Big on Quora: What Sites Do Conservatives Use for Fact Checking?

Whenever there is a hot issue, I naturally go to the main websites where I find knowledgeable conservatives offering objective information.
First, I go to Power Line. This is a website that is largely run by conservative, commonsense attorneys. It is particularly helpful in understanding constitutional issues like whether or not Trump has absolute power regarding whether or not illegal immigrants should even be allowed to stay in t he country.
Next, I recommend This site includes a number of Harvard trained, Ivy league analysts, former CIA agents, and business school types who offer profoundly insightful, politically incorrect articles focused on the most important issues of the day including Jack Cashill and Thomas Lipson, the editor.
I also usually turn to Breitbart News Network. I have friends who write for them and they are serious journalists who I can count on to provide accurate information.
I’m also very interested in the free speech movement on college campuses. Accordingly, I spend time at The College Fix and Campus Reform to learn about the excesses of our leftist college and university professors. Although I’m retired from politics, you can also find useful and truthful information regarding Barack Obama at my blogsite, Anonymous Political Scientist.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.


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