Monday, June 4, 2018

Dr. Drew's Conservative Voting Guide for California

This year's ballot was so disappointing. It is sad we did not have a strong Republican running for the U.S. Senate seat. Nevertheless, I thought I should get this out to those going to the polls tomorrow, or those, like me, who will hand in their mail-in ballot at the polls to save time.

Governor - John H. Cox
Lieutenant Governor - Cole Harris
Secretary of State - Mark Meuser
Controller - Konstantinos Roditis
Treasurer - Jack M. Guerrero
Attorney General - Steven C. Bailey
Insurance Commissioner - Steve Poizner
State Board of Equalization - Joel Anderson
Senator - Don J. Grundmann
U.S. Representative 48th District - Dana Rohrabacher
State Senate - Patricia Bates
State Assembly - Ed Sachs
Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 13 - Theodore R. Howard
Superintendent of Public Instruction - Marshall Tuck
County Superintendent of Schools - Al Mijares
County Board of Education Trustee Area 5 - Lisa Sparks
County Supervisor 5th District - Lisa Bartlett
Assessor - Claude Parrish
Auditor-Controller - Eric H. Woolery
Clerk-Recorder - Hugh Nguyen
District Attorney-Public Administrator - Tony Rackauckas
Sheriff-Coroner - Don Barnes
Treasurer-Tax Collector - Shari L. Freidenrich

Measures Submitted to the Voters - CA

68 - Authorizes Bonds Funding Parks - NO
69 - Required Transportation Revenues - NO
70 - Requires Legislative Super-majority - NO
71 - Sets Effective Date for Ballot Measures - YES
72 - Permits Legislature to Exclude - YES

If anyone thinks I have made an eggregious error on any of these picks, please let me know and I will reconsider them. Instead of ducking issues or races I have made a choice no matter what even if the alternatives were not quite up to conventional standards.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist.

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