Monday, April 15, 2019

Evergreen Now! Anti-White Hate at Williams College

Seyi Olaose ’22 confronting white
student representatives during a
College Council meeting at
Williams College on April 9, 2019.
Is Williams College the new Evergreen State College? No matter the answer, it looks like the divisiveness of identity politics is exploding on the Williams College campus, as seen on the official video recording of a College Council (CC) meeting on April 9, 2019.

NOTE: The CC took the video down from their Facebook site. You can still see it, however, on YouTube. There is also an abbreviated version that includes the most hostile remarks. It is also on YouTube.

In the video, Isaiah Blake '21 complains about having to ask for money from the College Council by saying, "Every time to be here is like sucking white dick every fucking day." According to a report in the Williams Record, black activists planned a large demonstration to further articulate their views, but cancelled it after video of Isaiah Blake's comments appears on various on-line sites.

Although the details of this controversial video have so far eluded The Williams Record, they have been reported on and discussed at a number of on-line sites including  Anonymous Political Scientist, Big League PoliticsCampus WatchEphblog, Free RepublicInstapunditLegal InsurrectionTea Party and the national-level, student-reported The College Fix.

As you may know, Isaiah Blake is an actor who appeared in The Rainbow Experiment (2018). He is also a member of the search committee responsible for finding a new director of dining services.

The back story is that black student activists wanted money for a special event targeted at black preview students. These are special events for students who have been admitted to the school who want a chance to check it out ahead of time.  As I understand it, Isaiah Blake resents having to ask for the money.

It is apparently unfair for them to take out the time to ask for this funding when they have busy schedules. The student pictured above, Seyi Olaose '22, indicated that she came to the meeting after her practice and had not had anything to eat. Seyi Olaose '22 has been visible at other student events including the recent "Considering the Case for Free Expression" organized by the Williams College chapter of the Society for Conservative Thought.

According to one of the student activists, Isaiah Blake '21, quoted below, it is especially difficult for black students to take the time to politely ask for money when they have to deal with the stress of racism all day long. As far as I can tell, he believes that he is being oppressed simply because social pressures do not allow him to spend even more time acting out and verbally abusing faculty members, administrators and his fellow students. I put together a quick, incomplete transcript of the most abusive and threatening parts of Isaiah Blake's high dungeon tirade.

Isaiah Blake: The reason why we’re here is because…I’m here in support of Seyi right here. We already know that the funding for black previews was already supported, but it just in speaking with Seyi after her experience with CC, and with this group of people, was somewhat appalling.
First of all, if you look at this room there’s only one black nigger in here. I’m going to say nigger because I feel I can say that. And then there’s two others that just walked in here. There’s no black women in this room.

So when this black woman comes to speak before this group of people. She had to call me in tears and in frustration about the way in which she was spoken to or treated. I just can’t seem to fathom or understand how that was possible. See, when black people try to create space on this campus, it’s completely and completely, it is always a fucking problem.

When I hearing things like 'Oh why wasn’t black previews called minority previews?' You see I’m looking at this budget that we’re seeing and approving here and I’m seeing all the ways white men constantly get space and affinity, and money and resources afforded to them. And every time we try to create a space for students on this campus, and understanding and create some form of community, we are stopped at every single level. Every single level.

So it is time for you all to really figure this shit out. Because I’m really losing it! We are fucking tired of having to come and beg and suck dick for money. And, of course, when we come and do it we face problems all the fucking time. All the time. Why would it be called minority preview if it’s just black people to be there? I don’t understand that.

At this point in the video, another student activist, Seyi Olaose '22, interrupts his rant to admonish another student to pay attention.

Seyi Olaose: You, Tristan, Tristan Whalen. Why aren’t you listening? It is disrespectful when someone is speaking to you.

Whalen is the white, blond student sitting in the back of the room. During much of the anti-white rant, he appears to be looking down, working on something. He looks surprised to be called out.

Isaiah Blake: So now we’re writing. (To Tristan Whalen.) We’re writing now. Every time we open up our mouths, ears close. I don’t get it. I don’t get it. I have a motion! (BANG!, BANG!, BANG!) The motion is that we be listened to!

At this point, Whalen looks a little startled. Nevertheless, he spends the rest of the time looking right at the speaker. Personally, this is the ugliest part of the video. What we are seeing is controlling behavior. Apparently, Seyi Olaose believes Whalen should at least feign interest in the anti-white bigotry being directed at him. If you have ever been around a domestic abuser, you will quickly recognize this controlling behavior for the abuse it is. No one should be forced or shamed into listening to verbal abuse. No one.

Isaiah Blake: I don’t get it. Every time to be here is like sucking white dick every fucking day. Closing our mouths every fucking day just to be here. And if we dare ask for a little bit of time, money and space we gotta suck some more dick. I’m closing my fucking mouth. So open it to speak. It is so frustrating. It’s so tiring…to be here. To deal with you’all .

We keep our heads down. It don’t work. We try to create space for us. It don’t work. We want some money to fucking cook some fried fucking chicken and be niggers for once. It don’t work. I just don’t get it. We say leave us alone. We don’t want to take your space.

You got half a fucking million dollars. The budget is what? What percent? You want to read it out someone. I have a motion to read it. How many % of the budget is black previews? Someone read it please .42% To have niggers sit in the fucking quad and eat hot dogs. And people have to get eviscerated to do something. So I’m eviscerating niggers today. Cause y’all don’t get this here on this campus. No one will come up to your face and say you fucked up.

We supposed to go and send a fucking e-mail to the president and some shit. You want us to go have a nice little meeting with you - close our legs and close our mouths. You want (BANG!) free speech? Here’s free speech. You want a discussion and dialogue. Here’s the fucking dialog. We don’t have dialogue, because every time we try to talk to you we get shut down by the white moderate white liberal bullshit. That’s what free speech looks like. That’s what communication looks like.

When we try to speak to you eviscerate us and embarrass us. Now we’re embarrassing you, right on fucking on camera. Talk to me about it then.

You come here you have $3 billion dollars to your name. Everybody tells you is the best people in the fucking world. And we just try to create space for our selves. We can't eat. We can't talk. All we do is fucking organize for ourselves.

And that’s why we aren’t here. Why is CC not diverse? Because if we dare try to run, if we dare try to come into this space… we gotta deal with you!

This is what we deal with. So why are we here? Why can’t couldn’t you get anyone to fucking be your president. Because who creates the space on this campus? Fifty years. Africana studies. This same building…occupied. Here I am occupying your shit! I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. We keep our heads down. You haven’t seen me in none of your damn meetings whole time. Until I get a fucking phone call. That shit is going crazy. Yeah we got the money. But all we had to do was suck dick to do it. And we are tired of it. I’m telling you I’m tired of it. I refuse. No more.

You want to have free speech, you want to have a debate, you want to stop and be racist. Say some shit now! Open up your mouth now! Say something!

The rant transcribed above is an excellent example of the sort of black vs. white liberal conflict that tore up Evergreen State College. It is difficult for me to read Isaiah Blake's comments without thinking that he was trying to provoke the white students to create a larger, potentially violent conflict. Then again, maybe his performance was designed to improve his skills as a movie star?

As far as I can tell, the CARE Now activists planned to prolong their righteous indignation by staging a demonstration in support of Isaiah Blake '21 and Seyi Olaose '22. According to a report in the Williams Record, however, this demonstration was cancelled after the video recording was shared on other platforms. "A larger protest had been planned," the Williams Record says, "but cancelled because of student fears about safety after last week’s meeting livestream was distributed by several online sites."

I think it is more likely the protest was called off because the student’s parents learned about their children’s behavior and told them to “knock the fucking shit off you dumb ass fucking dickheads.”

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.


grayburst said...

I am just amazed that no one had the courage to stand up and correct this young fools errors reason and just general foolishness

Unknown said...

Very few blacks are qualified to attend Williams College. Those that get in are affirmative action students, as we see here.

Jakester said...

If there were consistent standards for admissions and graduation, this scumbag would still be in 8th grade

Unknown said...

What a bunch of Whiny Thug B.S.

Anonymous said...

The problem is multiculturalism. The blacks are not being unreasonable in a manner of speaking, they are telegraphing their anger at being minorities in a nation not of their ingenuity who, despite their outrageous vulgarity and characteristic low rent nature, are making it very clear for those who can read between the lines they are unhappy with the zeitgeist. It's both an unconscious existential protest and a critique of white high culture (New England civilization as exemplar). Whites have got to reassert that this Godforsaken nation is theirs to stabilize the bleeding or we are in for one helluva nightmare in the future when whites are a minority and we are all facing some kind of brutal Soviet style murderous system or a Yugoslavian war.

Anonymous said...

This is a racist perspective.

Unknown said...

Blake and Olaose should have been called Out of Order and ejected. The irony is that the CC would not have tolerated such a disruption from a white person. They sure didn't do much to temper many people's preconceptions about black people's behavior.

levitan said...

Some unfortunate reactions from some here. My take is that maybe universal conscription isn't so bad afterall. How else to get a bunch of kids and profs who behave like kids to learn to work together?

Anonymous said...

so glad my child did not go to this school. we could tell the admissions office was on a mission to increase minority enrollment. You don't pay $70K per year to have these folks (many paying little to no tuition out of their pocket) take over the school and create a hostile environment. Williams has been slipping for a reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

This is a factual perspective. Look at the Harvard suit where they found that Asian students were being turned down to increase their Black/Hispanic population. The result was people who weren't even meeting the entrance requirements getting in at the expense of those who vastly exceeded them.

Cheshired Grin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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