Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anti-Illegal Immigration Assemblyman Facing Off RINO in OC's 74th Assembly District Race

Guest column by Kelly Hubbard, Executive Committee Member, 405/605 Tea Party Patriots in Seal Beach, CA.

One of the most heated and contentious races going on in Orange County is Assemblyman Allan Mansoor's race against Newport Beach City Councilwoman Leslie Daigle for the newly formed 74th Assembly seat. The 74th Assembly district includes: Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach (South of Garfield), Irvine, Laguna Woods, and Laguna Beach. In addition to Daigle and Mansoor there is also a Democrat running named Bob Rush. Whoever finishes in the top two will compete against each other in November.

Mansoor is the current Assemblyman in the 68th, which is just a bit north of the new 74th. Mansoor was elected to the State Assembly in 2010 during his last term as Mayor of Costa Mesa. Since his election, Allan Mansoor has been regarded as one of the most conservative members in the state legislature. He has consistently fought hard in the Assembly to straighten out this budget mess without raises any new taxes and by demanding strict cuts in state government.

He has the kind of fiscal conservatism that has earned him the endorsement of the Howard Jarvis Tax Payer's Association. Speaking of taxes, Allan Mansoor signed the 'No New TaxesPledge,' which both of his opponents refused to sign.

You may remember, back when he was Mayor of Costa Mesa, Mansoor had one of the toughest illegal immigration policies of any Mayor in the country.

During his time as Mayor, Mansoor didn't back down from criticism when he declared Costa Mesa: "A Rule of Law City." He also made history when he became the first and only Mayor in the country to place a federal immigration agent in his Costa Mesa City jails to speed up deportations of illegal aliens. At the time, Allan Mansoor received heavy criticism from people on the left and even from those in his own party for his commitment to honor the rule of law.

To keep that solid conservative representation in Sacramento, Allan Mansoor is going to need our help get re-elected. He is now in the fight of his political life against the establishment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in special interest money being poured in at the 11th hour. This race is perhaps one of the toughest Assembly races in all of California. Mansoor is going up against a big government, tax and spend, union supporting, liberal Republican named LeslieDaigle.

To say this woman is the quintessential liberal republican,would be an understatement. As a Newport Beach City Councilwoman, Daigle has time and time again sided with the public employee unions at the determent of the taxpayers. Leslie Daigle is largely responsible for huge pension increases in her city's government. You may remember hearing about the outrages salaries and pensions of Newport Beach Life Guards. Well, that was partly thanks to Leslie Daigle and her votes to increase pensions and give some city employees huge salaries. Thanks to Leslie Daigle, some Newport Beach City employees have become almost wealthy and many have enjoyed guaranteed pensions for life. You see, Daigle supported the so-called 3 percent at age 50 formula, which guarantees 100% of a city employee's pensionfor life.

We also need to remember that Leslie Daigle has refused to sign the 'no-new taxes pledge,' a pledge that Allan Mansoor could not sign fast enough. She is also extremely liberal on social issues. Daigle is pro-abortion and she refused to answer whether she supported Prop. 8 or not in a recent public debate. In that recent "Feet to the Fire" debate held Costa Mesa, Daigle gave one of the poorest  debateperformances of any local candidate in recent memory. One writer called it "a train wreck."

Like a typical liberal politician, Daigle gave very wishy-washy indirect answers to some very direct questions. I've pasted a portion of that debate below. Another development that has really heated up this race recently is the influence of the billionaire RINO Charles Munger and the half a million dollars that he is spending on Daigle's behalf.

Munger is the liberal Republican who bankrolled the efforts to give us this top two open primary system and he has very close ties with Obama's friend Warren Buffet. Munger is working very hard behind the scenes, spending as much money as he can, to knock out as many elected conservatives as possible and replace them with RINO's like Leslie Daigle.

In fact, Munger is using this very race as a test case. The full force of Munger's money and the establishment are against Allan Mansoor for re-election.

On June 5th, I strongly encourage you to tell everyone you know in the 74th aboutAllan Mansoor for State Assembly. Educate your friends, your family, your church groups, and even your co-workers about the importance of this race. So much is at stake if Allan Mansoor is not re-elected to the legislature. If you care about issues such as keeping our taxes low, keeping spending low, and eliminating the corrupt influences that powerful unions have on our state politics, then it is absolutely crucial that you vote for Allan Mansoor on June 5th.

Thanks and God bless.

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