Monday, May 14, 2012

Better Late than Never: Dr. Drew Looks into the Complexities of Medicare Supplemental Insurance

I really appreciate it when someone sets you a clear description of what is going on in terms of senior government assistance.  As a political scientist, I understand that these issues are naturally complex and that we are struggling through the process of making sense of the challenges faced by everyone who will have greater medical expenses near the end of their lives compared to the beginning of their lives.

As you will see, Medicare Supplemental Insurance has a website that explains Medicaid in a fashion that will help you sort out your choices and options.

For example, Medigap Insurance is designed to cover the missing health care costs "gaps" that Medicare Part A-D does not cover. These include your copayment or your deductible. Medigap policies combine with Medicare to pay health care costs in full, where applicable. These plans differ from Medicare Advantage Plan policies because those cover Medicare benefits in isolation, while Medigap policies only supplement your original Medicare benefits.

This is why you will see that health care providers offering plans on Medicare Supplemental Insurance that label their plans as "Medicare Supplement Insurance", with policies clearly designated by a plan number A through N. This way, no matter who offers a Medigap policy, the benefits offered are identical. In a sense, the only real difference between policies is cost and the level of service.

As you will see from the Medicare Supplemental Insurance website, they have real people to help you and their website is consumer friendly.

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