Monday, February 20, 2012

Dr. Drew on Ebenezer Scrooge, HP Products and the Considerable Value of Frugal Dad Coupons

One of the ironies in my life is that I started out as a Marxist socialist and now, day after day, I'm starting to become more and more like the stingy Ebenezer Scrooge.  I mean the Scrooge of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol.  Since Scrooge is portrayed as an obviously bad guy, I have to admit I've been a little startled to see how many of Scrooge's thoughts seem to mirror my own as I find myself responsible for the health and safety of my own small business. 

When I worked as an academic, for example, I used to toss out used paper clips and other office supplies that fell on the floor or became slightly twisted.  Now, however, each paper clip is a lovely tool to be saved and carefully reused on new projects.  I've even found myself digging used paper clips out of the trash in an effort to save the small amount of money I spend on them.

Although I'm getting used to paying other people for goods and services, I'm still hesitant about buying equipment for my business...even when it becomes obvious to everyone involved that I need a new product to keep my business happily growing. 

Most recently, Tricia and I bought a new HP printer on the recommendation of my trusted business coach.   Now, I've learned that I would have gotten a better deal on this excellent printer if I had paid more attention to the work being done by the folks at  One of the cool things about the Frugal Dad website is that they provide you with coupons to purchase specific products.  Now, for example, they offer a special deal where you can save when you shop at  What can I say?  Bah! Humbug!  I wish I had known about this a month ago.

Since I have had good luck with HP products in the past, I'll be reviewing the offers at for new upcoming coupons for HP products. 

As Frugal Dad notes, HP products seem to have "longevity and function really well."  I was particularly surprised, by the way, when I was able to get Tricia's new HP printer up and running with a minimum amount of fuss.  She is very happy with the result and I'm already seeing improvements in my business as she no longer needs to use my printer to get things done for our small consulting business.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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