Thursday, October 20, 2011

Keeping Up My Old House's Apppearances

Guest post written by Karla Morton

One of the things that I love about my house and actually convinced me to buy it was it's classic appeal. You can tell that the home has been around and seen a little bit of history. But I really love that about it.

I wanted to make sure that my home is properly insulated for the winter though. It was a little drafty last year. While I was online looking up some stuff, I ran across Sears HOME PRO. We've needed some new flooring for a while anyway so I showed it to my husband and we're going to use it to change the flooring in our kitchen.

I'm really into home preservation because I love our home the way that it is. It's that character that I initially fell in love with anyway so I want to keep it looking like how it was instead of like I'm trying to flip an older house. I think that there's nothing tackier than taking a beautiful old house and trying to make it look ultra modern.

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