Friday, April 1, 2011

Barack Obama and the Legacy of Frank Marshall Davis: A Note From Dr. Drew to Davis's Son, Mark Davis

John Drew with David Horowitz
at a special event for the Freedom

I think it might be valuable to place on the public record my most recent comments to Mark Davis, the son of Obama's famous mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Pictured here, me and one of my favorite people, David Horowitz.

Dear Mark:

I think you are missing the forest for the trees right now. Your argument seems to be missing the big picture. Stalin died in 1953. You father was interested in the Communist party beginning in 1931 and was officially a member of the Communist party long before Stalin's death.

If your father's famous friend, Paul Robeson, knew about - and helped cover up - Stalin's atrocities, then I don't think it is unreasonable to assume Frank Marshall Davis was also totally aware of Stalin's murderous ways - at least by 1953.

As I understand it. Never once did your father complain about Stalin's behavior as a mass murderer. In fact, your father praised Stalin's views on Christianity and praised the Red Army.

I've never heard that your father apologized for supporting Hilter during the Hitler-Stalin pact. Your father sounds like a very scary, very dangerous person to me.

I think Tidwell made a big mistake by not using all the information available in your father's FBI file. I think Tidwell made a mistake when he underestimated the significance of your father's long standing interest in the Communist Party USA, a party which lives in infamy because of the way it ended up supporting both Hitler and Stalin - two of the worse mass murderers of the last century.

Unfortunately, your father's devotion to Marxism and the Communist Party USA, as revealed by Tidwell in a letter from your father to a friend, helps us understand why your father was so closely tied to some of the most extremist ideologues of the last century.

Your father's ideology - and distaste for Christianity - meant that he did not have the moral compass needed to stand up and fight child pornography or the  evil of either the Nazi or Communist parties. It is frightening for me to realize that the president of the United States would choose as his mentor a fellow who was on the wrong side of both our fight against Hitler in WWII and the USSR during The Cold War.

I think it is a real stretch for you to suggest that your father was a normal, wholesome, average American who should be honored at the same level as Martin Luther King. In my view, your father's decision to publish his fantasies about child rape sort of disqualify him from MLK status. I'm also thinking your father is unworthy of MLK status because of his decisions to side with some of our most cruel enemies during some of the great conflicts of the past.

Sincerely, John

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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