Sunday, May 31, 2009

Using Sotomayor Nomination to Test Power of Twitter

As I understand it, Speaker Gingrich sort of set off a conservative response to the nomination of Sotomayor by pointing out the racism in her comments regarding the physiological roots of "wise Latina" superiority. What's interesting to me is that he started this movement with his Twitter account.

In a slightly similar way, the Sotomayor nomination has been an unusual opportunity for me to test the usefulness of both Twitter and various social networks as channels for influencing political events. In my case, I feel a special anger over the Sotomayor nomination since I'm one of the folks who spent 10 years living in poverty preparing for an academic career only to be told at the end of the process…”oops, you’re White.”

So far, I've been using my blog, my Twitter account, and various social networking sites...including tell a story that is sort of worse than even what Frank Ricci experienced with the City of New Haven, CT. In my case, for example, Sotomayor (and both Obamas) were among those who harmed guys like me by providing preferential treatment to minorities in the education field. (As a poor Armenian-American, no one seemed to care that I grew up poor of that I was the first on my mother’s side of the family to even graduate from college. Instead, the wealthy children of other races would be advantaged over me for political reasons.)

Right now, Augustine 25 - my political pseudonym - has about 15,500 followers who are receiving automated messages regarding the Sotomayor nomination, links to one of her outrageous articles, and links to my other blog sites. The questionable article I'm circulating came to me through a connection on Twitter.

Twitter, of course, is a sloppy and imprecise tool right now. Many of these "followers" are folks running porn sites, get-rich-quick scams, and marijuana legalization campaigns. Still, my aim is to develop and test a network of like-minded people.

In the process, my strategy has been to follow as many people as I can and to make my views crystal clear even when I thought I would lose followers. My aim is to have a network of like-minded people who will have access to the best possible information regarding key issues in the conservative movement.

I'm startled to see Augustine 25 is in the top 50 list for Top Conservatives on Twitter. Personally, I feel grateful to have an opportunity to connect with others in a manner free of the interference of the MSM.


Unknown said...

You do a great job - people follow you and read your blog because it's intelligent and informative. Keep it up!

The Muse said...

I, for one, have throughly enjoyed your tweets and your blog.

Unknown said...

Maybe if you were a better scholar, you might now be whining about being passed over because of "affirmative action."

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