Thursday, December 22, 2011


Thanks for the post, Nora Howe

When I looked up CLEAR internet providers in my area I was excited to find one in my price range. I actually just moved about 200 miles away from most of my family and though that doesn’t sound like a lot we all lived within 5 miles from each other at home and I’m not used to being so far away. I wanted a way to keep up with them and with the high speed internet I can Skype and Facebook to my heart’s content, especially since I still haven’t found a job! We moved here because my husband Rick found a great position and I’m happy for him, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tough for me being here at home all day in this new town while he’s at work. I love being a housewife a lot of the time but most of the time I’m just really, really missing my family back home. I wonder what they’re doing and if they’re missing me too, mostly!

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