Sunday, July 18, 2010

Push This: Goons from California Nurses Association (CNA) Hit and Harass GOP Supporters

Sadly, this YouTube video features goons from the California Nurses Association (CNA) ganging up and hitting some smaller, younger white guys covering the event with their cell phones. One of them also lies about what they just did...on tape.

This harassment incident took place on the Canada College campus. It was after the CNA folks held a rally right outside Meg Whitman's home in nearby Atherton, CA on July 15, 2010.

I think this video deserves to go viral as a remarkable demonstration of contemporary union intimidation against innocent people. It deserves to be publicized so that the CNA understands that it cannot harm others without enduring negative publicity.

It sort of makes you think of the California Nurses Association in a whole new light. Doesn't it? If you'd like to contact the CNA, their website is at

The earlier rally in front of Meg Whitman's home attracted about 1,100 people.

For a little on the controversy surrounding this stunt to pressure Meg Whitman, see I find it offensive that the the CNA would be putting pressure on Meg Whitman in this manner...especially given what you see on the video tape.

According to information on Meg Whitman's specialized website for nurses, Rose Ann DeMoro is the executive director of the California Nurses Association. Apparently, DeMoro is a former Teamster organizer and not - as you might expect - a nurse. Most important, DeMoro currently is paid more than $293,000 a year and her husband, Robert, is also on the California Nurses Association’s payroll with a salary of $142,254. See,

Surprisingly, a large percentage of their membership is Republican.

(FYI: I called the media representative at the CNA today to get their side of the story and to check on the names of the people involved in this incident. The guy hung up on me. So much for my experience as a journalist.)

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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StrongaChoppa said...

All I could see was a couple of annoying guys with cell phone cameras trying to create a confrontation. Your headline "Hit and Harass" is not accurate.

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