Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bye Bye Credibility: Reacting to the Obama Healthcare Press Conference

From Obama’s comments, I can see why the AP and Rasmussen show his poll numbers steeply declining despite his appealing personal charm.

First of all, it’s silly to blame the banks for problems that were caused, and most likely solved, by the changes in accounting rules - specifically, the absurd mark-to-market rule.

Second, Obama doesn’t take responsibility for the damage caused to the job market by two years of Democrat party control and six months of the Obama presidency. He really doesn’t explain why his predictions were so off-the-mark concerning the stimulus package, while Limbaugh and others (including me) easily predicted its failure.

Finally, I don’t think Obama is addressing the issue that he would be “forcing” people to buy health insurance if they don’t want it and are okay of living with the danger of managing their own healthcare. As Ann Coulter observed in her column today, socialized medicine is like being forced to "...share a restaurant bill with Michael Moore."

Augustine 25 is the pseudonym of an award-winning political scientist.


Snowflake said...

He keeps saying "You can keep your health insurance." Beeeeep. Wrong answer. Good (but confusing) article to read on this topic is Repealing Erisa, an op-ed in the WSJ from... yesterday, I think.

Anonymous said...

hree and one half years left of insults mixed with a few apologies.

That's what we can expect from BO.

I have decided, if anyone wants to chip-in and help me pay for it (Mickey), to buy BO a high quality foot washer for Christmas. A man who lives with his foot in his mouth deserves to have it clean as a hound's tooth.

I have chosen to buy him this needed gift because I fully support the presidency of the United States. I want it to be the best leadership in the world, the way it once was.

On second thought maybe I'll just buy him high quality mouth soap. The kind mother use to use. Afterall, when one has an offending appendage (mouth, not foot)something should be done about it.

What is truly sad about BO's behavior is that it has now released the cowardly and despicable conduct of others in Congress. Reid, Boxer, Steinfein, Frank, Biden (I know he's not in Congress anymore), and Pelosi are all examples of elected officials who need their mouths washed out for offensive comments they have made. They simply accept the behavior of BO as justification for being worse.

There use to be a policy in Congress that in the heat of debate anything could be said, even offensive statements, because the passion of issues deserved full sway. Yet, at the same time the Congress also over-emphasized cordiality (My honorable colleague, The Gentleman from, etc.). The intent was to balance the necessary extremes of passion within the most powerful assemblage on Earth. However, those rules did not exist for non-affiliate conversation. Far more discretion and dignity were expected.

Those days are sadly lost, due to the ghetto behavior we now openly accept within the White House.

There are those who discount what I say in part because they will associate it with racism (using the word ghetto-equating it with Blacks). That would be foolish. You will note that I have also listed several who act like "poor white trash" in their public persona.

Let me not drift too far astray from the main point. BO is an embarrassment to America and himself. he insults, because he knows no better. He is a boy trying to fill a man's shoes. He is an adult with the mouth of a adolescent. This has been sent out as acceptable behavior by other who should know better, yet they don't.

We went to the Age of Enlightenment. Now, we are returning to the Age of Ignorance. Thank-you to the elected elite.

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