Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Note to Steele: Why We Are At A Turning Point

I agree with Chairman Michael Steete that Republicans are at a healthy turning point. Ironically, I trace this favorable development mostly to Obama’s hard work for the creation of the new, international Democrat Socialist party.

Personally, I say he’s a socialist and anti-American because of his track record, his associates, and his Marxist ideology. (I knew him when he was a Marxist socialist sophomore at Occidental College in Los Angeles in the 1980s.)

Since the opposition has gone off the deep-end, it is easier now to rally a broad range of folks - conservative, independent, and libertarian - who are terrified that Obama and his friends are willing to lie to turn our country into a pale imitation of the old USSR. It all started when Obama insisted to Joe the Plumber that he wanted to "spread the wealth around."

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Snowflake said...

I absolutely agree with your calling Obama a socialist, but I think the GOP idea of renaming the Dems the "Democratic Socialist" party is totally obscure. I fall into all of the categories that you named -conservative, independent and libertarian (why just use one label? I'm a mix of everything!) and Obama's policies are sickening to me. Cliched as it may sound by now, he's abandoning our country's core values; what the United States of America was built on. Let's not make it the Socialist States of America, Mr. President.

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