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Dr. Drew Reacts: Debunking Leftist Fogbow Propaganda

I thought it would be a good idea to debunk the false statements made about me at the famous Fogbow website.  For a look at the real people and the real names of the folks posting anonymously at Fogbow, please check out the excellent YouTube video at LiveLeak called Who's Who of Blog Talk Radio and The Fogbow Obots aka Obama's Brown Shirts.

First, the Fogbow Obots assert that I have described myself as a "classmate" of young Obama.  This, of course, is completely untrue.  I have always made it clear that I was a graduate student from Cornell who was visiting friends from Occidental College when I met young Obama.  Nevertheless, this initial lie tells you a lot about the ruthlessness and disregard for the truth which seems common at the Fogbow website.

On the basis of this untruthful claim, the Fogbow people pretend to catch me in a lie simply by repeating my basic statements.  For my full report on meeting young Obama, see my first article in American Thinker called Meeting Young Obama

Second, the folks at Fogbow try to make me look foolish by saying that I believe Obama is still a Marxist socialist simply due to the brief exposure I had to his ideas when Obama was a sophomore at Occidental College.  They write:
Based on spending just a few hours with the President when he was 19 years old, in a relaxed social setting at an age when most students enjoy exploring and trying new ideas and thoughts, Drew concluded the President was and still is a radical Marxist.
I would have to be mentally ill to say that I base my take on Obama today simply on my face-to-face exposure to young Obama's ideological extremism.  My take on President Obama's abiding commitment to Marxist socialist thought is based on a combination of factors including 1) his ties to Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and Sen. Alice Palmer in the 1990s, 2) the lack of a conversion story in the Obama presidential history which would indicate he dropped his youthful radicalism, and 3) the continuing rhetoric coming from Obama - as a candidate and as president - which indicates a profound commitment to a class conflict model of economic development and an out and out hostility to our traditional U.S. economic system

I have also provided detailed rebuttals to the inaccurate information being promoted by one of the members of the Fogbow website, Anna Stoddard, who is the blogger at "Oh For Goodness Sake."  For example, I immediately responded to Stoddard initial attack on me - which she posted on February 17, 2010 - where she made the bizarre suggestion that I worked for Ann Coulter while she was an undergraduate student at Cornell University.  You can see my response in this article at my own blog site. 

In addition, I also responded immediately to further bizarre comments made by Anna Stoddard on March 10, 2011 which made the even more bizarre suggestion that I should have known that Obama drove a red Fiat when, in truth, I made it very clear in my own work that the fancy car I saw Obama riding in when I first met him was owned by his wealthy Pakistani friend, Hasan Chandoo.  You can see my rebuttal to this silly idea in this article at my own blog site.  As far as I can tell, Stoddard is an elderly retired lady currently living in Mexico.  I think the silly mistakes in her blog show that she is spending too much of her retirement money on things that are killing her brain cells.

The folks at Fogbow like to position themselves as journalists who have a more accurate take on reality than their conservative opponents.  All I can say is that the Fogbow folks have a history of creating false documents and conducting dirty tricks.  Based on the gap between my real story and their out and out lies, I would think no one should take the folks at Fogbow seriously when it comes to getting the facts out about the young Obama.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.


somerset said...

John, you yourself have used innuendo and half-truths to get organizations like Fox News to say that you were Obama's friend and classmate. Then, when you're called on it, you refuse to try and correct this misinformation, saying it's not your responsibility. You happily let other people lie for you, then get indignant when you're called on it, which isn't exactly honest or ethical.

Your "time-out" at The Fogbow is over* so why don't you come back and attempt to salvage what little is left of your reputation. We'll let you post stuff, and if it's worth discussing, folks will discuss it. But we will also dig for the whole truth, which you might find a bit uncomfortable.

Since you were repeating yourself over and over when it came to your theory of Obama's Marxism, it might be best to start with a different topic. I'd suggest affirmative action. You might be surprised to learn that there are differing opinions of it within the community, and you could have a good conversation if you want.

* - For those who might be wondering, Dr Drew was suspended from The Fogbow for 72 hours for violating one of the terms of service. Among these TOS are a prohibition against certain types of posts, and no poster - birfer or obot alike - make make blatantly racist or sexist comments. While Dr Drew's fixation on affirmative action appears to be founded in a somewhat suppressed racism, his sexist tendencies are very clear and out in the open. The posting that earned him his "time-out" was this:

"Since high level performance in political science also requires superior math skills, I'm not at all surprised to see women underrepresented among Williams faculty members."

somerset said...

First - I have to commend you on allowing dissenting opinions to be published on your blog. That's unusual in Birferstan. I also have to stand corrected on your status at TFB. Your "temporary ban" appears to be not so temporary.

Regarding affirmative action, there are two separate issues. The first is whether AA in general was/is a good idea, and the second is how it may or may not have affected you personally. In my opinion, AA was a good idea in theory, but poorly implemented. Having started off in the SoCal aerospace industry, I saw how hiring bias imposed by military contracts did tend to push average young white guys away from the defense electronics industry. The best and the brightest were still hired regardless of color or sex, but the racial make-up of the average "worker bee" population was skewed away from WASPiness. That said, the defense electronics industry's loss was the semiconductor industry's gain. When someone moves your cheese, you can either cry about it or go find more cheese

In your personal case, I don't see how you can blame AA for your extremely poor research work at Williams, which led to you being denied a chance at tenure, and which pretty much torpedoed your chances of ever having an academic career.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. said...

I really hope young white swing voters get to know you better.

You write about my "extremely poor research work" while I was a young political scientist. You seem to forget that my research was so good that it got me a job at the number one liberal arts college in the nation and won me the William Anderson Award from the American Political Science Association in 1989.

My thesis is now published, almost word for word as I wrote it, as the first ten book chapters of Howard Gensler, ed. The American Welfare System.

I'm an ex-Marxist and an ex-Democrat. (This is part of the reason why I can offer an accurate reading of young Obama's commitment to extremist Marxist socialist ideology.) It did not take me long to figure out that Democrats didn't care whether a poor white guy like me even had a job.

somerset said...

Your research as a grad student was very good, and that's what got you a position as a newbie professor at Williams. Once at Williams, the only new work you did was one or two conference papers per year (and one could argue that they were essentially parts of your thesis "re-packaged"), which can be objectively categorized as "extremely poor."

You point out that your thesis was published, "almost word for word" in ten chapters of a book. To those unfamiliar with academia that might sound impressive. But to those who are familiar, this is damning. It tells us you were resting on the work you did as a grad student, and not doing even minimal additional research that could have expanded your thesis work.

Slartibartfast said...


A suggestion--why do you have moderation turned on? If you are not going to moderate people's comments (as Somerset rightly commended you for), then why even have the appearance of moderation? Given the kind of things you've already let me say about you, I don't think you're doing much more than just approving the messages as soon as you see them--why bother? Also, I would note that the "publish" and "preview" buttons have exactly the same function (which is harmless, but bad programming form)

John C. Drew, Ph.D. said...

- Slartibartfest

You just don't pick up on social cues, do you? :-) Somerset is a creepy ex-pat who I'm guessing couldn't survive in the U.S.

I'm thinking normal people with basic social skills - not your group - will quickly understand why I would not allow Somerset to add anti-social posts at will.

Somerset is part of the Bill Byran led team that has added false information about me at Fogbow, including the absurd ideas that 1) I claim I was a classmate of Obama's or that 2) I base my take on Obama's Marxist socialist perspective solely on my face-to-face debate with him in 1980.

I have made it very clear that it was my Oxy girlfriend who was Obama's classmate and that I was just visiting her while I was a grad student at Cornell. My take on Obama's contemporary Marxist socialist perspective is much more dependent on his love for Anita Dunn and Van Jones - two Marxist socialist nuts employed in the Obama White House.

Frankly, I'm surprised that a guy like you would be associated with Fogbow anymore since you are obviously unemployed and looking for a job. I would think that you would have better things to do with your time...unless, of course, you like to spend your single-man-tourist-dollars in Somerset's hotel in Singapore.

Frankly, if you are still unmarried at 42, Slartibartfest, then there is plenty of evidence that I'm not the only one who thinks you are a foolish, misguided liberal boy child incapable of earning a living or making a convincing argument on anything but the best internet porn sites. I wouldn't hire you or leave you alone around children.

Why don't you take a bath and debate me after you find gainful employment?

John C. Drew, Ph.D. said...

- Somerset

You're a hotel owner in Singapore? That's what the "little red dot" stuff is all about. It is odd that both you and Anna Stoddard of "Oh For Goodness Sake" choose to live outside the U.S. (She is retired and living in Mexico.)

For those of us living in the U.S. I can report that this unemployment has been killing us. Obama promised it wouldn't go over 8% and - instead - it hasn't gone below 8%.

Regarding my research while I was on the faculty at Williams College, I never heard one word complaining about the quantity of my work. All I heard from Williams is that the idea contained in my thesis - that child labor law enforcement caused the development of child welfare programs - was not adequately researched at a quality standard suitable for Williams College. This is why winning the William Anderson Award from the APSA was a black eye for Williams College and proof of their anti-white, anti-male, anti-conservative bias.

If you look through the Williams College faculty website you will see 50% of the new hires in political science are black...way above the national average for either the black population or for black Ph.D.s in political science. If this doesn't look like anti-white hostility to you, then there is no hope for your sanity.

Let me guess, you are in Singapore right now because your deviant lifestyle wasn't such a good fit with American sensibilities? I think that even the people who hated me the most at Williams College had to admit I had - and still enjoy - a rather extraordinary intuition when it comes to figuring out people.

Slartibartfast said...

You really don't understand statistics do you? (Or, I guess, unemployment--have you seen the graph of job creation in the late Bush administration and early Obama administration?

John C. Drew, Ph.D. said...

Kevin Kesseler AKA Slartibartfast: Please... The relevant statistics are the unemployment rates during the Bush administration at the point where Democrats took total control of Congress in 2007 and where they are today. Democrats were given total power over Congress and they used that power to destroy our jobs and our economy. Earn a second Ph.D. in political science or economics and you'll have a better idea of why Congress is more powerful than the President and why Democrats have deeply harmed millions of people. As a victim of affirmative action, I know that Democrats like you don't even care if I have job.

somerset said...

"The Little Red Dot" is an epithet for Singapore. Google it.

As for why I live here and your "intuition" about figuring out people - I see that talents in this field as your talents in academia. No, I don't own a hotel, and I have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to "deviant lifestyles." Maybe you don't know much about this country, but a quote from Joel Stein might put it in perspective, "Not even Hannity is a committed enough conservative to yell, "If Obama wins, I'm moving to Singapore." (,0,5178459.column ). I'm here because I work in an industry that is largely centered here, and I have a unique skill set that makes me valuable here. Oh, and the food is really, really good ;-)

Since you're a pretty sharp guy when it comes to statistics and general mathematics, it seems reasonable to me to assume that you understand the meaning of statistically valid data. And since you know that x% of 4 isn't statistically valid, I have to assume that you're being intentionally misleading when you throw out that 50% figure. This tactic might play well with the mouth-breathing racist crowd, but it doesn't work in the real world.

I have no idea what your department head did or didn't say about your work at Williams. All I can do is objectively look at what you claim you published during your time there (and use library search tools to verify those claims, when possible), and use that as a metric of your performance. Comparing your work output with the four new assistant professors you cited as examples, it's clear that your work fell well short the least prolific professor, and was eclipsed many times over by the most prolific one (who happens to be black).

John C. Drew, Ph.D. said...

Somerset: What do you do in Singapore - piracy? Money laundering? It can't be good.

Meanwhile, I think you are taking a narrow view of academic talent. I got my Ph.D. only four years after I earned my M.A. Meanwhile, among the black assistant professors at Williams College the lightweight Ngonidzashe Munemo took seven years to complete this task. He's hardly a political science genius.

Meanwhile the other black assistant professor earned his Ph.D. as fast as me...but had it complete a whole year before he started teaching at Williams.

In my case, I got my thesis done much faster than the first black professor and completed it while I was in my first year at Williams College. Also, I was so talented that I won an national award for my work from the American Political Science Association by my third year at Williams College. My any normal measure of potential, I was clear a hot, bright academic star. The problem is I was a white man who wouldn't shut up about the white guys who were being discriminated against in favor of black professors.

This is not the only evidence of anti-white bias in the political science field. While I was at Cornell University, the less qualified blacks got the best interviews with the best schools while I got the crumbs left behind.

After I left Williams, I repeatedly came in second to minority candidates as I competed in the job market. If you don't think there is cause for white rage, then you have been living in Singapore way too long. If affirmative action isn't wrong, nothing is wrong.

Slartibartfast said...


After 3 years at a place you should be able to demonstrate more than just "potential". As Somerset points out, by objective standards you don't measure up to those that you say were unfairly promoted. What exactly is the timeline here? I believe you've said that you finished your dissertation in your 3rd year at Williams? Did your "major award" come before or after you were told that you weren't going to be allowed forward on the tenure track? Personally, I don't see any reason why the tenure committee should have made a different decision on your merits (at the time, which is all that counts) and I suspect that none of the intangibles went in your favor given your demonstrated personality. Saying that you're resting on your laurels is like saying that Rip Van Winkle took a short nap...

So, if we don't consider affirmative action wrong, then we can't consider, for instance, slavery wrong? How about murder or rape? Is affirmative action worse than these? Have you really suffered more at the hands of affirmative action than any other victim ever?


I would discourage you from telling Johnny things like "you're a pretty sharp guy when it comes to statistics and general mathematics". Since he lacks a sense of humor in general, it is unlikely that he understands sarcasm...

John C. Drew, Ph.D. said...

Kevin Kesseler AKA Slartibartfest: It is becoming more and more clear why you have a big gap in your resume between 2009 and 2011.

1. Discrimination at Cornell: I've made it clear that I saw discrimination against young whites at Cornell University in terms of the graduate student interview and application process. (Less qualified blacks got the interviews with the big name schools.)

2. Discrimination of Others at Williams College: I saw discrimination against better qualified white professors while I was on the faculty at Williams College and voting on hiring decisions.

3. My Extraordinary Achievements at Williams: I wrote my award-winning Ph.D. in only four years. While the blacks who are now assistant professors have taken much longer to complete their Ph.D.s than me or had them completed prior to working at Williams College. None of the black assistant professors at Williams have earned anything thing equal to the national recognition I recieved for my early work. Publishing a chapter in someone else's book is hardly the equivalent of winning one of the top nine awards given by the APSA every year. Give me a break!

Anti-White Discrimination in CA: I saw discrimination against me after I left Williams College when I repeatedly came in second to less qualified minority candidates. Besides, the way I was treated by affirmative action in CA is now ILLEGAL.

There are good reasons for "white rage." I wasn't the only one harmed by affirmative action at the moment in my life when I was least capable of protecting myself from injustice.

Slartibartfast said...

So, to recap, from your refusal to answer we can infer:

You probably won your "major award" after the tenure committee had already made up their mind.

You didn't complete any new research in the 3 years you worked for Williams (not necessarily unreasonable, but definitely not impressive.

You cannot make the case that your CV (as the tenure committee saw it--i.e. no "major award" or, at best, the "major award" coming very late in the process) was better than that of anyone who was allowed to continue towards tenure.

The professors on the tenure committee at Williams are worse than rapists or murderers.

What African-Americans suffered under slavery hardly compares to the injustice that these professors inflicted upon you when you were helpless (although that seems to me to be your normal state...).

You have no statistically significant empirical data to support the discrimination you allege (which isn't surprising, as you have presented virtually no empirical data...).

In addition you haven't given anyone a reason to think that even if all of the discrimination you allege is true (which seems highly unlikely) that it is a matter of any consequence whatsoever. Seriously, who cares? You're a white male who didn't get the benefit of society being biased towards white males--so am I--get over it. If you were really as good as you think, why is there no evidence of excellence in your career besides an award you won nearly a quarter of a century ago? When people are handed setbacks they can either use it as motivation to prove their worth or they can wallow in self-pity and decry the injustice of it all for years afterwards. I guess we know what you picked...

John C. Drew, Ph.D. said...

Kevin Kesseler:

Please. At 42, you're an unmarried, unemployed loser who took about 13 years to earn your Ph.D. in math. You are a pathetic, immature Democrat boy child.

I don't think liberals like you understand how much damage it does to young, poor white guys like me to be harmed by government enforced affirmative action policies. I was the first person on my mother's side of the family to even graduate from college.

I almost died because I couldn't get the sort of work I was trained to do and best at as an academic. I was ridiculed by my own family for wasting my time earning a Ph.D. when it did not allow me to find suitable work.

Unlike you, I worked hard and got my Ph.D. in less that eight years - including a year off in Washington and L.A. to get some practical experience in politics.

My award came in after the department made its decision to take me off the tenure track. Nevertheless, it is an excellent indicator that I was abused by affirmative action since the political science department at Williams College claimed that my thesis was low quality research.

I don't think you get what it is like to continually get dressed up, prepare for an interview, get your hopes up about this new job, fill out all the application forms and compile the related documents and then be rejected in favor of a less qualified minority candidate. It made me angry. It still makes me angry. I'm grateful that I was able to channel some of my rage into the campaign to make affirmative action illegal in CA.

I would have to be a fool to vote for the Democrat party after the way they treated me as a vulnerable young man. Frankly, I don't think the people harmed by affirmative action get over or ever see their anger reduced. I feel as pissed off about it today as when it happened to me.

Today, I'm married, I'm a business owner, I'm a homeowner, I'm a published author, I live near the Pacific Ocean, I don't use drugs or alcohol, I've traveled to China, Mexico, Philippines and Egypt. I'm active in both local and national politics as a blogger and as a guest on various radio programs. Last month, for example, I was featured on the Michael Savage radio show even as my take on young Obama appeared in the Fox News and Newsbuster websites. I'm quite confident I made more money in December than you earned all year.

My grant writing and fundraising business has brought in millions of dollars to local schools and charities and touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. I really hate it when liberals try to devalue me as part of a larger effort to hide the damage caused by affirmative action and the enduring hatred and anger it generates for years on end.

somerset said...

"My any normal measure of potential, I was clear a hot, bright academic star." [sic]

John, the problem here is that no, you weren't a "hot, bright academic star." You didn't do squat after you joined the faculty at Williams. Four conference papers in three years is not the output of a rising star. Heck, I know grad students who publish more. And even if your thesis is all that you say it is (the fact that it's only been cited 7 times suggests that it may not be), that wouldn't be the criteria the college used in evaluating you for tenure. It would be what you did after your thesis, which was close to zero. Affirmative action played no part in this.

somerset said...

The truth is fully available to both of us, and by all objective standards, your work at Williams sucked. Dude, you won a student award from a professional society. That's all. By itself it's not very significant. Had you followed it up with the body of work Williams expected of you, it would have been a nice "kick-off" to an academic career, and a confirmation that leaders in your field saw some promise in your work. But you didn't follow it up. You published just four conference papers in three years (and two papers were identical, lending some doubt to the degree of paper scrutiny at these conferences), you were fired for this lack of productivity, and I'd imagine that the committee that gave you the award was pretty disappointed in you.

At this point in your life going on and on about your "award" is about as impressive as A+ spelling tests from second grade, still stuck to your parent's refrigerator after you've dropped out of high school.

As for affirmative action and discrimination at Williams, good luck with your argument. Kinda hard to show much of any kind of pattern from a population of 19 (18 if you take out the highly regarded Joy James, since she's really a humanities professor). But hey, you live in the OC, just up the coast from the class-action lawsuit capitol of the world. Why don't you see if you can get one of the scum-suckers to take on your case. Those guys will take on anything they think will make a buck, and if you've got any sort of a case they'll jump all over it.

somerset said...

Lots of bloviating and self-aggrandizing words, but not a word of rebuttal about your failure as an academic.

Kinda says it all.

Tracy Fair said...

Thanks, for the name, that was one Obot that i hadn't researched yet. You saved me the time!

I owe ya one!

Tracy Fair said...

"Please. At 42, you're an unmarried, unemployed loser who took about 13 years to earn your Ph.D. in math. You are a pathetic, immature Democrat boy child."


Tracy Fair said...

Take off, Obot!

TerryReagan said...

"At 42, you're an unmarried, unemployed loser who took about 13 years to earn your Ph.D. in math. You are a pathetic, immature Democrat boy child."
- "Doctor" John C. Drew

I'll let his own words expose his world-view for what it is. I've never heard even a school-yard bully manage to pack so many ad hominems into two sentences, much less an alleged "Doctor".

Mr. John C. Drew reinforces the stereotype of extreme conservatism, which is to all-too-often use hate speech as a poor substitute for rational and humane debate. Any student of Logic 101 would remind Mr. Drew that no one is a "loser" until their final chapter is written, not even Mr. Drew himself.

Unknown said...

Uhm, if you look at companies that produced luxury items you'll see that hiring freezes and layoffs started in 2004/05, a full 2 years before Democrats took control of Congress. Claiming that Democrats caused the economy to crash because they came to power when the crash had already begun to gain serious momentum is a bald faced lie meant for people who are quite accurately described as being stupid in regards to American politics and economics. Almost all the right wing sites I've read show you as being the one claiming that you are a classmate and personal friend of Obama, the fact that you're not featured on those sites calling them out for their "lie" speaks wonders about your credibility. ...... I looked at Gensler's book, it had one review, by you, but I went to see other reviews you wrote and I see you're a dominionist, that explains why you tell so many blatant lies, it's because your Jesus isn't the same Jesus we find in the Bible.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. said...

I can tell from your post that you don't know much about economics. A recession is a period of two quarters of negative GDP growth. By this definition, the Great Recession began in the third quarter of 2008.

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