Saturday, June 6, 2009

How's That Socialism Working Out for You? Visual Evidence of Failure of Obama Stimulus Plan

I ran across a great article and graphic from Power Line which shows how the Obama stimulus plan is already failing to perform as advertised. The dark blue line shows where Obama predicted unemployment numbers would be with the assistance of the stimulus plan. The light blue line was his prediction of what would happen in the absence of the stimulus plan.

The reality of our present situation is indicated by the magenta dots that show actual unemployment numbers. It looks to me like the curve is going straight up. If so, I think this will be further evidence that after two years of Democrat control of Congress employers are terrified of adding new workers to their payrolls.


Foxwood said...

I came to the realization of the meaning of taking state bailout money and got mad, then very depressed. Barry O is a much smarter man than I thought.

Teresa said...

According to Obama's plan the stimulus was suppose to prevent the unemployment rate from going above 8%. Now the unemployment rate is 9.4%. I guess that was just another Obama miscalculation or lie. Obama likes the bait and switch approach. Then, there was his absurd comments about saving or creating jobs. There is no way he can know for sure whether his administration saved jobs. To say that the administration created jobs during his first 5 months as President is countradicted and debunked by the proof that the unemployment rate has risen since he has been in office.

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