Face-to-Face with Young Marxist Obama: John Drew Remembers His Days as an Anti-Apartheid Activist

I was going through some old photos and found this picture of a much younger John Drew graduating from Occidental College back on June 9, 1979. As you can see, I'm wearing a red arm band. I was doing this to protest Occidental College's investments in South Africa. The fellow handing me my diploma was Occidental College president Richard C. Gilman. As I've written before, I was one of the founders of the anti-apartheid group that President Obama mentions in his book, Dreams of My Father.

From what Obama writes, I guess I had the unusual opportunity to meet the young Barack Obama at a turning point in his life. In Dreams of My Father, Obama writes he got one of the early signs of his interest (and ability) in public speaking during his participation in an anti-apartheid rally at Occidental College in Los Angeles in the spring of 1981.

I met him for the first time in late December 1980. By then, I was in my second year of graduate school at Cornell. I was visiting a girlfriend who was still attending Occidental College who introduced me to him and his friend Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, a wealthy Pakistani student.

John Drew graduates from
Occidental College as a fully
trained Marxist in June, 1979.
My most vivid memory of my time visiting with Obama was the way he strongly argued a rather simple-minded version of Marxist theory. I remember he was passionate about his point of view. As I remember, he was articulating the same Marxist theory taught by various professors at Occidental College. Based on my more detailed studies at Cornell, I remember I made a strong argument that his Marxist ideas were not in line with contemporary reality - particularly the practical experience of Western Europe.

I went on to become an assistant professor of political science at Williams College in MA, and won the William Anderson Award from the American Political Science Association for my doctoral dissertation. See,


Obama, of course, became President of the United States in 2009. I cannot help but wonder if my common sense arguments ended up impacting his decision-making and career planning.

Nevertheless, I think my experience with the young Barack Obama is useful evidence of why he was able to win the trust and support of Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Alice Palmer. In 1995, as you may know, Alice Palmer represented the state of Illinois' 13th District. After she decided to run for the United States Congress she named Obama as her hand-picked successor to replace her. In June 1986, Palmer wrote an article for the Communist Party USA's newspaper, the People's Daily World, now the People's Weekly World. Amazingly, it detailed her experience at the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Regarding Rev. Wright's affection for Marxism and socialism, please view the YouTube video below:

My gut feeling is that Obama won the trust of folks like Palmer because he never surrendered that tough, Marxist socialist ideology I saw in him as a sophomore at Occidental College. All in all, it takes me back to remember my days as a young revolutionary, the moments when - like Barack Obama - I sincerely believed a Marxist socialist revolution was coming to turn everything around and to create a new, fairer and more just world.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist. He applies his skills as a grant writing consultant in the Southern Calfornia area. His website is at the following link: http://drdrewguaranteedgrants.com/about-us/


  1. Good work! In my opinion, the Obama-worshipers will discount any and all revelations of his Marxist ideology, but, having lived myself in Hyde Park, Chicago in the early 1960's (when Obama was a mere babe in arms), it is obvious to me why it later became home sweet home to the half-Black, half-baked Marxist who now occupies the Oval Office. (see http://shrt.st/chv)

  2. Whoops - the link I meant to attach (about Mr. Obama's neighborhood) was http://shrt.st/chw.

  3. Thank you for this insight, John. More and more information is coming in now that Obama is a Marxist. See here: http://commieblaster.com.

  4. Good job on your victory over the Marxist argument and it's new number 1 supporter, President Obama.

  5. Funny how the entire MSM could not find a single person who knew The One back when he was a growing Marxist prior to becoming a US Senator. Their 'background' on him consisted of reading and then not reporting his own books and reading the campaign press releases.

    Your account of him is not at all out of character of my assessment of his 24+ months ago when I first heard him speak. Any experienced political analyst can determine the ideology, background and education of a candidate simply by listening to stump speeches in front of a few different demographic audiences or hearing them speak candidly to someone they consider a safe interviewer.

    I pegged Obama as a wanna-be-60s-radical the first time I heard him even though he was well below the necessary age to be one. If the CIA did a psych profile on Obama, they would have come to the same conclusion. You just had the ability to see it first hand.

    Again, funny how nobody could ever interview you, Chandoo or anybody else from his life PRIOR to becoming a US Senator... I guess obama really IS the luckiest guy in the world.

  6. So Doctor, given your work against Aparthied, which is separation just like the walls and doors in your home, how do you feel about the racist genocide of White South African farmers, not in the thousands, that no one gives a damn about with South Africa's Mandela Marxism?

  7. I am curious to know if you, Dr. Drew, made attempts to inform the public about what you knew of Mr. Obama before the fateful election in November, '08.

    I have wondered many times why we haven't heard from those that new him during his college years, especially when there have been so many questions and so much interest.

  8. Dr Drew: Since you knew Barry O'Bama so well would you please answer a burning question that has been on my mind (and on the minds of many other American citizens'), namely: Was O'Bama known by you or rumored by others to be a foreign student while attending Occidental? Did he ever discuss or indicate where he was born? Did he discuss his life in Indonesia? Did he tell you about his worshiping at a mosque in Indonesia? Did he attend Muslim services while a student at Occidental?Did he profess any religious preferences, and if so, what were his preferences? Did he indicate how he was able to afford or pay for the education at Occidental?

    Please answer these questions in another posting. Thank you. A 173d Airborne VN Vet

  9. I am certain that the reason that all records from Obama's university days are sealed is that they reflect his strong Marxist beliefs, and that in fact the sealing of the records has little to do with the grades themselves.

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