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How Low Will It Go? Trustee/Donor Au Pair Scandal Rocks Globalists at Williams College

As you may know, Joey Shaista Horn ’87 has resigned as a trustee of Williams College in the wake of a court decision in Norway to punish her and her husband for the mistreatment of two Filipino au pairs. This court decision was part of a larger effort which ensnared the Horn's and two of their neighbors in a clear cut violation of Norway's laws governing immigration and human-trafficking.

The puzzle, of course, is why the board of trustees consented to naming the new Horn Hall after this nefarious couple even though news of their arrests was freely available as early as December 2014.

As far as I can piece this together, Joey Shaista Horn ’87 is not some out-of-touch, hands-off trustee. Instead, she seems deeply involved in the business of the college, particularly in terms of efforts to bring more international students, such as herself, to the campus. (When she was a student, she was president of the International Students Club and performed Indian classical dance.)

In one o…

Greedy for Globalism: Williams College Trustee Joey Shaista Horn '87 Sentenced to Prison for Au Pair Abuse Crime

The evil, globalist influences at Williams College in MA are now slightly more visible. It turns out that Ephblog is reporting that Joey Shaista Horn '87 -- one of trustees of this previously prestigious institution -- is now sentenced to five months in prison.

A Library Re-imagined from Williams College on Vimeo.

She and her husband Ragnor Horn '85 will be jailed five months as punishment for their mistreatment of two Filipino au pairs. For more complete details on this case, please check out the English language article in News In English: Norway. According to an article in Ephblog, Joey and Ragnor were exploiting both young women:  The Oslo City Court has sentenced a wealthy Norwegian investor and his wife to five months in prison each, in a case that has highlighted abuse of Norway’s au pair program. It’s supposed to serve as a cultural exchange for young people from abroad but the couple, aided by two neighbours, was found guilty of fraudulently and illegally using two you…

Valentines Day: Teaching Romance at Williams College

I still think that one of the best things I ever did at Williams College was a Winter Study called “Decisions, Decisions.” Even though it was politically incorrect, I included a session on how to choose a spouse.

At this time, I was already sensitive to the left-wing extremists on campus — as an ex-extremist myself — and I was pleasantly surprised by the degree to which students signed up for the course and the extent to which they were fascinated by the topic of finding a marriage partner.

I remember asking among my fellow faculty members who had the happiest marriage on campus and I invited that couple to come in and address my Winter Study class. I used the same techniques I taught in that class to find Trish, and we have been married 20 years now this February 22.

My tips? Make a list of all the qualities you are looking for based on what you’ve liked or disliked about previous love interests. Create a detailed description of the person you are looking for…I mean detailed. Next, tak…