Sunday, May 14, 2017

Living History: Reading David Garrow's Rising Star - The Making of Barack Obama

I’m still reading through David J. Garrow’s new presidential biography, Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama. Already, however, I can report that he cited a number – but not all – of my American Thinker articles. Garrow recommends reading them in chronological order.
The worst that he can say about me is to suggest that by reports are perhaps similar to those of other potentially reliable ex-Communists. He indicates, correctly, that I was a Tea Party activist. All things considered, it looks like I got off light -- at least compared to Garrow's rather harsh treatment of Barack Obama. Garrow goes out of his way to indicate that Obama married Michelle, in large measure, because he needed a black wife in order to have a smooth political career in Chicago. It turns out that Obama was sleeping with both Michelle and an ex-girlfriend during his second year at Harvard Law School.

Garrow documents my previous role as an academic. For example, he reports that I completed my Ph.D. and taught at Williams College. I have to think the late presidential history James MacGregor Burns who was a colleague of mine at Williams College would be proud of me today. At least prouder of me today than Michelle Obama is of Barack Obama.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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  1. I am thinking that this has been the best four months ever. Here's my take on what's up.

    Favorite moment: Trump succeeds in appointing Neil Gorsuch to the SCOTUS.

    Worst moments(s): Cowardly Republicans in Congress fail to adequately support Trump's effort to build a wall to stop dangerous illegal immigration from Mexico.

    Biggest question: Since Obama lied about his past, misused the IRS to attack his political opponents and spied on his political enemies, why aren't more people alarmed by the radical, authoritarian aspects of Obama's presidency?

    Second biggest question: Now that Trump has rolled back much of Obama's legacy, how much longer will it take to end Obamacare and install a new, market-driven health care system that will provide superior results for all of us?

    Biggest miscalculation: Thinking it was wise to let Hillary off the hook for her behind-the-scenes efforts to enrich herself at public expense and failing to prosecute her for endangering us by sending messages using her unsecured, personal e-mail account.

    Second biggest miscalculation: Failing to toss out all the Obama appointees and sympathizers who still have jobs in the executive branch.