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New YouTube Video Pulls Together Obama's Lies About Dreams From My Father

There is a great new video out there that sums up the research regarding Bill Ayer's role in writing Dreams from My Father, President Obama's first published book. 

As someone who knew the real, young Barack Obama, I have always thought there was a big gap between the lazy, sloppy-thinking, average intellect I met through friends at Occidental College between 1980 and 1981 and the rabid, aggressive guy who cannot be comfortable around white people presented in Obama's first book. 

For my quick review of Jack Cashill's book, Deconstructing Obama, click here.  I bought a copy of Deconstructing Obama.  It should be required reading in any class on contemporary politics.  I was amazed to learn that in Christopher Andersen's book, Barack and Michelle: Portrait of An American Marriage, Andersen reported that Michelle Obama was the person who encouraged Barack Obama to turn to Bill Ayers for help when he got behind in writing Dreams from My Father.

The bottom line, for…

Dr. Drew on the Good Life in Anchorage, Alaska

It was difficult for me to walk around Anchorage, Alaska this week without thinking of Gov. Sarah Palin.  To me, Alaska appeared to be a state relatively unharmed by modern liberalism.  There was, for example, no sales tax in the City of Anchorage.  It was a welcome bit of freedom to find out that a $10 set of batteries only cost me $10.  I had an opportunity to tour what was supposed to be the poorest part of Anchorage - the famous Mountain View neighborhood.  It looked quiet and peaceful.  Children were playing in the streets.  It reminded me of the real poverty - moral and spiritual - that keeps parts of Detroit and Los Angeles stacked with empty lots and hopeless fears. 

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

Dr. Drew on Kenneth Thomas, Mental Health Issues, and the Famous Ephblog Website

While I was teaching at Williams College in MA, two of the 120 professors committed suicide.  I have always wondered if there was something wrong about the school which is - objectively - one of the most competitive places to enter in the nation.  The three years I taught there were alarming to me in that I discovered a lot of hatred expressed against white people and - especially - young white men.  I remember leaving in 1989 thinking that it was an unhealthy institution - especially for young Christians. (For sad news on how the administration at Williams handled a recent accusation of rape, please follow this link.)

In my experience, I think the money and prestige of Williams can be used to disguise a lot of deviant behavior and mental illness - as long as it is packaged as advanced liberal theory, theory too hard for the rest of us to understand.  It was sort of stacked with Rep. Weiner types who thought they could get away with lying to you even though what they said defied com…

Dr. Drew Likes Stone Cleaning Tips from Our Friends at The Steam Team

I have been thinking about the work done by our friends at The Steam Team in Austin, TX, see  They have some great tips, by the way, regarding kitchen tile cleaning austin.  Tricia and I love the look of stone in our home. We remodeled our kitchen with a beautiful copper and purplish slate that makes us happy we are alive everytime we look at it. Nevertheless, caring for stone in the home can be a challenge that requires professional help.  (The YouTube video above gives you a glimpse of the slate in our own home.)

As we have learned from our own experience natural stone cleaning requires a careful sensitivity to the variety of stone surfaces including our beloved slate, terrazo, granite, travertine and flagstone.

The slate we have in our house has a low absorption rate. Nevertheless, because it has a high content of clay it can develop efflorescence easily. Tricia and I actually enjoy the efflorescence effect. According to the folks at The Steam Team, …