Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fight Radicalization of OC Schools: Tea Party Activist Recommends Candidates for Orange County Board of Education

Guest Column by Kelly Hubbard, Executive Committee Member - 405/605 Tea Party Patriots in Seal Beach.

Dr. Ken Williams
in an incumbent
on the Orange County
Board of Education
I want to report on two candidates that would make excellent representatives on our Orange County Board of Education - Dr. Ken Williams who is running for re-election for the Board of Education in Area 3 and Robert Hammond who is running for the Board of Education in Area 1.

Both men are strong advocates for parental rights as it relates to education and both men understand the dangers of the radical Left's agenda to indoctrinate our children in our public schools.

Both men are strong Christian conservatives that we can trust to guard our kids from elements that want to harm them. Our public schools have become indoctrination camps as opposed to learning centers.

Mr. Robert Hammond is
running for a Trustee position on
the Orange County Board of
Dr. Ken Williams and Robert Hammond want to change that and it is time we tell the corrupt teacher's unions to take a hike here in Orange County and it is time we restore parental rights and put our children first.

Please vote to re-elect Dr. Ken Williams if you live in Area 3 and vote for Robert Hammond if you live in Area 1. Our children should come first. As you may know, Area 3 includes: Anaheim Hills, Brea, Yorba Linda, Villa Park, Orange, Irvine, and portions of Lake Forest, E ast Anaheim, Tustin, and O.C.'s Canyon Country. Meanwhile, Area 1 includes: Santa Ana, most of Tustin, Garden Grove, and portions of Fountain Valley. We only have one more week to go. Please tell everyone you know about these excellent conservative candidates. Thanks and God bless.

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