Monday, February 20, 2012


Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Thank goodness that we got clear wireless internet deals and a faster internet speed because now I can actually watch YouTube videos. Before, I had to spend forever trying to let the videos load, buffer, and play. For the majority of the video, the computer would be buffering and wouldn’t actually be getting anything done. Recently there have been some really funny viral videos on YouTube. People have been putting up videos that are called “ SH** _____ Say”. There is pretty much every type of spoof out there to fill in the black. Some of my favorite ones are about groups that I belong to or did belong too. They have a sorority girl one that is hilarious and actually reminded me of being in college. They have a teacher one, that actually reminds me of me my real life. Non of them are meant to be offensive, just funny. I have showed my husband some of them ( he never watches anything on the computer) and he has found them funny too. When a get a little break from house work, I watch a funny video or two to lift my spirits.

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