Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obama Fail: Making It Easy for Swing Voters

I think people are starting to catch on that President Obama is crashing and burning because of his limited experience as an executive and his minimal understanding of economic and military matters. How else can we explain his inability to push through his agenda despite his a big Democrat majority in Congress and his personal charisma?

Given these circumstances, I think Republicans would be wise to think through how they can help swing voters who supported Obama in 2008 feel comfortable voting against him in 2012.

The problem, in my view, is some voters will be afraid to vote against him because they feel like it sends a message that an African American cannot be a successful President. In addition, they may be embarrassed to admit that they were wrong about Obama's character, ideology, and the danger of his inexperience. Here are my initial ideas.

First, I think the most gentle approachs would be to erase the stigma of being a one-term President. For example, we can suggest that there is no shame in being a one-term President, or any obvious honor in being a two-term President.

Second, we can help swing voters save face by suggesting - truthfully - that they did not have full knowledge of Obama’s ties to folks like Gov. Blagojevich or Sen. Burris or Rev. Wright when they made their initial choice. For example, we can explain that Obama “hid the ball” and did not let people really see that he was actually a strong Marxist socialist and not a centrist.

Third, we can suggest that Obama's campaign team and the liberal media did a great job of covering up his flaws. They covered up his difficulty in speaking without the help of a teleprompter. They pretended that Obama's links to Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, and members of the U.S. Communist party were not important considerations.

Ultimately, swing voters need to make a decision that Obama's way isn't working and that we strongly reject the leadership of the new Democrat Socialist party.

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