Friday, July 17, 2009

Redefining Participaton: Listening to Sotomayor Make Policy in the Ricci Decision

I listened to Sotomayor’s abrupt, opinionated, and rude treatment of the lawyer in the Ricci case. This audio recording shows you how “policy is made” by Judge Sotomayor.

Listen carefully as she bends around the word “participation” to suit her absurd point of view that the elected officials in New Haven did not really harm Frank Ricci.

In America, we deserve better and more restrained courtroom behavior than what’s illustrated on this audio tape. I can see why even among Second Circuit judges, Sotomayor was considered to stick out like a sore thumb when it came to being a bully.

Being a bully, in my view, is the logical outcome of her ideological stance that she is a “wise Latina” who is entitled to make policy by redefining the common meaning of language to suit her own policy preferences.


Unknown said...

What are we going to do? The Senators are not listening to us on this.

Unknown said...

[blogger needs to resize that revolver maps widget]
Also Miranda, the senators are too busy doing their job to do their real job of listening to us, the American people. They are not voting for us and representing us, but instead representing their party or their own personal interests.

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