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Catching Up with Mistake Prone "Oh, For Goodness Sake" Blogger: Dr. Drew Defends Himself, Again

I see that Anna Stoddard at "Oh, For Goodness Sake" has published a third article attacking my eye witness report on young Barack Obama's commitment to Marxist-Leninist ideology. See, The good news is that I have moved up the scale from "...yet another bull-jiver" in February 17, 2010.

For the full story of my meeting with young Marxist Obama, see

In response to the OFGS blogger, I feel a responsibility to report that I also remember I bumped into him in The Cooler on campus, I visited the apartment he shared with Chandoo and I saw him around the campus mail boxes. As I recall, on this last encounter, Obama and his roommate - Hasan Chandoo - asked me if I would be attending a graduation party with them. I think this minor increase in my reported contacts, from two to maybe five, is largely consistent with my earlier statements, particularly my statement that my insight into young Obama's true ideology depended on my role in the same "intense cultural sub-group" and not on the amount of time we spent together.

Aside from this admitted error, the Anna Stoddard relies heavily on quotes from David Remnick's book, The Bridge to attack my credibility. This is curious to me because Remnick's book came out on April 6, 2010. This was after my report on young Obama's Marxist-Leninist perspective was first published by Ronald Kessler at on February 8, 2010.

Ironically, Remnick - a liberal Democrat - confirms my take on the young Obama's ideology, relies on the same people I report hanging out with, and verifies the same social connections - including Obama's ties to Ms. Grauman-Boss and Mr. Mohammed Hasan Chandoo. Remnick's book added to my credibility because he verified the gist of my story. This is probably how I moved up Stoddard's credibility scale from "bull-jiver" to exaggerator. I suspect that the correspondence between my report and the testimony in The Bridge is the major reason my story on meeting young Obama later appeared in books by Michael Savage, Stanley Kurtz, Paul Kengor and Jack Cashill.

Strangely, Stoddard has never corrected the absurd suggestion that Ann Coulter was teaching at Cornell and that I was employed as her teaching assistant. I'm shocked Ms. Stoddard never corrected this error. I think a contentious reporter would have figured out that Coulter was a student in my discussion section, a discussion section where I was a TA for Prof. Lowi.

Stoddard suggests that I tweeted that I "attended college" with young Obama. This, of course, is not true. I think it is obvious to any one familiar with Twitter that the tweet in question did not come from me. It came from another person who was asserting that I attended college with young Obama. (Democrats, however, may not fully understand how Twitter works in the wake of the Rep. Weiner scandal.)

There is considerable irony in the fact that Margot Mifflin, Chandoo's college-era girlfriend, is quoted on page 107 of Remnick's book confirming my take on the upper class look of young Obama. She reports that some students at Occidental College did not care for young Obama because he was "too GQ." Since Anna Stoddard's quotes from Remnick's book, I should have gotten more credit for the fact that my take on Obama appearance was later verified by Mifflin's comments in The Bridge.

Stoddard also reports Obama drove a “a funky red car, a Fiat” and suggests that I missed that fact. The reality of the situation is that I report in the American Thinker article that the owner of the luxury car was Obama's friend Chandoo. Stoddard's silliness is apparent in her own words:
In a recent article on American Thinker, makes a huge deal over Obama riding in a friend’s BMW, while Obama’s friend, Paul Carpenter recalls Obama drove “a funky red car, a Fiat.” Drew probably wouldn’t have known that small detail, because Drew was not a friend of Obama’s at Occidental, as he claims.
I will also stand by the report I have made that young Obama was not particularly close to the African-American community while he was at Occidental College. Stoddard cites the statements of Eric B. Moore. However, Moore did not stay in touch with young Obama after his transfer to Columbia University. Moore did not attend Obama's wedding. Chandoo, however, was there.

Meanwhile, Remnick's own book indicates that young Obama moved in with a white male friend when he transferred to Columbia University. Obama's book, Dreams from My Father, reports that he maintained ties with Hasan Chandoo. After leaving Occidental College, however, Obama does not mention continuing ties with even one of the African-American friends he supposedly made at Occidental College.

As an eye witness to the facts surrounding young Obama's ideology, I'm not surprised that the best the left can do to challenge my story is to launch inaccurate attacks on my credibility.  These attacks are easy to refute simply by referring to the research done by one of their own - David Remnick in The Bridge.  I'm thinking that this information will be helpful on the day that I become a target of Obama's new website.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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  1. Those who deny Obama's Marxian leanings are either lying or too obtuse to know the many different kinds of manifestations and guides of Marxism. If the claim here is that Obama had an affinity for Marxism-Leninism, that actually jibes on a lot of counts: first and foremost, the revolutionary historic figure set to transform a people to socialism. Obviously, there is a lot more to it than that; aspects of Fabian socialism, neomarxism, and Alinsky pseudo-socialism are interwoven into Obama's "radical pragmatist" political worldview.