Friday, March 25, 2011

Today Is a Good Day to Ask: When Will White House Press Ask About Young Obama's Extremist Ideology?

Dr. Drew reports on young
Obama's ideological extremism
in Stanley Kurtz's Radical-In-Chief.
I've been thinking through my primary objectives in going public with my take on young Obama's Marxist socialist views. Here they are:

1. Fixing the Historical Record and Debunking Liberal Scholars: What totally ticks me off is the way people like historian James Kloppenberg seek to obscure the real Obama from the public’s consciousness. Accordingly, I'm proud to play a small role in debunking the myth that Obama was always a pragmatist/centerist – as Kloppenberg argues in Reading Obama. Since I witnessed young Obama’s extremist ideology face-to-face, I think it is important to report that scholars like Kloppenberg do not know what they are talking about when it comes to understanding young Obama’s ideology.

2. Stopping Obama from Voiding U.S. Constitution With Liberal Judicial Appointments: Given the upcoming 2012 election, I think a lot of people are interested in determining the extent to which Obama has lied about his Marxist socialist ideology in the past and the extent to which his long-standing ties to extremist ideology will impact us if he has another term as president. I’m particularly concerned about what Obama might do to harm our country by appointing Supreme Court justices who will not see the Constitution as a barrier to redistributing wealth or institutionalizing socialized medicine. Obama’s appointment of Van Jones to his White House staff shows Obama cannot be trusted to keep ideological extremists out of his administration. As a political scientist, I know that Obama’s ideology will be even more dangerous if he is given another four years in office.

3. Unrepentant Righteous Vindication: I’ve been saying that Obama was a Marxist socialist as a sophomore at Occidental College since 2008. Virtually all of the subsequent literature – from the left and the right – is consistent with my take on young Obama’s extremist ideology, including Remnick’s book, The Bridge. I'm still amazed that the mainstream media buried my report on young Obama's ideological extremism despite my experience as a former Williams College professor and as an award-winning political scientist.  Since I taught with Roger Boesche while he was at Williams College, I’m still shocked I was never interviewed to report on the ideology of the person widely believed to be young Obama’s favorite college professor.

4. The Big Issue: The fundamental issue is what does Obama believe now? Obama has never explained how, if at all, he got out of his Marxist socialist perspective. I've explained my own conversion story. I would think that most voters would be eager to see more accountability from the president of the United States regarding his own background and intellectual history. I'm looking forward to the day that someone in the White House press room has the courage to ask: "Mr. President, have you ever argued in favor of Marx's revolutionary ideology?"

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist

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