Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hitler Working For Obama? Time to Appreciate the Controversy

I'm noticing that Democrats are howling mad that folks are starting to see President Obama as a second Hitler. Above, I've posted a video that illustrates the issues. These videos are pretty common on YouTube. Most of the one's I've seen feature Hitler complaining about a video game or a pop star. Here's a link to a NYT The Caucus Blog that discusses the controversy:

To the Democrats, the Obama as Hitler meme is an outrageous charge. What they are missing is the way that Hitler was loved by the German people, the way Hitler was eager to control private sector businesses, and the fact that the NAZI abbreviation actually stood for the National Socialist German Worker's Party. Hitler wanted his own Olympic Games to celebrate his regime too.

Reviewing Democrat outrage, it seems to me that they think independents and conservatives do not understand that Hitler's government killed six million Jews during the Holocaust. Liberals seem to attack this comparison without fully appreciating the honest fear of big government and Obama that fuels this comparison. I do not think they completely understand how much damage Obama has already done to our economy with his stimulus package or the considerable danger of moving the U.S. toward a single-payer socialized medical system.

I have been the victim of Democrat ideology - due to affirmative action - so I know how Democrat ideals create real pain and suffering for innocent people. The fact that so many Democrats seem completely blind to the hurt and damage they do makes comparisons with Hitler surprisingly appropriate and healthy for our nation’s future.

Here’s my take away, when large numbers of people are comparing you to Hitler, it’s time to slow down and ask what are you doing to create this sort of extremely negative feedback…

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.


Los Parsons said...

Well presented, sir.

mommadona said...

It's DemocratTIC party and for a Phd, the writing style either reveals a very raw set of whitemale nerves due to "affirmative action" or a person pretending populous and baiting the rubes.

Or, both.

I'm an Independent.

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