Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quick Thoughts on Keith Olbermann and the Ideology of AZ Shooter

I was at a meeting of Republican activists this morning when I saw the news regarding the mass shooting in AZ. It is sad that liberals like Keith Olbermann so quickly sought to use this violent event as a tool to silence independent and conservative voices.

For the record, I just checked out Jared Lee Loughner's YouTube site.

It's a mixed bag of foolishness. He favorited a YouTube video that features a flag burning. One of his videos concludes with the phrase, "I'm able to control every belief and religion by being the mind controller!" He says one of his favorite books is The Communist Manifesto. As far as I can tell, he looks like a pot-smoking atheist addicted to nonsensical syllogisms. Folks should review Keith Olbermann's comments attacking Hillary Clinton in 2008 before they start blaming the innocent for the actions of a "mind controller."

In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims in AZ tonight.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.


  1. You neglected to mention that he stated a woman who has an abortion should be executed as well as many other things. You are supposed to be a political scientist yet you took this tragedy and made it look like this possible schizophrenic was a liberal nut? Try he was just crazy, not liberal, not conservative. Nice job of doing what you claim liberals are doing with this sickening tragedy. No decent "political scientist" would blog this crap. You, sir, are laughable.

  2. Calm down Jinni. Dr. Drew merely mentioned a few examples this man's disjointed ramblings and a couple 'biographical' facts. As you said, there's no place for in-depth analysis of a confused, angry, violent, confused man's 'politics' in this case, because the tragedy wasn't about politics. No where did Dr. Drew label him as a 'liberal' nor did he say the man's politics were his motivation or trigger. Your own bias invented that. The main point of the post is addressing the fact that liberal analysts, including Olbermann, jumped to presumptions, blaming this event on the Tea Party and Palin, which is just plain silly and hateful.


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