshop, I often direct people to this website since it is the official U.S. Government web portal for all government transactions, services, and information. I often refer my students to this website to learn more about the specific government benefits that they are eligible to apply for on their own - with or without the help of a grant writing consultant.  

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Better Late than Never: Dr. Drew Looks into the Complexities of Medicare Supplemental Insurance

I really appreciate it when someone sets you a clear description of what is going on in terms of senior government assistance.  As a political scientist, I understand that these issues are naturally complex and that we are struggling through the process of making sense of the challenges faced by everyone who will have greater medical expenses near the end of their lives compared to the beginning of their lives.

As you will see, Medicare Supplemental Insurance has a website that explains Medicaid in a fashion that will help you sort out your choices and options.

For example, Medigap Insurance is designed to cover the missing health care costs "gaps" that Medicare Part A-D does not cover. These include your copayment or your deductible. Medigap policies combine with Medicare to pay health care costs in full, where applicable. These plans differ from Medicare Advantage Plan policies because those cover Medicare benefits in isolation, while Medigap policies only supplement your original Medicare benefits.

This is why you will see that health care providers offering plans on Medicare Supplemental Insurance that label their plans as "Medicare Supplement Insurance", with policies clearly designated by a plan number A through N. This way, no matter who offers a Medigap policy, the benefits offered are identical. In a sense, the only real difference between policies is cost and the level of service.

As you will see from the Medicare Supplemental Insurance website, they have real people to help you and their website is consumer friendly.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Life of John: A Recently Updated Rebuttal to The Life of Julia

The latest bizarre release from the Obama campaign is called The Life of Julia. This comic strip tells the story of a girl who grows up completely dependent on the taxpayers for everything from her pre-school to her health care and to her child rearing responsibilities. After looking over the government dependent life of Julia, I thought I'd put together my own account of what it was like to be harmed by the government nearly my entire life - my own The Life of John. This is not a composite situation, this is my real life. (I have updated this record to reflect where I am at as of today, July 20, 2012.)

John enrolls in pre-school. Finds it stupid and boring...cannot believe adults watch kids play musical chairs. (Three years old.)

John, center. Pre-school strikes him as slow and
boring compared to learning on his own.
John and his family move to a rural area in northern Los Angeles county without a lot of cultural or intellectual amenities. His large family and lack of resources leaves him without the normal supports enjoyed by more privileged children in other communities.

John is identified as a gifted student
by the time he is in the sixth grade.
He is placed on a special math
track for gifted students.
Nevertheless, he is quickly identified as an exceptional student and is picked to participate in advanced math courses that allow him to learn calculus by the time he is in high school.

John takes the SAT exam and scores the highest in his Hart High School graduating class. His family is poor and his living environment is over-crowded. Since his family cannot afford to hook up to the sewer line in the street, the backyard of the home is flooded with raw sewage. (17 years old.)

John, yearbook photo, 1975.
Even though he is poor, with high SAT scores, the best
schools turn him down because he is white.

John wins scholarships from the state of California and Occidental College to go to school. Affirmative action backed by the U.S. government keeps him from attending a better and more prestigious school because he is Armenian-American and not a member of a politically powerful minority group. (18 years old.) He gives the graduation speech at his high school. His brother Jim suggests that John peaked too early.

John in scholarship winning photo.

John attends Occidental College and earns straight A's during his freshman year. John on a becomes a Marxist socialist and establishes the Political Awareness Fellowship, the Marxist student organization on campus. Halfway through his sophomore year, John's scholarship and hard work earns him a one-year opportunity to attend the University of Sussex in England. He studies Marxism overseas and visits France, Morocco, Greece and Italy. While in Morocco, John is shocked to observe child labor in action.

Back at Occidental for his senior year, John writes his college honors thesis on Marxist economics. John wins a scholarship to Cornell University. He is also asked to take out a loan. He protests and threatens not to attend Cornell unless they pay a full scholarship. Cornell University relents and John gets a full scholarship even though he is a young white guy. (22 years old.)

John at Occidental College during his senior year - 1979.

John goes back to visit his Marxist socialist friends at Occidental College including Caroline Boss and Hasan Chandoo. They introduce him to the young Barack Obama. John argues with young Obama and suggests that a Communist style revolution is unrealistic. Obama seems to agree. (23 years old.)

John with radical college sweetheart
in the summer of 1981.
John takes a year off from graduate school. He starts to realize that Karl Marx was wrong about a lot of things including spiritual matters. John begins to use his intuition and imagination to forge his own philosophy independent of Marxist socialist ideology. (25 years old.)

John earns his M.A. degree from Cornell University. He has introduced a new explanation for the cause of welfare programs in the United States that disconfirms Marx’s hypothesis, disconfirms Piven and Cloward, and disrupts 40 years of political science knowledge. He has a hard time winning over his professors to his new ideas. John works as a gardener to make money to survive. (27 years old.)

John teaching political science
at the University of Oregon in 1986.

John is teaching at the number one liberal arts college in the nation – Williams College. He was blocked from applying to other schools because Cornell University sent less qualified African-American students to the major openings as larger universities. (29 years old.)

John's identification card from
Williams College in 1986.
John is vocal against affirmative action and supports welfare reform. African-American students at Williams say he is a racist. (31 years old.)

John wins the William Anderson Award from the APSA for the best doctoral dissertation in the nation in his field. John looks for teaching jobs in political science in California. He comes in second to the less qualified minority candidate about nine times. He is very frustrated about affirmative action and the damage it has done to him over his life. (37 years old.)

John's award-winning thesis
is published as a book in 1994.
John quits looking for work as a college professor and starts working in fundraising jobs for charities as a grant writer. He is married to a girl he first met while he was in high school – Tricia. (41 years old.)

 John starts his own grant writing consulting company and immediately manages to survive and eventually buy a condo and travel around the world with Tricia. (45 years old.)
John notices that because of Proposition 13, he is paying more in taxes on his new condo than his wealthier, older neighbors. He teaches part-time in the MBA program at a Christian school - Hope International University. (46 years old.) John notices that one of the people he knew from his Marxist socialist days, Barack Obama, is running for President. John contacts all the major media outlets, but no one wants to publicize his story about meeting the young ideologically extremist Barack Obama. (51 years old.)
John tries to alert mainstream media to
Obama's radicalism, but no one seems to listen.
John calls Ron Kessler and tells his story of meeting and debating the young Marxist socialist Obama. Within two years, John’s story on meeting young Obama is published in at least four books in time for the 2010 elections. (53 years old.)

Over time, John published a number of "landmark" articles in an on-line magazine called American Thinker which slowly calls attention to the reality of President Obama's extraordinary ties to Marxists, socialists and Communists including the following articles: Meeting Young Obama, Even Republican Rejected Info About Obama's Past, and My White Girlfriend Inspired Barack Obama's Regina. Eventually, John becomes a writer with Breitbart.com and PJMedia his take on Obama's extremism is featured on the Rush Limbaugh radio program.

Meanwhile, John grows his company in the middle of a recession caused by the Democrat party when it gained full control of Congress in 2007. He hires new people and creates jobs while making his clients a ton of money. Obama wants to tax John more because he earns over $250,000 per year. (55 years old.)
John visits a Native American
dwelling in Anchorage, Alaska in 2011.
John discovers that because he is older and white that the political forces that control health care in the world of Obama have decided that his life is less valuable compared to the lives of Democrat party voters. (65 years old.)
One of John's favorite programs is
the cult classic, The Prisoner TV Series.
John discovers that inflation and the increased cost of living make Social Security a waste of time. John wishes he could have invested all that extra money into gold or real estate. (67 years old.)
John meets Andrew Breitbart in 2011.
John looks back on his life and sees that the government has been largely hostile to his career and his economic well-being. In general, John has been deeply harmed by big government and a lot of his earning power and investment resources were taken from him to benefit other people who did not live their lives with as much intention or carefulness.
John wishes he had done even more to break the news about Obama’s ideological extremism in 2008. (68 years old.)

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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